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4401 William Garka, 22, bac, miller, otp, son of William, miller & Ann Bullard, 21, sp, living with her father otp, dau of Robert, baskemaker. Family F791
4402 William is listed as a vocalist Family F46
4403 William John Yetton, age 28, 131 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, attested 28 Oct 1915, RAMC, S/N 77226, occ: Insurance Agent; NOK: Ann Yetton, 131 Old Ford Road; Served: Home 28 Oct 1915-11 Sep 1916; En Route: 12 Sep 1916-19 Sep 1916; Malta: 20 sep 1916-17 May 1916; En Route: 18 May 1919-24 May 1919; Home: 25 May 1919-27 June 1919; Qualified as a competent Swimmer: 25 October 1918; height 5'4.5"; Highly flat-footed; served with No.2 Malta Coy.. Demob 28 October 1919. YETTON, William John (I1394)
4404 William opened the Stony Creek store in 1892.

He had tried to enlist for the Boer War but was too deaf. The story is told that he had travelled to New Zealand where he climbed a mountain and drank icy water which made him instantly deaf. He was very good at lip reading. During his medical, prior to enlisting, the doctor held a pocket watch near William's ear, he asked William if he could hear it ticking. Willianm replied in the affirmative, the doctor then told him the watch didn't work. So as he couldn't go to war he joined a local rifles brigade.

The Stony Creek store burnt down. There is a story that William was the only one at the store with his boots on.

William was till alive in 1943, his address at that time was 27 Catherine St, Geelong.

A Mrs Susanah Crutchfield died 28th March 1944 at Geelong. Her address at the time was 299 LaTrobe Terrace, Geelong. Plot owner - Gilbert Crutchfield 
CRUTCHFIELD, William Arthur (I5647)
4405 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I813)
4406 William Yetton of The Union Jack Caravan, Leigh Bec, Canvey Island, Essex; died 27 March 1919; Administration London 25 July 1919, to Ada Eliza Yetton, widow. Effects: 1894 10s 7d. YETTON, William (I1058)
4407 William Yetton, 22, bac, LV, Stepney, son of Peter John, LV AND Mary Ann Rebecca Ames, 23, sp, Bethnal Green, dau of Thomas, undertaker. Family F344
4408 William: bac of Chesterton; Mary: sp, otp; by Banns Family F392
4409 Windmillers could contact Francis Langford for details of four good mill sails carrying upwards of 9 yards of cloth, five and a half feet wide with the leading board to the left. LANGFORD, Francis (I292)
4410 Wit = Edward Jelling Family F268
4411 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I3025)
4412 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I1425)
4413 with grandparents GINN, Sarah Elizabeth Christine (I1427)
4414 with her brother Samuel COUCHER, Mary Ann (I273)
4415 With his grandmother, Eliza King, widow, age 72 KEMPTON, Lionel Francis (I824)
4416 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I3251)
4417 with John & Mary Bigley, grandparents YOUNG, Levi (I2009)
4418 with John & Mary Bigley, grandparents YOUNG, David (I2008)
4419 with Uncle Charles Lowton ILLETT, Mary Ann (I3506)
4420 Witness = Wm Legge Family F265
4421 Witness: Mary Ann Culpin....? Family F45
4422 Witness: Thomas Legge Family F27
4423 Witness: William Coucher Family F519
4424 Witnesses: C.Cunningham Scott, David Dunlop Family F2
4425 Witnesses: William & Lily Mendham Family F929
4426 wrote to him; his daughter Jane replied and pointed me to Pauline Smith (nee Staden) STADEN, Reginald Charles (I1148)
4427 Yetton George Henry of 131 Old Ford-road London E2 died 7 June 1939 at Bethnal Green Hospital London E2 Administration London 5 July to Winifred Annie Hart married woman. Effects: 581 2s 6d. YETTON, George Henry (I1392)
4428 Yetton Peter John. 14 July. The Will with a Codicil of Peter John Yetton late of the "Rising Sun" Globe-road Bethnal Green in the County of Middlesex Licensed Victualler deceased who died 8 June 1863 at the "Rising Sun" aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oath of William Yetton of the "Rising Sun" aforesaid Licensed Victualler the Son and Benjamin White of Globe-street Bethnal Green aforesaid Builder the surviving Executors. Effects under 3,000 YETTON, Peter John (I1084)
4429 Yetton Robert: Administration of the effects of Robert Yetton late of 45 Mile-End-road in the County of Middlesex Licensed Victualler's Assistant a batchelor who died 20 August 1873 at 45 Mile-End-road was granted at the Principal Registry to William Yetton of 248 Globe-road Bethnal Green in the said County Licensed Victualler the Brother and one of the Next of Kin. Effects under 800. Resworn January 1875 under 1000. YETTON, Robert (I1092)
4430 [dau of Thomas Charles Heasman, publican] HEASMAN, Ada Alice (I1199)
4431 [daughter of William & Ann Pashler] CROSS, Catherine Ann (I611)
4432 [household of John Portway, Chemist] FREEMAN, Sarah (I1956)
4433 [household of Rowell] MORRIS, Elizabeth (I180)
4434 [household of Sarah Austin, widow, boarding house keeper] KEMPTON, Agnes Ann (I752)
4435 [household of Thomas Paice, draper] CULPIN, Eliza Ann (I837)
4436 [Living with her father, William Chambers] CHAMBERS, Mary (I904)
4437 [living with her parents John, 60, ag lab, & Ann, 54] MARSH, Emily Jane (I878)
4438 [possible - needs to be checked on PR] FORDHAM, William (I1473)
4439 [shows born "Tewin Cresant, EC] CULPIN, Frances Harriett (I555)
4440 [son of Herbert, brother of Reginald] STUBBINGS, Percy John (I1317)
4441 [son of Samuel Henry Goodwin] GOODWIN, Samuel Henry (I733)
4442 [US Census] Selina (I215)

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