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601 Also in Ohio Deaths: Frank Blaydon; 1892; Male; White; Reading, Hamilton, Ohio; 7 Apr 1977; Good Samaritan Hospital; Cincinatti; Cert No. 027161; age 85; widowed. BLAYDON, Frank (I6103)
602 Also in the Times death notices on 14 July 1986 SOPER, William James Fordham (I5751)
603 also Jacob Turner, brother in law, age 26 SPARKES, Clement (I2461)
604 also James & Sarah Hicks, 25 & 20, and Ellen Wheatley, 6 FREEMAN, William (I5868)
605 also James Bailey, wife's father, age 78, wdr; house of ten rooms WEBB, Charles (I350)
606 also James Hill, nephew, age 8 ALLEN, Elizabeth Bullard (I4600)
607 also James Keats, 10, boarder, scholar, presumably Sarah's son KEATS, Sarah (I5356)
608 also James Legg, boarder, 24, carpenter LANGFORD, Louisa Sarah (I4013)
609 also James Marsh, 13, scholar COUCHER, John Francis (I845)
610 also James McGanald, lodger, age 22, solicitor's clerk BOWLAND, Thomas (I2554)
611 also James Watson, wdr, father, age 66, ag lab WATSON, John (I3385)
612 Also Jane Alford, age 21, house servant PATES, William (I1852)
613 Also Jane Cox, wid, age 60, sister in law & Harriet Johnson, age 31, general servant domestic ROBB, Edward William (I563)
614 Also Jane Edgley, lodger, age 16 WING, William (I2725)
615 Also Jane Ellis, sister, wid, age 67 & James Cooper, visitor, age 46, Primitive Methodist Minister STEWARD, Josiah (I2417)
616 also Jane Pratt, niece, age 9, scholar WEBB, Thomas (I319)
617 also Jane White, age 1, g/dau, born Cambridge LOWTON, William (I656)
618 also John Atkins, lodger, age 20, ag lab CARTER, John (I485)
619 also John Boulton, vis, 21, sawyer; Chas Boulton, vis,19; Richard Fowler, vis, 49, coal porter LOVESEY, Samuel John (I1052)
620 also John Bowyer/Bourne, age 21, ag lab CULPIN, Richard (I3962)
621 also John Browett, boarder, age 39, colliery labourer; house of five rooms CULPIN, William (I4931)
622 also John Green, age 92 KEMPTON, Robert (I616)
623 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I447)
624 also John Henry Wellborne, g/son age 7, scholar & Emma Hudson, serv, age 24, general servant domestic COWCHER, Edward (I1682)
625 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I989)
626 also John Quince, son of John & Elizabeth, chr 13 Dec 1841 QUINCE, John (I3485)
627 also John Rodgers, boarder, 25 READING, John (I607)
628 also John W Abraham, nephew & boarder, 18, apprentice wheelwright, b Landbeach ABRAHAM, Albert Percival (I3897)
629 also Joseph Harper/Sharp, age 35, ag lab LEONARD, Elizabeth (I5136)
630 also Julia M Ward, 20, servant KILMER, Ada Alberta (I5547)
631 also Kate Day, servant TOLL, Christopher Stuart (I839)
632 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I810)
633 also known as Arthur Sidney QUINCE, Sidney Arthur (I8758)
634 Also known as Elizabeth Ann CULPIN, Annie Elizabeth (I3831)
635 also known as Ernie, he served as Mayor of St Ives HOLMES, Harry (I2820)
636 Also known as John (see MC funeral report) CULPIN, Alfred James (I489)
637 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I481)
638 also Lillian Brown, servant TOLL, Christopher Stuart (I839)
639 also Lilly Wallace, serv, 14, gsd ROBERTS, William John (I5747)
640 also Louis Miller, serv, 14, assistant on farm; house of four rooms CULPIN, William (I3571)
641 Also Louisa Barnard, age 60, nurse BLAYDON, George (I2381)
642 also Louisa King, sister, age 22, house servant STADEN, Joseph (I1898)
643 also Lydia S Rayner, wife's sister, s, age 58, retired servant COWCHER, John (I111)
644 also Mary A Barrance, serv, 20, general serv. SMITH, John (I2994)
645 also Mary Ann Dunn, 30, gsd & Martha Dempster, 22, gsd CLARKE, William Henry (I5343)
646 also Mary Ann Francis, boarder, wid, 75, railway waiting room attendant; Sarah A Warner, visitor, 45, housekeeper & Frederick J Warner, 6 FREEMAN, Henry (I1969)
647 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I447)
648 also Mary Ann Littlewood, lodger, 16, box maker Susannah (I723)
649 also Mary Ann Ransome, stepsister, age 21, farm lab, b Islington (probably wife's daughter); William Fisher, lodger, age 46, farmer ANDREW, Freeman (I3149)
650 also Mary Brown, serv, age 20, house servant SMITH, John (I2994)
651 also Mary Canning, serv, age 16, general servant (domestic) DIXON, John (I730)
652 also Mary Clifford, mother, wid, age 73 CLIFFORD, Charles (I564)
653 Also Mary Creek, age 10m, nurse child FLAVEL, Thomas (I1212)
654 Also Mary Crow, visitor, age 18, ag lab dau. SPARKES, John (I1920)
655 also Mary Harrison, sister in law, age 30 HARRISON, Eliza (I1175)
656 Also Mary Jane Spain, age 14, general servant MOLLOY, Thomas (I596)
657 Also Mary Male, serv, 47, housekeeper & Elizabeth King, serv, 32, cook KEMPTON, Henry Tattershall Knowles (I453)
658 also Mary Marker, serv, 13, nurse girl CHASE, Charles Frederick (I3470)
659 also Mary Mitchell, niece, age 21, domestic servant COUCHER, George Henry (I455)
660 also Mary Richards, s/dau, age 15, scholar & Laura Richards, s/dau, age 12, scholar FORDHAM, Thomas (I1536)
661 also Michael Bryce, 40, ag lab & William Slater, 40, ag lab HILLS, William (I3156)
662 also Minnie L Allen, 23; Ralph Stoddard, 24 KILMER, Alfred Elizah (I5546)
663 also mother in law, three nieces, one boarder, two assistants and three servants; house of 21 rooms FELTON, Charles Francis (I1138)
664 also Nellie (7), Violet (5) & Doris (3) Langford, visitors, all born St Pancras WHITMAN, Richard John (I4016)
665 Also on Census were two servants HARDLEY, Daniel Russell (I1320)
666 Also on Census: Annie L Good, domestic servant, age 16, b London READING, John (I607)
667 Also on Census: Agnes Rolt, sister in law, age 49, widow, cook (domestic) CORNELIUS, John (I202)
668 Also on Census: Catherine Clare, 16, servant FREEMAN, Thomas Robert (I1976)
669 Also on Census: Charles Standley, lodger, wdr, age 50 YOUNG, Jesse (I2759)
670 Also on Census: Charlotte Cook, age 19, female servant KEMPTON, Castledine (I444)
671 Also on Census: Daisy M Goody, age 13, servant general domestic MOLLOY, Charles Henry (I2096)
672 Also on Census: Edith K House (?), servant KEMPTON, William Bell (I75)
673 also on Census: Elizabeth Crawford, 32, cook; Mary Neale, 27, housekeeper KEMPTON, Henry Tattershall Knowles (I453)
674 Also on Census: Elizabeth Toms, age 19, general servant domestic KEMPTON, Thomas Tyerman (I928)
675 Also on Census: Ellen Coppins, age 19, house maid; Thomas Couch, age 53, lodger, compositor COLLINGS, Robert Kent (I375)
676 Also on Census: Emma Cowcher, niece, age 10 PHILLIPS, Daniel (I120)
677 Also on Census: Emma Cox, sil, w, age 51, living on own means; Martha Cox, serv, 16 ROBB, Edward William (I563)
678 Also on Census: Frederick Bonnington, boarder, age 46 KEMPTON, Alfred (I573)
679 Also on Census: John Hawkins, boarder, 64, house keeper; George Wilson, boarder, 17, house keeper PATES, Thomas (I1762)
680 Also on Census: John Henry Serle, wife's brother, age 16. CHECK - wife married before? LAKER, Charlotte Elizabeth (I2175)
681 Also on Census: Laura C Felgate, 18, domestic general servant MOLLOY, Charles Henry (I2096)
682 Also on Census: Lydia Rayner, u, 69, sister, retired servant & Emily Watson, u, 17, domestic servant RAYNER, Frances (I110)
683 Also on Census: Mabel Collins, age 28, general servant domestic ARCHER, Ernest George (I83)
684 Also on Census: Maria Sproggins, housekeeper, age 73, formerly laundress; Esther Harper, boarder, age 16, dressmaker KINGTON, Thomas (I567)
685 Also on Census: Nicholas Cook, 26, visitor, Seaman RN & Louisa Hounsell, age 17, general domestic MOLLOY, Thomas (I596)
686 Also on Census: Phoebe Allen, age 18, domestic servant, born Toft, Cambs DYSON, William Franklin (I580)
687 Also on Census: Susan Cooper, 54, nurse KEMPTON, Isaac (I241)
688 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I745)
689 Also on Census: Thomas Couch, age 45, lodger, printer/compositor; Martha Northfield, 19, servant, house servant COLLINGS, Robert Kent (I375)
690 Also on Census: William Jones, lodger, age 45, porter PHILLIPS, Daniel (I120)
691 also on Census: William Rowell, widr, vis, age 82, ag lab LANGFORD, George Westley (I260)
692 Also on Census: William Rule, father in law, wdr, age 75, farmer MURFITT, Charles (I866)
693 Also on Census: William Willis, visitor, age 11, scholar, b Battersea COWCHER, William (I65)
694 Also on Census:- Elizabeth Bosworth, 34, Charles Richards, 36, Harriet Richardson, 78 BACON, Bathsheba (I68)
695 Also on Census:- Emily J Bloxam, general servant, age 16, b Essex BECKETT, Charles (I513)
696 Also on the register entry is Beryl C Roberts, b 14 Apr 1920, telephonist and Red Cross Nurse. Not sure who this is. ROBARTS, James (I10084)
697 also Percy Boot, nephew, 14, baker's boy BULLARD, Robert (I8298)
698 also Percy James Heathcote, 5/12, nurse child STADEN, John (I200)
699 also Philip Rook, lodger, age 70 CHERRY, James (I2637)
700 also Phoebe M Jennings, widow, mother, age 64, living on own means & Bessie F Elvey, serv, age 16, servant domestic JENNINGS, Edwin (I1719)
701 Also Rachel Taylor, serv, age 12, general servant domestic YARROW, Thomas Kempton (I502)
702 also Rebecca Loaring, age 75 WELLBOURNE, William Slee (I841)
703 also registered as 31 August 1778 COOK, Martha (I7138)
704 also Robert Pitts, nephew, age 19 YETTON, Peter John (I1084)
705 also Robert Reiling, brother in law, age 31 & Clara Reling, sister in law, age 27 HOBBS, Millice Duvall (I2323)
706 also Rohadi Raven, serv, 13, nurse maid ARNOLD, Frank Audley (I3463)
707 also Samuel Bell, nephew, age 4, b London FLAVEL, James (I1271)
708 also Sarah Ann, g/dau, age 3, b Oakham CULPIN, William (I12204)
709 Also Sarah Bartrip, serv, age 30, dom serv LEGGE, Henry (I173)
710 also Sarah E Megson, sister in law, age 55 FLAVEL, John (I1241)
711 also Sarah Elizabeth Megson, wife's sister, age 42 FLAVEL, John (I1241)
712 also Sarah Hill, g/dau, age 1, b Kings Cliffe HILL, Robert (I3722)
713 also Sarah Kempton, age 10, sister, b Ely . . . ? KEMPTON, Thomas (I627)
714 Also Sarah Legge, u, cousin, age 56, annuitant born London LEGGE, Phoebe Odell (I699)
715 also Sarah Marquis, serv, age 20, gsd FORDHAM, John (I5811)
716 Also Sarah Read, age 12, scholar, b Lowestoft, visitor READ, James Waugh (I1115)
717 Also Sarah Watson, serv, age 20, domestic servant COLLINGS, Robert Kent (I375)
718 Also shown as Palace Street, Biggleswade, age 58, mother in law to Eliza Bland. CHERRY, Mary (I233)
719 Also Sidney Walbrough, boarder; Alfred Albury, boarder; Elizabeth Cox, age 15, domestic servant KEMPTON, William (I620)
720 also Thomas Barnard, age 3, "Edwin's g/son" BARNARD, Edwin Frederick (I1021)
721 Also Thomas Cherry christening on 20 May 1822 CHERRY, Thomas (I2631)
722 also Thomas Martin, g/son, 19, seaman Royal Navy, b St Pancras MARTIN, Thomas (I344)
723 also Thomas Naylor, boarder, age 39, gen labourer CULPIN, Ann (I2923)
724 also Thomas William Culpin, cousin, age 30, railway engine cleaner, born Wansford & Phoebe Mary Adams, sister in law, 12, scholar CULPIN, William Rimmington (I2833)
725 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I840)
726 Also three boarders HEARD, Mary Ann (I103)
727 also three stepchildren FORDHAM, John (I5811)
728 Also two boarders: John Meeks, 76, almsman & Sarah Meeks, 73 CHERRY, Samuel (I2636)
729 also Walter Webb, lodger, ag lab SPARKES, Henry (I2568)
730 also wife and son CULPIN, Francis Harry (I4942)
731 also wife Ann, 33, daus Sarah Ann, 11, and Jane E, 7 BARNES, John Parsons (I2111)
732 also William Alfred Vassey, cousin, age 12, school; Alice Sarchfield, adopted, age 5. House of five rooms MANN, Francis Edward (I4974)
733 also William Branson, father, wdr, age 78, formerly builder BRANSON, William (I4737)
734 also William Branson, father, wdr, age 87, formerly bricklayer BRANSON, William (I4737)
735 also William Harries, uncle, wdr, age 74, visitor no trade FLAVEL, James (I1271)
736 also William Hovenden, boarder, age 21, chicken fatter FULLER, Walter George (I1796)
737 Also William Jarman, boarder, abt 17, ag lab WING, William (I2725)
738 also William Lawrence, wdr, father in law, age 65, railway serv (retd) BEASLEY, George Layton (I2839)
739 also William Marples, vis, age 21, electrician switchman; house of five rooms WATSON, Ebenezer Sidney (I2867)
740 Also William Wing, age 7, grandson; Marian Porter, lodger, age 25, Charles Porter, lodger, age 3 BIGLEY, Emma (I421)
741 Also with grandparents at The Greyhound, St Ives, age 6, HO107/448/43/20/21 CULPIN, Sophia Kington (I566)
742 Also: Ada Nunn, 18, general servant domestic DRURY, Eliza Agnes (I890)
743 Also: Albert B xx, boarder, 60, farmer HEARD, Mary Ann (I103)
744 Also: Ann Brown, serv, age 16, general servant BECKETT, Charles (I513)
745 Also: Annie Canham, age 20, assistant infant school mistress KEMPTON, Elizabeth (I166)
746 Also: Bertie Scott, boarder, 22, railway ticket collector READ, John Thomas (I1820)
747 Also: Charles Day, boarder, age 34, shipwright; John Edmunds, boarder, 40, shipwright STADEN, Adelaide (I1894)
748 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I799)
749 Also: Elizabeth Edwards, house servant, age 18 KEMPTON, Green (I180)
750 Also: Ellen (Layton) Lowton and her two children LAYTON, Sarah (I506)
751 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I79)
752 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I745)
753 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I799)
754 Also: Jane Radford, widow, 66, mother RADFORD, Elizabeth (I2113)
755 Also: Julie Ogden, domestic servant, age 18 STADEN, William Arthur (I896)
756 Also: Mary A Oliver, house servant, age 19 KEMPTON, Green (I180)
757 Also: Mary Allpress, servant SMITH, Joseph (I2721)
758 Also: Mary xxx, servant SMITH, Joseph (I2721)
759 Also: Nellie Cheeseman, age 14, friend CULPIN, Frederick (I2720)
760 Also: Polly Grotton, age 36, sister in law & William Grotton, 3, nephew PATES, Frederick (I361)
761 Also: Sigismund Cohen, lodger, age 23, traveller in jewellery, born in Poland KEMPTON, Edward Martin (I342)
762 Also: William & Sarah Shaw, 48 & 49, and their son William A Shaw, aged 29 BECKETT, Florence Georgina (I159)
763 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I79)
764 also:JQ1908, NW, 3b 1217 to Emily Pamby? Family F2015
765 although 1911 census states born Sheffield EDESON, Hannah (I5023)
766 Ames James Zechariah of 3 Bennetts'-cottages Gravel Lane Chigwell Row Essex died 1 February 1913 Administration London 16 October (1915) to Robert Yetton Ames merchant. Effects: £261 11s. AMES, James Zechariah (I1607)
767 Amy Ellen Culpin, dau of Jane Culpin CULPIN, Amy Ellen (I13028)
768 Ancestry shows children: Gerrard b. 25 dec 1763; Peter Gerard b 8 Mar 1779, chr 26 Feb 1789, Shoredtich; plus John, William, Mary, Ann, Judith, Charles, Samuel - all without dates YETTON, Gerrard (I1978)
769 and enumerator KEMPTON, John Blyth (I178)
770 Ann Graves, of this parish, age 67 Ann (I856)
771 Ann Noriss, of William Murfitt (reputed) and Mary Noriss. NORRIS, Ann (I8125)
772 Ann remembers visiting Hannah's sister Aunt Lizzie & Uncle Paul in Eastwood, Notts; also an Aunt Lucy as sister of Hannah SHOOTER, Hannah (I20)
773 Annie Culpin and Frank William Culpin; husband's petition; co-respondent 1: Jack Ennis; co-respondent 2: Charles Denman. Family F870
774 another GROD: George William Coucher, DQ1886, Wandsworth, 1d 367, age 14 COUCHER, George William (I253)
775 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I12688)
776 Appears to be living with his wife Emma, age 55, born London, and daughters Elizabeth, 21, dressmaker, born Ely, and Charlotte, age 17, scholar, born Cambridge, SEARLE, Charles (I474)
777 appears to be Mrs Furby COWCHER, Ann (I214)
778 appears to be registered as Emma GIFFORD, Eliza (I2079)
779 Appears to have remarried to "Sarah", umbrella maker, age 39, born Basildon; one further child "Emily", age 1 SMITH, Charles Henry (I1384)
780 applied for a US passport to travel from Boston on SS Albania GREENALL, Frederick Isaac (I306)
781 applied for a US passport to travel from New York GREENALL, Frederick Isaac (I306)
782 Are you Margaret Wellesley? Margaret (I2315)
783 arrived London from Montreal on ALAUNIA, going to 2 Winds Road, Harrow, age 30, teacher COUCHER, Dorothy Grace (I696)
784 arrived London from Montreal on ALAUNIA, going to 2 Winds Road, Harrow, age 65, surveyor COUCHER, Alfred Thomas (I61)
785 arrived Sydney, from Adelaide. Vessel "of Sydney". William Cowcher, steward, age 26 COWCHER, William Henry (I1693)
786 arrived Sydney, from Akyab. Vessel "of Sydney". William Cowcher, AB, age 29, from Abingdon COWCHER, William Henry (I1693)
787 arrived Sydney, fromLondon. Vessel "of Sydney". William Cowcher, AB, age 28. COWCHER, William Henry (I1693)
788 Arthur Staden, 48 Chester Avenue, Toronto; b Buxton, Derbys; NOK Mary Staden, wife; b 6 May 1890; vulcanizer; age 25yrs 7mths. STADEN, Arthur (I272)
789 Article contains details of a Conservative meeting at Warfield held in a large barn at Faircloth's Farm, kindly lent by Mr Charles Cocks. William and Charles Cocks were both present. COCKS, William (I10)
790 Article contains details of a Conservative meeting at Warfield held in a large barn at Faircloth's Farm, kindly lent by Mr Charles Cocks. William and Charles Cocks were both present. COCKS, Charles Cooper (I12)
791 as reported in:- The Times, Feb 02, 1871; pg 9, Col. C


Staden v Staden & Hermann

Mr Inderwick appeared for the petitioner. The parties were married in 1851, at Gibraltar, and the respondent had been guilty of adultery. The petitioner is a sergeant-major in a militia regiment.

Decree nisi. 
Family F690
792 at 1 Berry Green, Stretham WESLEY, Harry Cyril (I6155)
793 At a petty session holden at the Sessions house, Spalding, before the Rev. Wm Moore, DD, chairman, and Maurice Johnson, Esq., Richard Culpin, sen, of Spalding, yeoman, was summoned for an assault committed by him on Abigail the wilfe of George Pulford. The case was adjourned to the next petty session for the production of a witness on behalf of the defendant. CULPIN, Richard (I2850)
794 at Bulls Dairy MURFITT, George (I2917)
795 At least by the 1930s, Frederick Oliver Sennitt (not recorded on the gravestone) had a fishmongery and poultry shop at 2 (or 3) Peas Hill, which became a Mac Fisheries in the 1960s. In 1911, Frederick was living at Westhurst, Milton Road, with his wife Anna Mary (née Legge, of Ely). They were married in 1899, and by 1911 had had four children, three of whom had survived: Kathleen Pearl (8), Stewart Orland (4), and Freda Mary (3) (none of whose deaths are recorded on the gravestone).

The Covent Garden slaughterhouse (with the sign 'F & O Sennitt' over its entrance, and cobbled yard with animal stalls) continued until after 1940, probably until R J Slingsby took over the site as a builder's yard in about 1948. Older residents still remember bullocks being herded for slaughter from Mill Road, their hooves 'slipping and sliding' on the tarmac. 
SENNITT, Frederick Oliver (I594)
796 At rest, Clara Culpin of Chingford Essex, fell asleep September 5th 1944, aged 83 years. WILSON, Clara (I2710)
797 At the Battle of Jutland on May 31, 1916, Arbuthnot took Defence and her sister ships HMS Warrior and Black Prince to attack the light cruiser SMS Wiesbaden, which lay dead in the water between the opposing fleets. Brought under concentrated fire from Rear Admiral Paul Behncke's Third Battle Squadron, Defence sank with the loss of all her 893 crew at 1815. CULPIN, George Barnett (I2295)
Millice Charles Culpin; 1st Royal Dragoons; joined Cambridge 20 September 1884; S/N 2516
Age 19yrs 7mths; 5ft 5ins; shoeing smith; belongs 1st Cambs -Rifle Volunteers, for 2yrs
Served: 5 Dec 1884 - ??; 26 Feb 1885 - Belfast; 29 May 1885 - Dundalk; 26 May 1886 - Aldershot; 9 Nov 1888 - Woolwich; ; 8 Feb 1889 - Transferred to Ordnance Store Corps24 Jun 1889 - Wimbledon; 27 Jul 1889 - Woolwich; 30 Jul 1889 - Aldershot; 10 Dec 1889 - Transferred to Army Reserve. Disharged Private 14 Sep 1896, Termination of First Period of Engagment
Education: Fourth class;
NOK: Father - Millice Charles Culpin (sic), Mother - Naomi Culpin, Cromwell Place, St Ives. 
CULPIN, Millice Charles (I216)
799 b. 1825, fourth son of Hinton Spalding MD FRCA, Custos Rotulorum of St Andrews, Jamaica, Commissioner of Stamps for Jamaica, died at Nether Arthurlie, the home of his uncle Henry Dunlop, 29 August 1861. SPALDING, Charles Anthony (I1645)
800 B553, age 3 ROBB, Jessie (I442)

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