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801 Birth: unknown
Death: Jun. 17, 1916

1916-06-19; Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer
"SERGISON - June 17, 1916, JAMES, beloved husband of Sarah Sergison. Relatives and friends, also employees of Provident Life and Trust Co., are invited to attend funeral services, Tuesday, at 10 A. M., at his late residence, 17178 S. 17th st. Interment at Ivy Hill Cemetery. Friends may call Monday evening. Automobile funeral.

Ivy Hill Cemetery
Philadelphia County
Pennsylvania, USA
SERGISON, James (I2542)
802 Birthplace in 1921 census given as Africa FORDHAM, George (I6993)
803 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1583)
804 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1581)
805 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I639)
806 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1641)
807 BLOW, Luke Sydney Jellings
Date of birth: 06/03/1878 (London, England)
Date of death: 01/06/1961 (Lugano, Switzerland)
Nationalities: British
Activities: Scriptwriter (6)
Biography: Born Luke Sydney Jellings Blow. Married to actress Hilda Trevelyan.
BLOW, Luke Sydney Jellings (I7015)
808 Boat: Alfred; Rank: Mate; Age: 50; River Trade; drowned in the dock STADEN, Henry Walter (I1893)
809 boatwright MARKHAM, John (I893)
Mr. and Mrs. G. Culpin, of Blendo street, North Broken Hill, have been notified that their son, Bombardier J. H. Culpin, 8th Battalion, is returning to Australia aboard the troopship Ascanius, which is expected to arrive in Melbourne on March 23. Bombardier Culpin has served three and a half years on active service. 
CULPIN, John Henry (I12686)
811 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I1560)
812 Born 1790; an MD in Kingston, Jamaica; died in Bremen, Germany, on 2 June 1853. SPALDING, Hinton (I1641)
813 Born 340 St John Street N, Hamilton, father Matthew, presser, mother Charlotte. Parents married Sept 1903, Hamilton BIGLEY, Gordon Arthur (I8931)
814 born at '12hrs noon' DUNLOP, Charles Edward (I27)
815 born at 11.50pm, daughter of John Rea, dock labourer, and Martha Rea, ms Rennick REA, Margaret Rennick (I8035)
816 born at 11pm, son of John Rea, dock labourer, and Martha Rea, ms Rennick REA, Thomas Rennick (I8036)
817 born at 3.15pm, daughter of John Rea, dock labourer, and Martha Rea, ms Rennick REA, Martha (I8033)
818 born at 3h 30m DUNLOP, Muriel Ouless Sinclair (I33)
819 born at 8.15pm, daughter of John Rea, dock labourer, and Martha Rea, ms Rennick REA, Elizabeth Rennick (I8034)
820 born at 8.15pm, daughter of John Rea, dock labourer, and Martha Rea, ms Rennick REA, Catherine Hegan (I8032)
821 born Canada September 1866, single, parents both born Scotland, partner to head (business?) DUNLOP, James Ellis (I42)
822 born England, arrived Canada 1903, Church of England, can read and write. WRIGHT, Allan Samuel (I8907)
823 born England, arrived Canada 1906, Church of England, can read and write. PATES, Minnie (I966)
824 Born Hampton Avenue, Hamilton,father Matthew, presser, mother Charlotte. Parents married 16 Sept 1903, Hamilton BIGLEY, Ernest Norman (I8932)
825 both "of this parish", by Banns Family F1473
826 both "of this parish", by Banns Family F391
827 both "of this parish", by Banns Family F312
828 both "of this parish", by Banns Family F297
829 Both George & Mary are widowed Family F252
830 both Isaac & Maria were members of the Salvation Army Family F1916
831 both were members of the Salvation Army Family F1924
832 both were minors Family F19
833 Both widowed. Family F2520
834 Brian Arnold Lt C Rankilor, age 78; died 9 Feb 1988; published 12 Feb 1988; spouse Ivy Coates Rankilor RANKILOR, Brian Arnold (I5582)
835 British Journal of Industrial Medicine
October 1952 issue


Professor Millais Culpin died on September 25, 1952, at the age of 78.

He entered the field of industrial medicine rather by accident than by design. He was the son of a doctor in general practice in Stoke Newington, and was educated at the Grocers' Company School where, in addition to scholastic success, he acquired a life-long interest in entomology. For health reasons his father gave up his practice in London to set up in Brisbane. Millais tried his hand at various ways of earning a living, including an ineffective attempt at gold-mining, and eventually settled as a teacher in Cape York Peninsula for four happy years. He returned to London and qualified in 1902; he then went back to Australia, afterwards setting up in practice in Shanghai.

He married and returned in 1913 returned to England in the hope of having a practice in the south of England, but the 1924-18 war broke out and instead he served in France in the RAMC. His experience as a surgeon turned his attention to the problems of psychoneurosis and as soon as possible he returned to England to study "shell-shock". He was appointed lecturer on psychoneurosis at the London Hospital and settled down as a psychotherapist.

When two investigations of the Industrial Health Research Board produced experimental evidence that telegraphists' cramp was not primarily an organic muscular disease, Dr Culpin was appointed to study the condition and was able to show that it conformed to the group of disabilities known as psychoneuroses. This brought him into the field of industrial medicine and his appointment at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine gave him further opportunities. After the investigation into cramp he studied the problem of miners' systagmus, the loss of time in industry due to preventable sickness, the incidence of psychoneurotic disabilities and the experimental conditions associated with their development.

He retired from research work in 1939 but continued some clinical work until his death.

May Smith 
CULPIN, Millais (I724)
836 Brother of Emma, wife of Joseph Flavell LEACH, Charles (I1810)
837 brother of Sarah King who married William Blyth Kempton KING, Henry (I587)
838 brother of Walter SYMONDS, George (I4567)
839 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I1571)
840 BT of Benjamin baptism: Francis = "a poor man" LANGFORD, Francis (I285)
841 BT=16 May Family F206
842 buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Fitzwilliam, Cheshire County, New Hampshire FOLLAND, Mary Ursula (I9128)
843 Burke's Peerage has 10 Jul DUNLOP, John Rankin (I8)
844 by Banns Family F1393
845 By banns, withnessed by William Louten Family F289
846 by licence Family F295
847 by licence Family F76
848 by licence Family F43
849 by licence Family F137
850 By licence. William innholder  Family F131
851 by licence; he is listed as Henry Porter the Younger Family F667
852 C W Cowcher, 1 male, 2 females COWCHER, Charles W (I1695)
853 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I2)
854 Cambridgeshire County Archives
Coroner for the Isle of Ely, Southern Division; Draft Inquisition on Mary Kempton, 1844; Ref: ES/Co/P250
Repository: CRO Cambridge

That the said Mary Kempton being aged & infirm on the eighth day of January in the year aforesd was in the dwelling house relict [?] Cast. K. in the parish of the Holy Trinity in Ely aforesd when it so happened that the clothes which the sd Mary Kempton then there had on her body accidentally xxx [carnally - it looks like] & by misfortune took fire by reason whereof & from the smoke & flame arising thereupon the said Mary Kempton was then there suffocated and burnt of which said suffocation & burning she the said Mary Kempton then and there died And so the Jurors aforesd upon their Oath aforesd do say that the sd Mary Kempton in manner & by the means aforesd accident [?] & by misfortune came to her death & not otherwise.

Transcribed 4 April 2007 
LAWRENCE, Mary (I442)
855 can read and write; Methodist GOLDS, Sarah Jane (I8917)
856 Canada, Ocean Arrivals form: 30 April 1921 on Minnedosa; Ada White, 30, born Birkenhead, Church of England, to settle in Canada, $25.00 on her, can read and write, paid own passage, to permanently reside in Canada, destined to Montreal to sister in law Mrs Brown, 1606 St Catherine East, UK relative Mrs Anyon (mother), 25 Woodford Road, New Ferry. 1) mentally defective: No; 2) Had TB: No; 3) physically defective: No; 4) Anarchist: No. ANYON, Ada (I2395)
857 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F217
858 Canvey Resident's Strange Death
William Yetton 1865-1919
By Janet Penn

William Yetton's story starts when he was born in Bethnal Green in 1865. His family had run the Rising Sun Public House in Globe Road since the turn of the century and William took his turn as the last Yetton to be the Licenced Victualler of the Pub. He can be found in the 1911 census living there with his wife, Ada Eliza, and their seven children. He retired about 1913 and it was about this time that he became estranged from his family. William came to stay in their holiday property, Union Jack Caravan, on Canvey Island and his family moved to Forest Gate. According to his grandson, Tony Yetton, it was not known why the family were estranged or indeed why he came to commit suicide, these were family secrets that Tony has never been able to fully understand. The inquest into William's suicide was published in the Southend Standard in April 1919 and it is from this that Tony has managed to piece together some of the story. From the article we can not only see the events of William's death and possible causes of his actions but small insights into life on Canvey at the time.

'The Deputy Coroner Mr H. J. Jefferies held an inquest on Monday at the Old Red Cow Inn, Canvey Island, relative to the death of William Yetton, a retired licenced victualler, of the Union Jack Caravan, Leigh Beck, Canvey, who was found dead in a chair, with a gun close to his face, in an adjoining bath room on Thursday morning.'

Several witnesses were called including his son William Joseph Yetton of 72 Cramner Road, Forest Gate, who gave evidence of identification and stated he was an accountant. He said his father was 57 years of age and was not living with his wife and had lived on the Island on and off, for over fourteen years. It was also learnt from his son that William had suffered from cancer and was operated on two years prior to his death and was told some ten years before his death that it was incurable. No record was made as to what kind of cancer he was suffering from. William Junior did say that his father was becoming 'very erratic in behaviour and speech. He had more than once heard him say he would commit suicide, and had even described the way in which he would do it, saying he should shoot himself'.

One interesting part of the dialogue told of the scheme that William was about to embark upon 'to run a service of motor boats and motor cars' but this was a large undertaking and William jnr thought it had been a cause of worry to his father being 'more than one man could undertake'. William jnr also went on to say his father 'would not accept any help or interference from relatives, and was of a stubborn character'.

Apparently William next to his caravan 'had good Turkish and Russian baths' and it was here that his body was to be found by an employee, James Kiley, of 76 Carlisle Street, Edgware Road, London. James Kiley who was the next witness, was 16 years old and helped on the farm looking after the pigs, poultry, etc. On the evening of Wednesday 26th March he went to bed before 10. He slept in the caravan and William Yetton had a room in the front but James did not see him that evening. James stated at the inquest that:

* 'He heard nothing of deceased during the night, and got up at 5.55am and made a fire. He saw deceased's overcoat and knew he had been in and concluded he had fed the pigs. He also saw that some of the poultry had been fed during the night he heard no reports of any gun. Mr Nuttall came in the morning and talked to him and just before Mr Percy Cock came at 6a.m he noticed that deceased's gun had gone from its chain in the roof of the caravan he also missed some cartridges, he told Mr Cook that deceased had been home and gone out with his gun, and Mr. Nuttall said he was perhaps out shooting. Later he heard that Mr Yetton had been found dead in the bathroom. Deceased did not appear to him to be erratic and he saw no reason to suppose he was going to shoot himself'.

The next witness was Percy John Cock of Kent View, Canvey Island, motor car driver was the person who found William Yetton and he described to the inquest his involvement in the discovery:

* 'On March 27th from what he was told by Kiley, he went to look for deceased soon after eight a.m. and searched the shore and a bungalow and eventually found him in a bathroom adjoining the caravan. He (deceased) was sitting in a chair, quite dead. The double-barrelled gun (produced) was fixed pointing at deceased's head which was partly blown away on the left side. He informed his brother, Mr Walter Cock, who communicated with the police while he himself remained in charge. When P.C. Girling arrived, everything was just as he (witness) found it in reply to a juror witness said he knew deceased 12 years ago, but had since been in -----. Recently he had found deceased very erratic, he would start many jobs with his employee and finish none. He (witness) quite expected what had happened, and that was why he searched as he did'.

The final witness was P.C. Girling, of Canvey Island who was in Rochford when he received a telephone message about the death and quickly returned to the Island to take charge. He described to the inquest in great detail the scene and also provided details of an allegation against William Yetton which may have played a contributing part in his decision to end his life:

* 'he found deceased sitting as described. Deceased's forehead was blown in and his left eye hung on his cheek, the head rested on the Turkish bath, the legs were crossed, and the left arm folded across the body, the right arm hung down. Blood lay on the floor. The gun was fixed in a corner, between a ---- and the wall, with the trigger upper most, the pulley (produced) was tied on a water pipe and a piece of string was through the pulley and was fixed on the right hand trigger, the end of the string hung down. Another piece of string hung from the trigger and the muzzle was about a foot from deceased's face. Deceased could have pulled the string and fired the gun as he sat. The spent cartridge, produced, was in the right hand barrel the full charge had gone into deceased's head as no shots were found elsewhere. He (Witness) removed the body to the mortuary. There was no writing found to say why deceased took his own life. On the previous day witness was with deceased in the caravan at 12 midnight making enquiries as to petrol alleged to have been stolen from the ---- Station, it was also alleged that deceased had received this petrol and witness was making inquiries about this. He told deceased that he would have to report the matter to his superintendant and deceased said "For Gods sake don't do that. It will ruin my business if you do". He enquired as to whether anybody saw him about that morning but could learn nothing. Deceased's bed had not been slept in. Replying to Mr W. J. Yetton, witness said he had no reason to suppose that he was so upset by the interview mentioned as to decide to take his own life'.

The seems to be little doubt in the Deputy Coroners mind when he addressed the jury:

* 'Mr Jefferies said there could be no doubt that deceased committed suicide by shooting himself. The evidence was to show that the gun was fixed and elaborate measures were taken to ensure the shot taking effect. They had to decide whether he committed suicide and also as to the state of his mind at the time. They must remember that for some time past deceased had been erratic in manner which might be due to the terrible complaint from which he suffered. The scheme in which deceased was engaged may also have had something to do with this act. Thirdly, there was the allegation against him with which they, as a jury ------ to do. It might be that these things taken together led deceased to commit the act within a few hours after PC Girling left him.' He continued 'No doubt they would come to the conclusion that deceased committed suicide and that they probably would find that he was of unsound mind at the time.'

The jury's decision was as expected and with Mr Chambers, who had known William for many years as foreman, found that William Yetton died from the wounds inflicted by the gunshot and was at the time of unsound mind. William Yetton was buried in St Katherine's Churchyard on the 2nd April 1919.

Tony still has many questions about his grandfather, which will probably never be answered. Although William was estranged from his family Canvey was a place visited many times when Tony was young. Although William was only spoken about in whispers the family still must have felt a connection to the Island. Tony remembers the stepping stones and the fields and the long walk from Waterside and it was to Canvey he moved in 1979 after his retirement. So after many years in the wilderness members of William's family were again close to him here on Canvey. Lets hope he has found peace. 
YETTON, William (I1058)
859 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5405)


Before Mr. H. Giles Shaw, S.M., m the Police Court to-day, Lieutenants Oliver Leopold Davey aiid Albert Leslie Grimm, area officer5, proceeded against the following senior cadets for breaches of the Defence Act:

Gordon Emanuel Culpin, missed 10 parades, pleaded guilty; ordered into custody,for 20 days, with 3/ costs of
CULPIN, Emanuel Gordon (I12683)
861 cause of death = Erysipelas DEBNEY, Charles Culpin (I1316)
862 cause of death: measles STANTON, Thomas (I5352)
863 census = born in county BRIGHT, Jane (I321)
864 census = not born in county BRIGHT, James (I317)
865 Certificate details:
Edward Pinckney, 29, bac, sailmaker, 39 Mount Street, Southampton, son of Isaac, labourer & Amy Donkin, 25, sp, 39 Mount Street, Southampton, dau of William Donkin (dec'd), boot maker (?)
Wits: WH & Alice Pincaney (sic) 
Family F202
866 Certified copy of Marriage Entry: Gilbraltar, December 18th 1854
Frederick Staden, color sergeant of the 13th Regiment Light Infantry, widower, and Matilda Milner, spinster, both residing in this garrison, were married by Banns in the King's CHapel in this city, on the eighteenth day of December in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty four. Signed by the officiating Chaplain, Frederick Staden and Matilda Maria Milner. Witnesses: Joseph Milner, Mary Ann Wink, John Hewett. 
Family F690
867 CFHS Index suggests christened in 1811 at age 2 FLAVEL, John (I1216)
868 CFHS Index suggests christened in 1811 at age 4 FLAVEL, Rebecca (I1215)
869 CFHS Index suggests christened in 1811 at age 8 FLAVEL, Elizabeth (I1213)
870 Charles appears to be married to Emma in 1881 Census. KEMPTON, Susanna (I472)
871 Charles Culpin & Elizabeth
Copyholder of land and property between at least 1665-1703, churchwarden and sat on local court 
CULPIN, Charles (I1660)
872 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I3543)
873 Charles Dimock, 24, bac, lab, otp, son of Frederick Dimock, lab AND Jane Sennitt, 20, sp, otp, dau of Joseph Sennitt, lab. Wits: Joseph Sennitt, Louisa Sennitt Family F1613
874 Charles Hughes, #069-28-1016, 11222 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, b 7 August 1935, d September 1958. HUGHES, Charles Junior (I4235)
875 Charles Hughes, b 7 Aug 1935, d 8 Sep 1985, SSN 069281016, Enlisted 22 Jan 1954, Released 21 Jan 1958. HUGHES, Charles Junior (I4235)
876 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2283)
877 Charles William Gardiner, age 81, address 25 Northbrook Gardens, widower, retired traveller, died 12 February 1951, Church of Ireland, cause of death MF Arterio sclerosis, grave owner Charles William Gardiner GARDINER, Charles William (I7978)
878 Charlotte Culpin, sp AND Daniel Cooper, bac Family F1179
879 Charlotte Longney, 42, died 8 Nov 1922, Phthisis Pulmonalis, died Toronto Free Hospital, NOK Mr Frederick Wm Longney, 60 Maxwell Avenue, Husband; Burial 10 Nov 1922, Prospect Cemetery
CULPIN, Charlotte Ellard (I732)
880 check Family F2188
881 check Family F1138
882 Check Family F271
883 check Family F67
884 check Death Index entry WOODLEY, Horace Ongley James (I7183)
885 check location Family F2569
887 CHECK PARENTAGE COUCHER, Reginald William (I488)
888 Check parentage COWCHER, Sybella (I843)
889 CHECK PARENTAGE COWCHER, William Whitehead (I1701)
890 CHECK PARENTAGE FREEMAN, Elizabeth (I2310)
892 check parentage BARNARD, Florence Emily (I1029)
893 check parentage BARNARD, Emily Louisa (I1030)
894 check parentage KEMPTON, Harry (I2049)
895 CHECK PARENTAGE NEWMAN, Walter Edward (I120)
897 check this marriage Family F345
898 check village; registered in the Chesterton district LANGFORD, Norman (I277)
899 chidren 5:5:0 LILLEY, Alice (I3685)
900 chikdren 10:8:2 WRIGHT, Ruth (I8324)
901 children (of this marriage) 4:3:1 LEA, Georgina (I6128)
902 children 0:0:0 FAIRFIELD, Mary Elizabeth (I6559)
903 children 0:0:0 JENKINS, Mary Ann (I3008)
904 children 0:1:0 ROBINSON, Lydia Ellen (I6820)
905 children 10:10:0 BARKER, Susannah (I2)
906 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I2822)
907 children 10:10:0 DERBY, Catherine (I1045)
908 children 10:10:0 CLARKE, Elizabeth Smith (I958)
909 children 10:10:0; house of two rooms LANGFORD, Emma Eliza (I262)
910 children 10:5:5 MORGAN, Mary Elizabeth (I2926)
911 children 10:6:4 WATTS, Alice (I710)
912 children 10:6:4 BENISON, Amelia (I436)
913 children 10:7:3 HARTLEY, Kate Ellen (I534)
914 children 10:7:3 BILLINGTON, Emma (I1443)
915 children 10:8:2 STADEN, Kate (I893)
916 children 10:8:2 Mary Ann (I1033)
917 children 10:9:1 REED, Emily (I8089)
918 children 10:9:1 FORDHAM, Emma (I5808)
919 children 10:9:1 MAHY, Selina Perrin (I5585)
920 children 10:9:1 DANN, Mary Susannah (I4753)
921 children 10:9:1 FOORD, Caroline Amelia (I762)
922 children 10:9:1 FREEMAN, Mary (I1957)
923 children 10:9:1 TUCKER, Elizabeth Eliza (I103)
924 children 11:10:1 JAGGARD, Annie Maria (I726)
925 children 11:10:1 SMITH, Elizabeth (I981)
926 children 11:11:0 RATHMELL, Mary Ann R (I8691)
927 children 11:11:0 CROOT, Naomi (I7408)
928 children 11:6:5 WRIGHT, Emma Elizabeth (I1720)
929 children 11:7:4 HURRY, Mary (I6231)
930 children 11:7:4 YOUNG, Elizabeth (I2757)
931 children 11:8:3 CAMPBELL, Margaret Elizabeth (I324)
932 children 11:8:3 LEACH, Louisa (I2119)
933 children 11:9:2 HURRY, Alice (I9280)
934 children 11:9:2 GOATER, Anne Maria (I688)
935 children 12:10:2 WHITBY, Louisa (I4863)
936 children 12:10:2 BRANSON, Kate (I4744)
937 children 12:10:2 CAKEBREAD, Caroline Laura (I392)
938 children 12:11:1; house of thirteen rooms WHITING, Maria (I4363)
939 children 12:8:4 SANDFORD, Mary Ann (I3023)
940 children 12:8:4 ROWELL, Jane (I263)
941 children 12:9:3 TRAVIS, Mary Ann (I1808)
942 children 13:8:5 ABBOTT, Elizabeth (I2366)
943 children 13:9:4 ELLGER, Sarah Langford (I3120)
944 children 14:11:3 BROWN, Jane (I5158)
945 children 15:5:10 BRIDGEMAN, Rebecca (I1385)
946 children 1:0:1 BUCKLEY, Ellen (I7224)
947 children 1:0:1 STATHAM, Annie (I6532)
948 children 1:0:1 HATTON, Sarah Ann (I2925)
949 children 1:0:1 HOPKINS, Lydia (I2035)
950 children 1:0:1 STADEN, Clara Eliza (I873)
951 children 1:0:1 STRONG, Florence Mary (I1011)
952 children 1:0:1; house of four rooms HOPKINS, Julia Ann (I4423)
953 children 1:1:- THURLBOURN, Mary Ann (I317)
954 children 1:1:0 FLETCHER, Nellie (I9325)
955 children 1:1:0 JOLLY, Mary Lizzie (I9316)
956 children 1:1:0 DAWES, Mary (I9274)
957 children 1:1:0 FELLOWES, Elizabeth Dora (I9198)
958 children 1:1:0 GOODMAN, Annie (I9180)
959 children 1:1:0 FREEMAN, Emma (I9027)
960 children 1:1:0 AYRES, Mabel Esther (I9015)
961 children 1:1:0 BOLTON, Ada Louisa (I8971)
962 children 1:1:0 GARNER, Ada (I8851)
963 children 1:1:0 BUTLER, Rachel (I8848)
964 children 1:1:0 ROBERTS, Clara Edith (I8633)
965 children 1:1:0 GOLDING, Ellen Sarah (I8618)
966 children 1:1:0 LATTIMORE, Rose Ethel (I8340)
967 children 1:1:0 HILLS, Emma (I8166)
968 children 1:1:0 GIDDINS, Mabel (I8100)
969 children 1:1:0 TODD, Mildred Naomi (I7827)
970 children 1:1:0 EASTWELL, Gertrude Lilian (I7386)
971 children 1:1:0 HUXSTEP, Blanche Ethel Eugene (I7202)
972 children 1:1:0 TEGGINS, Rose Emily (I6905)
973 children 1:1:0 SETCHFIELD, Kate Claudine (I6873)
974 children 1:1:0 ROBINSON, Esther Elizabeth (I6815)
975 children 1:1:0 WATSON, Florence Louisa (I6809)
976 children 1:1:0 POPPLE, Edith Maud (I6759)
977 children 1:1:0 HENSON, Lucy Ellen (I6986)
978 children 1:1:0 CRUNKHORN, Emily Ann (I6918)
979 children 1:1:0 FLANDERS, Julia Esther (I6681)
980 children 1:1:0 HURRELL, Lilian Kate (I6653)
981 children 1:1:0 FAIRFIELD, Hilda (I6556)
982 children 1:1:0 TAYLOR, Laura Emma (I6554)
983 children 1:1:0 ROBINSON, Edith Frances (I6552)
984 children 1:1:0 KETTLESTRING, Kate (I6296)
985 children 1:1:0 GREEN, Ellen (I6293)
986 children 1:1:0 BARKER, Emily Harriett (I6188)
987 children 1:1:0 WOODLEY, Elizabeth (I6125)
988 children 1:1:0 ANDREWS, Hilda (I6092)
989 children 1:1:0 WRIGHT, Louisa Caroline (I6085)
990 children 1:1:0 CHARTER, Beatrice (I5946)
991 children 1:1:0 GRANGE, Kate (I5911)
992 children 1:1:0 ELLIS, Mary Elizabeth (I5908)
993 children 1:1:0 SAGER, Mary Jane (I5836)
994 children 1:1:0 SYKES, Mary Gladys (I5786)
995 children 1:1:0 HARRISON, Elizabeth (I5632)
996 children 1:1:0 KING, Louisa Sophia (I588)
997 children 1:1:0 LANT, Nellie Needham (I5488)
998 children 1:1:0 LUCAS, Sarah Ann (I5444)
999 children 1:1:0 WADLOW, Elizabeth (I5426)
1000 children 1:1:0 TENNANT, Helen Muirhead (I5338)

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