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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F26
 LARCOMBE, Louisa   Cocks Tree 
2 F33
CAYLEY, George LARCOMBE, Daisy Muriel Joyce 1965 Croydon, Surrey  Cocks Tree 
3 F27
CHURCHILL, Charles W LARCOMBE, Gertrude 17 Nov 1917 Parish Church, Beaminster, Dorset  Cocks Tree 
4 F10
COCKS, Charles Cooper TICKNER, Jane 24 Oct 1871 St Stephen's, Hammersmith, London  Cocks Tree 
5 F13
COCKS, Charles Cooper MILLER, Elsie 1910 Christchurch, Hants  Cocks Tree 
6 F15
COCKS, Frederick George BARKBY, Dora Manton 28 Mar 1910 St Mary, Spring Grove, Brentford, London  Cocks Tree 
7 F1
COCKS, Stanley William HILBORNE, Lilian Doris Jubilee 09 Jan 1924 Parish Church, Warfield, Berks  Cocks Tree 
8 F5
COCKS, William COOPER, Jane 25 Aug 1838 Warfield, Berks  Cocks Tree 
9 F2
COCKS, William WALKER, Mary Ann 1871 Kensington, London  Cocks Tree 
10 F8
COCKS, William BUTLER, Clara 1883 Fulham, London  Cocks Tree 
11 F12
COCKS, William Isaac WESTELL, Kate Fanny 1906 Swindon, Wilts  Cocks Tree 
12 F6
COLE, Charles S COCKS, Amelia Agnes 1915 Easthampstead, Berks  Cocks Tree 
13 F9
COOPER, Henry Mary Abt 1810  Cocks Tree 
14 F17
DAWSON, Walter Charles COCKS, Emily Mabel 05 Jul 1905 Parish Church, Warfield, Berks  Cocks Tree 
15 F23
HAYNES, Maurice W HILBORNE, Ada May 1913 Tewkesbury, Glos  Cocks Tree 
16 F21
HILBORNE, William LANE, Emma Abt 1838  Cocks Tree 
17 F4
HILBORNE, William George PARRIS, Mary Ann 06 Oct 1878 Ditcheat, Somerset  Cocks Tree 
18 F22
HILBORNE, William George Sidney COLLINS, Catherine 1905 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales  Cocks Tree 
19 F25
KITE, Gabriel LARCOMBE, Minnie 10 Nov 1902 Parish Church, Beaminster, Dorset  Cocks Tree 
20 F29
KITE, Gabriel THOMAS, Catherine Mary 1934 Weymouth, Dorset  Cocks Tree 
21 F19
LARCOMBE, Charles NORRIS, Emily 08 May 1881 Parish Church, Beaminster, Dorset  Cocks Tree 
22 F3
LARCOMBE, George William HILBORNE, Lilian Doris Jubilee 1909 Beaminster, Dorset  Cocks Tree 
23 F28
LARCOMBE, Jack ARES, Sarah Jane 1935 Weymouth, Dorset  Cocks Tree 
24 F24
LARCOMBE, Percy ELLIOTT, Ada 1903  Cocks Tree 
25 F16
NEALE, Walter COCKS, Mary Elizabeth 1915 Easthampstead, Berks  Cocks Tree 
26 F20
NORMAN, John STEPTOWE, Emma Esther 1914 Bracknell, Berks  Cocks Tree 
27 F32
O'GRADY, Joseph David LARCOMBE, Daisy Muriel Joyce 1934 Lewisham, London  Cocks Tree 
28 F18
PARSONS, Blandy COCKS, Minnie May 1921 Easthampstead, Berks  Cocks Tree 
29 F31
PARSONS, Blandy RELF, Alice 1932 Epsom, Surrey  Cocks Tree 
30 F7
ROBERTS, Arthur Philip COCKS, Edith Mary 1899 Brighton, Sussex  Cocks Tree 
31 F11
STEPTOWE, Isaac COCKS, Mary Jane 29 Feb 1872 Parish Church, Warfield, Berks  Cocks Tree 
32 F30
THOMPSON, Richard G WISBEY, May Rowena 1942 Edmonton, London  Cocks Tree 
33 F14
WISBEY, Herbert Walter COCKS, Jane Rowena 1902 Brentford, Middx  Cocks Tree