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Matches 1 to 79 of 79 for Tree equals Freeman-Culpin AND Branch equals Quince Descendants

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F1020
 QUINCE, Louisa   Freeman-Culpin 
2 F1341
 SHAW, Annie Mary   Freeman-Culpin 
3 F1305
ANDREW, Freeman RANSOME, Alice Maria 1883 Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
4 F265
ANDREW, George QUINCE, Alice 28 Nov 1799 St Mary the Virgin, Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
5 F1307
ANDREW, George COX, Mary Ann 17 Jul 1868 Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
6 F1304
ANDREW, William Jane Abt 1835  Freeman-Culpin 
7 F2995
ARGYLE, George Henry BRITTLE, Florence 1930 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
8 F56
BRITTLE, Douglas ALLEN, Grace 1953 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
9 F1696
Private CORNER, Florence Delecia 1929 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
10 F2780
Private CARRINGTON, Eliza 1934 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
11 F54
BRITTLE, William LANGFORD, Lilian 1905 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
12 F1694
BRITTLE, William WRAGG, Elizabeth May 1930 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
13 F2966
CHALKLEY, John Richard MURFITT, Marie Rebecca Hilda 1928 Hackney, London  Freeman-Culpin 
14 F3022
EDWARDS, Ernest W TABBITT, Gertrude May 1926 Wisbech, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
15 F1076
GOODENOUGH, Herbert QUINCE, Eliza Ann 1900 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
16 F2961
HAILSTONE, Samuel SADDINGTON, Harriet Ann 14 Jan 1931 St Andrew, Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
17 F2092
HARDCASTLE, Charles P QUINCE, Gertrude Margaret Ellen 1940 Leicester, Leics  Freeman-Culpin 
18 F1021
HAWKINS, John William QUINCE, Louisa 1879 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
19 F1346
HAWKINS, Thomas TOUCH, Harriet Ann Dec 1901 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
20 F1309
HILLS, John CHAPMAN, Eliza 25 Mar 1850 Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
21 F1308
HILLS, William ANDREW, Sarah 11 Nov 1823 Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
22 F2974
HURRY, Percy QUINCE, Elsie May 10 Apr 1926 St Andrew, Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
23 F99
HUTCHINS, Ronald MARSHALL, Phyllis Letitia Ellen 30 Jun 1956 St Catherine, Wolverton, Norfolk  Freeman-Culpin 
24 F55
LANGFORD, Freeman BLACKSHAW, Dora 22 May 1920 St Peter, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs  Freeman-Culpin 
25 F28
LANGFORD, Isaac QUINCE, Emma 22 Nov 1873 St James, Stretham, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
26 F51
LANGFORD, John SINDALL, Harriett Ann 14 Nov 1903 St James, Stretham, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
27 F94
LANGFORD, Sydney John CHALCRAFT, Bertha Alice 1929 Sevenoaks, Kent  Freeman-Culpin 
28 F53
LANGFORD, William STUBBINS, Sarah Kate 10 Nov 1912 Stretham, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
29 F1344
LONG, Thomas O SHAW, Alice Mary 1914 Benwick, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
30 F97
MARSHALL, Harry LANGFORD, Kate 16 Mar 1935 St Francis Hall, Digswell, Welwyn, Herts  Freeman-Culpin 
31 F1337
MITCHLEY, Hubert Ernest QUINCE, Catherine 06 Apr 1915 All Saints, Huntingdon, Hunts  Freeman-Culpin 
32 F1079
MURFITT, Charles James QUINCE, Rebecca Ann 7 Nov 1894 Outwell, Norfolk  Freeman-Culpin 
33 F1
PATES, Frederick William LANGFORD, Kate 9 Jun 1919 Trinity Methodist Church, Biggleswade, Beds  Freeman-Culpin 
34 F1036
PRATT, George William HAWKINS, Lucy 1907 Peterborough, Northants  Freeman-Culpin 
35 F2091
QUINCE, Arthur Robert WATSON, Florence M 1923 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
36 F1077
QUINCE, Charles William MATTHEWS, Angelina Maria 1889 Wisbech, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
37 F1018
QUINCE, David CLEMENTS, Charlotte Ann 22 May 1870 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
38 F50
QUINCE, Freeman BURROWS, Lydia 02 Feb 1847 St Mary the Virgin, Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
39 F2972
QUINCE, George MILLER, Florence Stella 1929 Northampton, Northants  Freeman-Culpin 
40 F2968
QUINCE, George Ernest BANNISTER, Ethel 17 Apr 1911 St Mark, Peterborough, Northants  Freeman-Culpin 
41 F1080
QUINCE, George William HAWKINS, Sarah Elizabeth 1885 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
42 F1072
QUINCE, James BOND, Maria 1853 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
43 F261
QUINCE, John FREEMAN, Elizabeth 03 Nov 1768 St Mary the Virgin, Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
44 F113
QUINCE, John SANDBY, Mary 05 May 1808 St Mary the Virgin, Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
45 F263
QUINCE, John BURR, Elizabeth Abt 1832  Freeman-Culpin 
46 F278
QUINCE, John BURR, Mary 1874 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
47 F1026
QUINCE, John GREEN, Ellen 1907 Peterborough, Northants  Freeman-Culpin 
48 F1075
QUINCE, Peter ATKIN, Georgina 1899 Downham Market, Norfolk  Freeman-Culpin 
49 F2983
QUINCE, Sidney Arthur GUTTERIDGE, Honor Elizabeth 22 Jul 1934 St Andrew, Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
50 F2779
QUINCE, Tom OLDFIELD, Annie 1913 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
51 F266
QUINCE, William BOILSON, Alice 25 Apr 1721 St Peter & St Paul, Chatteris, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
52 F264
QUINCE, William WHITTLESEA, Susan 29 Jan 1828 St Mary the Virgin, Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
53 F1074
QUINCE, William HOWLETT, Mary Jane 1862 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
54 F1023
QUINCE, William PAYNE, Mary Elizabeth 1892  Freeman-Culpin 
55 F1035
RANDALL, Harry QUINCE, Emily Dec 1911 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
56 F105
ROGERS, Arthur LANGFORD, Doreen 30 Jun 1951 Ashton under Lyne, Lancs  Freeman-Culpin 
57 F1339
SADDINGTON, Thomas ANDREW, Jane 1900 Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
58 F2965
SARGINSON, Eric Carlisle MURFITT, Selina 9 Aug 1917 St Matthew, Ardwick, Lancs  Freeman-Culpin 
59 F1894
SHAW, Ellis Charles ROSE, Amy 3 Jan 1935 St Andrew, Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
60 F1342
SHAW, Francis Charles SHAW, Annie Mary 1907 Benwick, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
61 F1340
SHAW, George William BUTCHER, Mary Elizabeth 1891 Benwick, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
62 F1306
SHAW, Joseph ANDREW, Mary Ann 15 Nov 1861 Benwick, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
63 F2951
SIGGEE, Lawrence SADDINGTON, Esther 21 Apr 1920 Holy Trinity, Coates, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
64 F2670
SMITH, Willaim QUINCE, Margaret 17 May 1757 St Mary the Virgin, Doddington, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
65 F1073
STEWARD, Josiah QUINCE, Sarah 1871 Wisbech, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
66 F2543
TABBITT, Charles Frederick BARNES, Nellie 1981 Wisbech, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
67 F1465
TABBITT, David QUINCE, Mary Ann 1903 Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
68 F2522
TABBITT, David BARNES, Nellie 1941 Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
69 F3207
TABBITT, Ernest Edward HOLLIS, Phyllis Anne 1965 Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
70 F3042
TABBITT, John William HOLLIS, Phyllis Anne 1936 Wisbech, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
71 F2981
TALL, Ernest QUINCE, Phyllis Mary 1929 Whittlesey, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
72 F52
WEBSTER, Ernest Arthur LANGFORD, Ellen 16 Apr 1900 The Register Office, Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
73 F1700
WEBSTER, Francis Henry TUCKWOOD, Doreen M 1954 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
74 F1697
WEBSTER, John Freeman SMITH, Emily 1922 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
75 F1699
WEBSTER, Lewis Arthur LAMBLEY, Elsie H 1929 Nottingham, Notts  Freeman-Culpin 
76 F1078
WITTINGHAM, Claud Wilson STEWARD, Rose Jane 1903 Wisbech, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
77 F1343
WRIGHT, Charles W SHAW, Annie Mary 1927 Benwick, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
78 F1022
WRIGHT, Robert QUINCE, Emily Dec 1891 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin 
79 F1019
WRIGHT, William QUINCE, Eliza 1874 March, Cambs  Freeman-Culpin