Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk



Latitude: 52.2429228, Longitude: 0.7104931999999735


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG, Algernon Bennett  13 Sep 1889Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1106
2 BLAYDON, Agnes  1862Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2468
3 BLAYDON, Ellen  1866Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2469
4 BLAYDON, Freeman  1861Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2467
5 BLAYDON, George Richard  1875Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2470
6 BRAZIER, Ethel  1884Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1149
7 BUCKLE, Betsy  Abt 1867Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I4735
8 CLARKE, Herbert Osbourne  1864Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1139
9 CLARKE, Mabel Kate  1890Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I799
10 COOKE, Elizabeth Emma  Abt 1839Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1943
11 GOLDING, Ellen Sarah  Abt 1880Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I8618
12 GOODCHILD, Ellen  05 Jan 1898Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1177
13 HOWE, Eliza  Abt 1837Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2464
14 MALLOWS, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1863Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I6099
15 SPARKES, Allan William  1895Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I7852
16 SPARKES, Hilda Isabel  1892Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I7851
17 SPARKES, William J  Abt 1885Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I3224
18 STADEN, Algernon John  30 Sep 1894Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1163
19 STADEN, Alice Susie  1887Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1145
20 STADEN, Archibald Bertie  22 Aug 1885Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1144
21 STADEN, Cecil Claud  05 Oct 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1161
22 STADEN, Cecilia Annie  27 May 1892Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1162
23 STADEN, Edith Kate  1889Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1147
24 STADEN, Eliza Ann  16 Mar 1861Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I997
25 STADEN, Ernest Percival John  30 Nov 1882Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1142
26 STADEN, Frank Bertram  01 Jul 1922Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2287
27 STADEN, Frederick Walter  15 Oct 1876Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I897
28 STADEN, George  11 Apr 1843Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I403
29 STADEN, George William  04 Jan 1873Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I895
30 STADEN, Henry  1874Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I617
31 STADEN, Ivy Winifred  8 Jun 1909Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1189
32 STADEN, John Thomas  1866Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I894
33 STADEN, Joseph Charles  1855Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I891
34 STADEN, Kate  03 Aug 1864Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I893
35 STADEN, Leslie J  1926Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I4071
36 STADEN, Mabel Mary  27 May 1888Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1146
37 STADEN, Muriel Erswell  22 Aug 1902Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1096
38 STADEN, Reginald Arthur  23 May 1900Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1187
39 STADEN, Reginald Charles  12 Sep 1912Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1148
40 STADEN, Stanley Frank  21 Dec 1896Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I899
41 STADEN, Stanley Frederick  03 Jul 1884Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1143
42 STADEN, Susan Agnes  11 Apr 1859Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I892
43 STADEN, Sybil Grace  19 Apr 1899Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1186
44 STADEN, Sydney Charles  26 Aug 1881Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1141
45 STADEN, Vera Evelyn  25 Mar 1905Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1188
46 STADEN, William Arthur  15 Oct 1876Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I896
47 STEEL, Alice Julia  1858Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I900
48 STIFF, Harold Stanley  1925Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1204


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 STADEN, William Arthur  24 Dec 1876Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAYDON, Freeman  Sep 1861Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2467
2 BRAZIER, Ethel  14 Nov 1928Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1149
3 CULPIN, Arthur  1973Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I3964
4 DRURY, Eliza Agnes  12 Oct 1930Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I890
5 ERSWELL, Annie Maria  22 Jun 1907Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I898
6 FELTON, Charles Francis  12 Jan 1951Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1138
7 FREEMAN, Foster George  1969Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I6688
8 GOODCHILD, Ellen  10 Jan 1971Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1177
9 KEMPTON, Frederick George C  Jul 2002Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I917
10 ONGLEY, Salome  22 Jul 1861Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I435
11 PALMER, Florence May  Jul 1986Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1210
12 REEVE, Wilfred  Sep 1994Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I85
13 STADEN, Algernon John  27 Feb 1949Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1163
14 STADEN, Archibald Bertie  Feb 1886Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1144
15 STADEN, Edith Kate  1902Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1147
16 STADEN, Frank Bertram  May 1992Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2287
17 STADEN, Frederick Walter  09 May 1877Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I897
18 STADEN, Henry  Sep 1874Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I617
19 STADEN, John Thomas  17 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I894
20 STADEN, Joseph Charles  20 Oct 1899Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I642
21 STADEN, Joseph Charles  1913Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I891
22 STADEN, Leslie J  1927Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I4071
23 STADEN, Reginald Arthur  11 Oct 1961Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1187
24 STADEN, Reginald Charles  Feb 2001Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1148
25 STADEN, Stanley Frederick  04 Feb 1886Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1143
26 STADEN, Susan Agnes  15 Oct 1945Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I892
27 STADEN, Sydney Charles  12 Feb 1947Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1141
28 WESTON, Doreen  Jan 2002Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2118
29 WILFORD, Rosina  17 Apr 1934Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GOODCHILD, Ellen  14 Jan 1971Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1177
2 STADEN, Archibald Bertie  18 Feb 1886Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1144
3 STADEN, Frederick Walter  14 May 1877Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I897
4 STADEN, Henry  04 Sep 1874Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I617
5 STADEN, Joseph Charles  24 Oct 1899Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I642
6 STADEN, Reginald Arthur  14 Oct 1961Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1187
7 STADEN, Stanley Frederick  10 Feb 1886Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1143
8 STADEN, Sydney Charles  14 Feb 1947Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1141
9 STEEL, Alice Julia  20 Aug 1925Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I900

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 GOODCHILD, Ellen  29 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1177
2 PALMER, Florence May  29 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1210
3 STADEN, Algernon John  29 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1163
4 STADEN, Ernest Percival John  29 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1142
5 STADEN, Frank Bertram  29 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2287
6 STADEN, Ivy Winifred  29 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1189
7 STADEN, Reginald Arthur  29 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1187
8 STADEN, Reginald Charles  29 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1148

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID 
1 DRURY, Eliza Agnes  3 Apr 1881Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I890
2 ELLIS, Herbert Alfred  3 Apr 1881Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I779
3 LEGGE, George Ellis  5 Apr 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I202
4 LEGGE, William Henry  5 Apr 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I201
5 ONGLEY, Salome  6 Jun 1841Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I435
6 STADEN, Cecilia Annie  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1162
7 STADEN, John  6 Jun 1841Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1035
8 STADEN, Joseph Charles  6 Jun 1841Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I642
9 STADEN, Julia Rosetta Winifred Dorothy  5 Apr 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I911
10 STADEN, Julia Rosetta Winifred Dorothy  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I911
11 STADEN, Julia Rosetta Winifred Dorothy  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I911
12 STADEN, Walter Thomas  6 Jun 1841Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I883

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID 
1 BLAYDON, James  7 Apr 1861Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2380
2 BRAZIER, Ethel  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1149
3 DEAR, Lilian Maud  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2163
4 DEAR, Lilian Maud  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2163
5 ONGLEY, Salome  30 Mar 1851Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I435
6 ONGLEY, Salome  7 Apr 1861Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I435
7 STADEN, Algernon John  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1163
8 STADEN, Edith Kate  5 Apr 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1147
9 STADEN, Edith Kate  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1147
10 STADEN, Ernest Percival John  5 Apr 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1142
11 STADEN, Ernest Percival John  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1142
12 STADEN, Ernest Percival John  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1142
13 STADEN, George  30 Mar 1851Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I403
14 STADEN, Ivy Winifred  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1189
15 STADEN, John Thomas  30 Mar 1851Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I434
16 STADEN, John Thomas  2 Apr 1871Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I894
17 STADEN, John Thomas  5 Apr 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I894
18 STADEN, John Thomas  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I894
19 STADEN, John Thomas  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk  I894
20 STADEN, Joseph Charles  30 Mar 1851Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I642
21 STADEN, Joseph Charles  7 Apr 1861Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I642
22 STADEN, Joseph Charles  2 Apr 1871Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I642
23 STADEN, Kate  2 Apr 1871Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I893
24 STADEN, Kate  5 Apr 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I893
25 STADEN, Muriel Erswell  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1096
26 STADEN, Reginald Arthur  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1187
27 STADEN, Reginald Arthur  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1187
28 STADEN, Stanley Frank  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I899
29 STADEN, Stanley Frank  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I899
30 STADEN, Sybil Grace  31 Mar 1901Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1186
31 STADEN, Sybil Grace  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1186
32 STADEN, Vera Evelyn  2 Apr 1911Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1188
33 STADEN, William Arthur  5 Apr 1891Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I896

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 STADEN, Stanley Frank  8 Aug 1914Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I899

Newspaper Report

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper Report    Person ID 
1 BRAZIER, Ethel  17 Nov 1928Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1149
2 BRAZIER, Ethel  24 Nov 1928Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1149
3 STADEN, Algernon John  18 Mar 1949Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I1163
4 STADEN, John Thomas  23 Sep 1939Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk  I894
5 STADEN, Stanley Frank  30 Nov 1918Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I899
6 STEEL, Alice Julia  22 Aug 1925Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 BLAYDON, James  09 Dec 1884Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I2380
2 ERSWELL, Annie Maria  05 Sep 1907Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I898
3 STADEN, John Thomas  11 Nov 1870Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I434
4 STADEN, William Arthur  19 Apr 1917Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk I896


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABREY / GILLMAN  29 Jan 1739Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F1166
2 BLAYDON / WALLMAN  1860Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F1066
3 CULPIN / MOLTON  1910Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F1234
4 CULPIN / PORTER  1937Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F1236
5 DEAR / STADEN  21 Oct 1880Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F540
6 FELTON / STADEN  25 Dec 1884Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F488
7 FREEMAN /   1896Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F1321
8 SPARKES / WALTON  1889Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F1095
9 STADEN / BRAZIER  Mar 1909Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F593
10 STADEN / DRURY  1854Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F357
11 STADEN / GOODCHILD  1921Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F602
12 STADEN / PALMER  1925Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F611
13 STADEN / STEEL  1880Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F487
14 STADEN / WILFORD  1910Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F490
15 STIFF / STADEN  1924Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F577
16 WHEELER / STADEN  1934Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F613
17 YOUNG / GOLDING  1905Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk F1647