Camberwell, London



Latitude: 51.4727298, Longitude: -0.0327969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 COLLIS, Frederick  1879Camberwell, London I9765 Freeman-Culpin 
2 COX, Amy  1852Camberwell, London I1883 Cowcher 
3 COX, Edward Henry  1846Camberwell, London I1881 Cowcher 
4 COX, Rosa Catherine  1849Camberwell, London I1882 Cowcher 
5 CROSS, Martha  Abt 1790Camberwell, London I5867 Freeman-Culpin 
6 DENNIS, Basil Charles  1907Camberwell, London I1639 Cowcher 
7 DEVENPORT, Mary Ann  Abt 1824Camberwell, London I7169 Freeman-Culpin 
8 FARRIS, Eric Stanley  15 Jul 1904Camberwell, London I7114 Freeman-Culpin 
9 FARRIS, Reginald Herbert  1898Camberwell, London I2233 Freeman-Culpin 
10 FARRIS, Robert Arthur  1900Camberwell, London I2234 Freeman-Culpin 
11 FORDHAM, Elizabeth Miriam  24 Dec 1892Camberwell, London I1548 Freeman-Culpin 
12 FREEMAN, Charles  1819Camberwell, London I5870 Freeman-Culpin 
13 FREEMAN, Charles George  1854Camberwell, London I13929 Freeman-Culpin 
14 FREEMAN, Edward  1820Camberwell, London I5871 Freeman-Culpin 
15 FREEMAN, Edward  Abt 1851Camberwell, London I5878 Freeman-Culpin 
16 FREEMAN, Eliza  1844Camberwell, London I13931 Freeman-Culpin 
17 FREEMAN, Eliza Martha  1851Camberwell, London I13935 Freeman-Culpin 
18 FREEMAN, Elizabeth  1843Camberwell, London I13932 Freeman-Culpin 
19 FREEMAN, Emma Eliza  1846Camberwell, London I13934 Freeman-Culpin 
20 FREEMAN, George William  1848Camberwell, London I13933 Freeman-Culpin 
21 FREEMAN, James William  1850Camberwell, London I13930 Freeman-Culpin 
22 FREEMAN, Martha  Sep 1813Camberwell, London I5872 Freeman-Culpin 
23 FREEMAN, Sarah  1816Camberwell, London I5869 Freeman-Culpin 
24 FREEMAN, William  1815Camberwell, London I5868 Freeman-Culpin 
25 HILTON, Susannah Rhoda  Abt 1855Camberwell, London I2202 Freeman-Culpin 
26 KEMPTON, Sumpter  1891Camberwell, London I579 Kempton Tree 
27 MARTIN, Florence Laura  1887Camberwell, London I233 Cowcher 
28 MARTIN, Herbert John  1878Camberwell, London I230 Cowcher 
29 MARTIN, Matilda Mary A  1880Camberwell, London I231 Cowcher 
30 NYE, Ernest  1900Camberwell, London I2236 Freeman-Culpin 
31 ONGLEY, Alice Caroline  1856Camberwell, London I7175 Freeman-Culpin 
32 ONGLEY, Amelia  1852Camberwell, London I7174 Freeman-Culpin 
33 ONGLEY, Anna Maria  1861Camberwell, London I7179 Freeman-Culpin 
34 ONGLEY, Charles  31 Aug 1834Camberwell, London I5284 Freeman-Culpin 
35 ONGLEY, Charles  1888Camberwell, London I7210 Freeman-Culpin 
36 ONGLEY, Frederick William  22 Nov 1854Camberwell, London I7176 Freeman-Culpin 
37 ONGLEY, Henry  25 Oct 1844Camberwell, London I7170 Freeman-Culpin 
38 ONGLEY, Jane  1851Camberwell, London I7173 Freeman-Culpin 
39 ONGLEY, Mary Graham  06 Jun 1843Camberwell, London I7181 Freeman-Culpin 
40 ONGLEY, Percy Charles Walter  1879Camberwell, London I7205 Freeman-Culpin 
41 ONGLEY, Thomas  1858Camberwell, London I7177 Freeman-Culpin 
42 ONGLEY, Walter  1860Camberwell, London I7178 Freeman-Culpin 
43 RIDEWOOD, George Edward  1905Camberwell, London I1321 Cowcher 
44 RIDEWOOD, Matilda Florence  13 Dec 1903Camberwell, London I1320 Cowcher 
45 ROGERS, Sidney Walter  11 Apr 1899Camberwell, London I2091 Freeman-Culpin 
46 ROOME, Millice Benjamin  25 Jul 1884Camberwell, London I5000 Freeman-Culpin 
47 WACHER, Mary Weston  1909Camberwell, London I1140 Kempton Tree 
48 WARE-LANE, Cyril Lancelot  24 Nov 1913Camberwell, London I7944 Freeman-Culpin 
49 WARE-LANE, Rupert Arthur  1911Camberwell, London I7947 Freeman-Culpin 
50 WELLBOURNE, Blanche Elizabeth  1847Camberwell, London I1686 Cowcher 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOWLAND, John Thomas  1899Camberwell, London I2982 Freeman-Culpin 
2 BULLARD, Jubilee  Jul 1830Camberwell, London I8297 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CROSS, Martha  1857Camberwell, London I5867 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CULPIN, Benjamin  1897Camberwell, London I573 Freeman-Culpin 
5 DENNIS, Basil Charles  1908Camberwell, London I1639 Cowcher 
6 DENNIS, Charles Claude  1909Camberwell, London I1637 Cowcher 
7 FREEMAN, Charles  24 Feb 1875Camberwell, London I1937 Freeman-Culpin 
8 FREEMAN, Edward  1888Camberwell, London I5871 Freeman-Culpin 
9 FREEMAN, Martha  1888Camberwell, London I5872 Freeman-Culpin 
10 GASCOIGNE, Daisy Lowe  1924Camberwell, London I5433 Freeman-Culpin 
11 GOLDING, Jane  1890Camberwell, London I9768 Freeman-Culpin 
12 HILTON, Susannah Rhoda  1932Camberwell, London I2202 Freeman-Culpin 
13 KEMPTON, Ethel Annie  1939Camberwell, London I117 Kempton Tree 
14 KEMPTON, Maude Gwendoline  1935Camberwell, London I116 Kempton Tree 
15 LOWTON, Charles  19 Jun 1918Camberwell, London I3361 Freeman-Culpin 
16 MANN, Francis Edward  1957Camberwell, London I4976 Freeman-Culpin 
17 ONGLEY, Henry  Dec 1891Camberwell, London I5281 Freeman-Culpin 
18 ONGLEY, Jane  1941Camberwell, London I7173 Freeman-Culpin 
19 ONGLEY, Thomas  31 Mar 1858Camberwell, London I606 Freeman-Culpin 
20 ONGLEY, Thomas Stephen  1856Camberwell, London I5277 Freeman-Culpin 
21 RICHARDS, Elizabeth  Dec 1834Camberwell, London I828 Cowcher 
22 ROWELL, Ann  1903Camberwell, London I3367 Freeman-Culpin 
23 SLADE, Mary Ann  1899Camberwell, London I228 Cowcher 
24 STADEN, Sidney  1844Camberwell, London I169 Stray Stadens 
25 WARE-LANE, Rupert Arthur  1912Camberwell, London I7947 Freeman-Culpin 

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID   Tree 
1 COOMBS, Emma M  29 Sep 1939Camberwell, London I7109 Freeman-Culpin 
2 KIBBLE, Rosina May  29 Sep 1939Camberwell, London I144 Webb 
3 LANGFORD, Edgar  29 Sep 1939Camberwell, London I3050 Freeman-Culpin 
4 LAWRENCE, Albert G  29 Sep 1939Camberwell, London I9757 Freeman-Culpin 
5 LOUGHTON, Rose Louise  29 Sep 1939Camberwell, London I7809 Freeman-Culpin 
6 MAYTUM, James Archibald  29 Sep 1939Camberwell, London I164 Webb 

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID   Tree 
1 COLLIS, Frederick  3 Apr 1881Camberwell, London I9765 Freeman-Culpin 
2 COLLIS, Frederick  3 Apr 1881Camberwell, London I9767 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CROSS, Martha  6 Jun 1841Camberwell, London I5867 Freeman-Culpin 
4 DEVENPORT, Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Camberwell, London I7169 Freeman-Culpin 
5 FREEMAN, Charles  6 Jun 1841Camberwell, London I1937 Freeman-Culpin 
6 FREEMAN, Edward  6 Jun 1841Camberwell, London I5871 Freeman-Culpin 
7 FREEMAN, Martha  6 Jun 1841Camberwell, London I5872 Freeman-Culpin 
8 FREEMAN, Mary Ann Eliza  30 Mar 1851Camberwell, London I5881 Freeman-Culpin 
9 FREEMAN, Sarah  6 Jun 1841Camberwell, London I5869 Freeman-Culpin 
10 GOLDING, Jane  3 Apr 1881Camberwell, London I9768 Freeman-Culpin 

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah  30 Mar 1851Camberwell, London I5873 Freeman-Culpin 
2 BARTON, Kate  31 Mar 1901Camberwell, London I62 Webb 
3 CROSS, Martha  30 Mar 1851Camberwell, London I5867 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CULPIN, Arthur Charter  2 Apr 1911Camberwell, London I2068 Freeman-Culpin 
5 CULPIN, Margaret Ann  2 Apr 1911Camberwell, London I1266 Freeman-Culpin 
6 DEAR, Conrad Burton  31 Mar 1901Camberwell, London I1137 Freeman-Culpin 
7 FREEMAN, Charles  30 Mar 1851Camberwell, London I1937 Freeman-Culpin 
8 FREEMAN, Charles  7 Apr 1861Camberwell, London I1937 Freeman-Culpin 
9 FREEMAN, Charles  2 Apr 1871Camberwell, London I1937 Freeman-Culpin 
10 FREEMAN, Martha  30 Mar 1851Camberwell, London I5872 Freeman-Culpin 
11 FREEMAN, Martha  7 Apr 1861Camberwell, London I5872 Freeman-Culpin 
12 FREEMAN, Martha  2 Apr 1871Camberwell, London I5872 Freeman-Culpin 
13 FREEMAN, Martha  3 Apr 1881Camberwell, London I5872 Freeman-Culpin 
14 FREEMAN, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Camberwell, London I5869 Freeman-Culpin 
15 FREEMAN, Sarah  2 Apr 1871Camberwell, London I5869 Freeman-Culpin 
16 FREEMAN, Sarah  3 Apr 1881Camberwell, London I5869 Freeman-Culpin 
17 FREEMAN, William  30 Mar 1851Camberwell, London I5868 Freeman-Culpin 
18 LANGFORD, Edgar  2 Apr 1911Camberwell, London I3050 Freeman-Culpin 
19 NYE, Ernest  31 Mar 1901Camberwell, London I2236 Freeman-Culpin 
20 NYE, Ernest  2 Apr 1911Camberwell, London I2236 Freeman-Culpin 
21 NYE, Jane Jessie  31 Mar 1901Camberwell, London I5467 Freeman-Culpin 
22 NYE, Jane Jessie  2 Apr 1911Camberwell, London I5467 Freeman-Culpin 
23 STEWARD, Frederick Percy  2 Apr 1911Camberwell, London I4375 Freeman-Culpin 
24 THORP, Arthur Reginald  31 Mar 1901Camberwell, London I2959 Freeman-Culpin 
25 THORP, Arthur William  31 Mar 1901Camberwell, London I2958 Freeman-Culpin 
26 WALKER, Frances  2 Apr 1911Camberwell, London I6796 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DENNIS /   1905Camberwell, London F459 Cowcher 
2 FORDHAM / CLOWES  1892Camberwell, London F746 Freeman-Culpin 
3 HILL / LANGFORD  1894Camberwell, London F1248 Freeman-Culpin 
4 HUNT / NYE  1914Camberwell, London F481 Freeman-Culpin 
5 KEMPTON / THOMAS  Dec 1902Camberwell, London F22 Kempton Tree 
6 LANGFORD / COOMBS  1926Camberwell, London F1705 Freeman-Culpin 
7 LANGFORD / GASCOIGNE  1910Camberwell, London F1283 Freeman-Culpin 
8 MARTIN / ONGLEY  1886Camberwell, London F2267 Freeman-Culpin 
9 POWELL / COUCHER  Jun 1881Camberwell, London F503 Cowcher 
10 RANKILOR / ST JOHN  1926Camberwell, London F1942 Freeman-Culpin 
11 THORP / LANGFORD  1890Camberwell, London F1246 Freeman-Culpin 
12 WARE-LANE / ST JOHN  1910Camberwell, London F2233 Freeman-Culpin