Camberwell, London, Surrey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COX, Amy  1852Camberwell, London, Surrey I1883
2 COX, Edward Henry  1846Camberwell, London, Surrey I1881
3 COX, Rosa Catherine  1849Camberwell, London, Surrey I1882
4 CROSS, Martha  Abt 1790Camberwell, London, Surrey I5867
5 DEVENPORT, Mary Ann  Abt 1824Camberwell, London, Surrey I7169
6 FARRIS, Eric Stanley  15 Jul 1904Camberwell, London, Surrey I7114
7 FARRIS, Reginald Herbert  1898Camberwell, London, Surrey I2233
8 FARRIS, Robert Arthur  1900Camberwell, London, Surrey I2234
9 FORDHAM, Elizabeth Miriam  24 Dec 1892Camberwell, London, Surrey I1548
10 FREEMAN, Charles  1819Camberwell, London, Surrey I5870
11 FREEMAN, Edward  1820Camberwell, London, Surrey I5871
12 FREEMAN, Edward  Abt 1851Camberwell, London, Surrey I5878
13 FREEMAN, Martha  Sep 1813Camberwell, London, Surrey I5872
14 FREEMAN, Sarah  1816Camberwell, London, Surrey I5869
15 FREEMAN, William  1815Camberwell, London, Surrey I5868
16 HILTON, Susannah Rhoda  Abt 1855Camberwell, London, Surrey I2202
17 NYE, Ernest  1900Camberwell, London, Surrey I2236
18 ONGLEY, Alice Caroline  1856Camberwell, London, Surrey I7175
19 ONGLEY, Amelia  1852Camberwell, London, Surrey I7174
20 ONGLEY, Anna Maria  1861Camberwell, London, Surrey I7179
21 ONGLEY, Charles  31 Aug 1834Camberwell, London, Surrey I5284
22 ONGLEY, Frederick William  22 Nov 1854Camberwell, London, Surrey I7176
23 ONGLEY, Henry  25 Oct 1844Camberwell, London, Surrey I7170
24 ONGLEY, Jane  1851Camberwell, London, Surrey I7173
25 ONGLEY, Mary Graham  06 Jun 1843Camberwell, London, Surrey I7181
26 ONGLEY, Percy Charles Walter  1879Camberwell, London, Surrey I7205
27 ONGLEY, Thomas  1858Camberwell, London, Surrey I7177
28 ONGLEY, Walter  1860Camberwell, London, Surrey I7178
29 ROOME, Millice Benjamin  25 Jul 1884Camberwell, London, Surrey I5000
30 WARE-LANE, Cyril Lancelot  24 Nov 1913Camberwell, London, Surrey I7944
31 WARE-LANE, Rupert Arthur  1911Camberwell, London, Surrey I7947


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOWLAND, John Thomas  1899Camberwell, London, Surrey I2982
2 BULLARD, Jubilee  Jul 1830Camberwell, London, Surrey I8297
3 CROSS, Martha  1857Camberwell, London, Surrey I5867
4 CULPIN, Benjamin  1897Camberwell, London, Surrey I573
5 FREEMAN, Edward  1888Camberwell, London, Surrey I5871
6 FREEMAN, Martha  1888Camberwell, London, Surrey I5872
7 HILTON, Susannah Rhoda  1932Camberwell, London, Surrey I2202
8 KEMPTON, Maude Gwendoline  1935Camberwell, London, Surrey I116
9 LOWTON, Charles  19 Jun 1918Camberwell, London, Surrey I3361
10 MANN, Francis Edward  1957Camberwell, London, Surrey I4976
11 ONGLEY, Henry  Dec 1891Camberwell, London, Surrey I5281
12 ONGLEY, Jane  1941Camberwell, London, Surrey I7173
13 ONGLEY, Thomas  31 Mar 1858Camberwell, London, Surrey I606
14 ONGLEY, Thomas Stephen  1856Camberwell, London, Surrey I5277
15 ROWELL, Ann  1903Camberwell, London, Surrey I3367
16 STADEN, Sidney  1844Camberwell, London, Surrey I169
17 WARE-LANE, Rupert Arthur  1912Camberwell, London, Surrey I7947


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HILL / LANGFORD  1894Camberwell, London, Surrey F1248
2 LANGFORD / GASCOIGNE  1910Camberwell, London, Surrey F1283
3 MARTIN / ONGLEY  1886Camberwell, London, Surrey F2267
4 RANKILOR / ST JOHN  1926Camberwell, London, Surrey F1942
5 THORP / LANGFORD  1890Camberwell, London, Surrey F1246
6 WARE-LANE / ST JOHN  1910Camberwell, London, Surrey F2233