Cottenham, Cambs



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Annie Laura  1904Cottenham, Cambs I6444 Freeman-Culpin 
2 ADAMS, Beatrice E  Dec 1911Cottenham, Cambs I6449 Freeman-Culpin 
3 ADAMS, Clara Elizabeth  1906Cottenham, Cambs I6445 Freeman-Culpin 
4 ADAMS, George Robert  1908Cottenham, Cambs I6446 Freeman-Culpin 
5 BENISON, Amelia  1855Cottenham, Cambs I436 Freeman-Culpin 
6 DEACONS, Ann  Jul 1763Cottenham, Cambs I1223 Freeman-Culpin 
7 DEACONS, Judah  Jul 1764Cottenham, Cambs I1224 Freeman-Culpin 
8 ESSEX, Elizabeth  1736/37Cottenham, Cambs I326 Freeman-Culpin 
9 MOORE, Cropley  Abt 1840Cottenham, Cambs I1270 Freeman-Culpin 
10 MUNSEY, Rebecca  1826Cottenham, Cambs I1375 Freeman-Culpin 
11 MURFITT, Charles  1876Cottenham, Cambs I437 Freeman-Culpin 
12 PEACOCK, Betsy  Abt 1840Cottenham, Cambs I3121 Freeman-Culpin 
13 SMITH, Martha  Abt 1867Cottenham, Cambs I3128 Freeman-Culpin 
14 WATSON, Alfred  Abt 1881Cottenham, Cambs I2869 Freeman-Culpin 
15 WATSON, Benjamin  Abt 1879Cottenham, Cambs I2868 Freeman-Culpin 
16 WATSON, Ebenezer Sidney  1877Cottenham, Cambs I2867 Freeman-Culpin 
17 WATSON, Elizabeth  15 Sep 1888Cottenham, Cambs I2873 Freeman-Culpin 
18 WATSON, Ellen  Abt 1882Cottenham, Cambs I2870 Freeman-Culpin 
19 WATSON, Francis  01 Sep 1886Cottenham, Cambs I2872 Freeman-Culpin 
20 WATSON, Frederick John  1875Cottenham, Cambs I2866 Freeman-Culpin 
21 WATSON, George John  1874Cottenham, Cambs I3092 Freeman-Culpin 
22 WATSON, Gladys Evaline  Dec 1901Cottenham, Cambs I6440 Freeman-Culpin 
23 WATSON, Grace Gertrude  1903Cottenham, Cambs I6441 Freeman-Culpin 
24 WATSON, Herbert James  11 Aug 1869Cottenham, Cambs I2864 Freeman-Culpin 
25 WATSON, James  Abt 1851Cottenham, Cambs I2863 Freeman-Culpin 
26 WATSON, Jane  Abt 1884Cottenham, Cambs I2871 Freeman-Culpin 
27 WATSON, Sidney Harold  1907Cottenham, Cambs I6442 Freeman-Culpin 
28 WATSON, William Henry  Sep 1871Cottenham, Cambs I2865 Freeman-Culpin 
29 WEBB, Alice  1747Cottenham, Cambs I1229 Freeman-Culpin 
30 WEBB, Eizabeth  1740Cottenham, Cambs I1230 Freeman-Culpin 
31 WEBB, James  1782Cottenham, Cambs I328 Freeman-Culpin 
32 WEBB, Martha  1738Cottenham, Cambs I1231 Freeman-Culpin 
33 WEBB, Mary  1744Cottenham, Cambs I1228 Freeman-Culpin 
34 WEBB, William  1743Cottenham, Cambs I325 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 DEACONS, Ann  10 Jul 1763Cottenham, Cambs I1223 Freeman-Culpin 
2 DEACONS, Judah  15 Jul 1764Cottenham, Cambs I1224 Freeman-Culpin 
3 ESSEX, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1736/37Cottenham, Cambs I326 Freeman-Culpin 
4 WATSON, Ebenezer Sidney  14 Feb 1877Cottenham, Cambs I2867 Freeman-Culpin 
5 WATSON, Elizabeth  17 Nov 1896Cottenham, Cambs I2873 Freeman-Culpin 
6 WATSON, Francis  25 Nov 1886Cottenham, Cambs I2872 Freeman-Culpin 
7 WATSON, George John  06 May 1875Cottenham, Cambs I3092 Freeman-Culpin 
8 WATSON, Herbert James  06 May 1875Cottenham, Cambs I2864 Freeman-Culpin 
9 WATSON, Jane  25 Nov 1886Cottenham, Cambs I2871 Freeman-Culpin 
10 WATSON, William Henry  14 Feb 1877Cottenham, Cambs I2865 Freeman-Culpin 
11 WEBB, Alice  13 May 1747Cottenham, Cambs I1229 Freeman-Culpin 
12 WEBB, Eizabeth  26 May 1740Cottenham, Cambs I1230 Freeman-Culpin 
13 WEBB, Martha  01 Mar 1738Cottenham, Cambs I1231 Freeman-Culpin 
14 WEBB, Mary  11 Feb 1744Cottenham, Cambs I1228 Freeman-Culpin 
15 WEBB, William  31 Aug 1743Cottenham, Cambs I325 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 DEACONS, Ann  Mar 1768Cottenham, Cambs I1223 Freeman-Culpin 
2 DEACONS, Francis  Jan 1768Cottenham, Cambs I1211 Freeman-Culpin 
3 WATSON, James  1890Cottenham, Cambs I2863 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 DEACONS, Ann  31 Mar 1768Cottenham, Cambs I1223 Freeman-Culpin 
2 DEACONS, Francis  18 Jan 1768Cottenham, Cambs I1211 Freeman-Culpin 

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID   Tree 
1 CONSTABLE, Amos  29 Sep 1939Cottenham, Cambs I120 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 WATSON, Francis  17 Nov 1896Cottenham, Cambs I2872 Freeman-Culpin 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS / WATSON  1903Cottenham, Cambs F1228 Freeman-Culpin 
2 DEACONS / ESSEX  14 May 1762Cottenham, Cambs F208 Freeman-Culpin 
3 LOWTON / MUNSEY  15 Apr 1844Cottenham, Cambs F681 Freeman-Culpin 
4 WATSON / LANGFORD  19 Jul 1868Cottenham, Cambs F165 Freeman-Culpin 
5 WATSON / SYMONDS  15 Oct 1900Cottenham, Cambs F1226 Freeman-Culpin