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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARCHER, Thomas George Kempton  1899Ely, Cambs I772 Kempton Tree 
2 BARNARD, Alfred Edgar  1849Ely, Cambs I1026 Kempton Tree 
3 BARNARD, Annie  1880Ely, Cambs I1028 Kempton Tree 
4 BARNARD, Charles Henry  Dec 1861Ely, Cambs I1024 Kempton Tree 
5 BARNARD, Edwin Frederick  Sep 1852Ely, Cambs I1019 Kempton Tree 
6 BARNARD, Edwin Frederick  Aug 1854Ely, Cambs I1021 Kempton Tree 
7 BARNARD, Elizabeth  Sep 1811Ely, Cambs I1014 Kempton Tree 
8 BARNARD, Ellen Augusta  1851Ely, Cambs I1020 Kempton Tree 
9 BARNARD, Emily Louisa  1882Ely, Cambs I1030 Kempton Tree 
10 BARNARD, Emma Elizabeth  Sep 1868Ely, Cambs I1025 Kempton Tree 
11 BARNARD, Florence Emily  1874Ely, Cambs I1029 Kempton Tree 
12 BARNARD, Harriett  Abt 1870Ely, Cambs I1027 Kempton Tree 
13 BARNARD, John  Apr 1815Ely, Cambs I1015 Kempton Tree 
14 BARNARD, Thomas  Nov 1813Ely, Cambs I1017 Kempton Tree 
15 BARNARD, Walter James  1859Ely, Cambs I1023 Kempton Tree 
16 BARNARD, William Arthur  1858Ely, Cambs I1022 Kempton Tree 
17 BECKETT, Blanche Amy  1871Ely, Cambs I157 Kempton Tree 
18 BECKETT, Gertrude Annie  1869Ely, Cambs I156 Kempton Tree 
19 BIRCH, Margaret  1847Ely, Cambs I97 Kempton Tree 
20 BRIDGEMAN, Rebecca  1855Ely, Cambs I1385 Freeman-Culpin 
21 BROWN, Elizabeth  Feb 1712Ely, Cambs I390 Kempton Tree 
22 BROWN, Sarah  Jul 1710Ely, Cambs I892 Kempton Tree 
23 BULTITAFT, Thomas M  1880Ely, Cambs I3098 Freeman-Culpin 
24 COATMAN, Margaret  Abt 1676Ely, Cambs I1498 Kempton Tree 
25 CONSTABLE, Charles Vaughan  29 Jan 1874Ely, Cambs I615 Freeman-Culpin 
26 CONSTABLE, Elizabeth Ann  24 Nov 1903Ely, Cambs I4993 Freeman-Culpin 
27 CROSS, Catherine Ann  1843Ely, Cambs I611 Kempton Tree 
28 CROSS, Hannah  04 Jan 1853Ely, Cambs I2165 Freeman-Culpin 
29 CROSS, Martha  1856Ely, Cambs I1257 Freeman-Culpin 
30 CROSS, Mary Chamness  26 Nov 1909Ely, Cambs I1472 Kempton Tree 
31 CROSS, Mary Jane  Abt 1838Ely, Cambs I3086 Freeman-Culpin 
32 CROSS, Sydney Albert  14 Aug 1887Ely, Cambs I1476 Kempton Tree 
33 CROSS, William  1883Ely, Cambs I2162 Freeman-Culpin 
34 CULPIN, Ada Ethel Florence  23 Nov 1907Ely, Cambs I5369 Freeman-Culpin 
35 CULPIN, Arthur William  1924Ely, Cambs I6051 Freeman-Culpin 
36 CULPIN, Charles Wilfred  03 Jan 1906Ely, Cambs I5368 Freeman-Culpin 
37 CULPIN, Doris May  1909Ely, Cambs I5370 Freeman-Culpin 
38 CULPIN, Ellen Maud  05 Jul 1913Ely, Cambs I3642 Freeman-Culpin 
39 CULPIN, Ernest Henry  Sep 1911Ely, Cambs I3640 Freeman-Culpin 
40 CULPIN, George Victor  1911Ely, Cambs I3641 Freeman-Culpin 
41 CULPIN, Henry  1920Ely, Cambs I6039 Freeman-Culpin 
42 CUTTRICE, William  Aug 1679Ely, Cambs I884 Kempton Tree 
43 DEAN, William  Abt 1860Ely, Cambs I5362 Freeman-Culpin 
44 DRAPER, John  May 1676Ely, Cambs I874 Kempton Tree 
45 EAVES, Sarah  1801Ely, Cambs I197 Kempton Tree 
46 ELLIS, Christopher Henry  1853Ely, Cambs I148 Kempton Tree 
47 ELLIS, Eliza Jane  2 Jul 1858Ely, Cambs I146 Kempton Tree 
48 ELLIS, Ernest Charles  13 Dec 1859Ely, Cambs I147 Kempton Tree 
49 ELLIS, Ernest T  1914Ely, Cambs I60 Kempton Tree 
50 ELLIS, Herbert Alfred  1861Ely, Cambs I779 Kempton Tree 
51 ELLIS, Mary  1815Ely, Cambs I193 Kempton Tree 
52 ELLIS, William  4 Jan 1820Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
53 ELLIS, William John  1851Ely, Cambs I145 Kempton Tree 
54 FEW, George Henry Kempton  1844Ely, Cambs I559 Kempton Tree 
55 FEW, Hannah  Oct 1830Ely, Cambs I851 Kempton Tree 
56 FEW, Hannah  Nov 1831Ely, Cambs I852 Kempton Tree 
57 FEW, Hannah Maria  1841Ely, Cambs I558 Kempton Tree 
58 FEW, Julia Ann  1845Ely, Cambs I560 Kempton Tree 
59 FEW, Robert  1837Ely, Cambs I854 Kempton Tree 
60 FEW, Robert Kempton  1842Ely, Cambs I999 Kempton Tree 
61 FEW, Robert Kempton  1847Ely, Cambs I1000 Kempton Tree 
62 FEW, Sarah Eliza  1848Ely, Cambs I561 Kempton Tree 
63 FEW, William  Abt 1810Ely, Cambs I301 Kempton Tree 
64 FEW, William Kempton  1837Ely, Cambs I853 Kempton Tree 
65 FEW, William Kempton  1840Ely, Cambs I520 Kempton Tree 
66 GIFFORD, Nancy Alice May  1921Ely, Cambs I4069 Freeman-Culpin 
67 GILL, Doris Mary  May 1904Ely, Cambs I13493 Freeman-Culpin 
68 GINN, Charlotte Marion Julia  1876Ely, Cambs I1425 Kempton Tree 
69 GINN, Frank  10 Dec 1862Ely, Cambs I1434 Kempton Tree 
70 GINN, Harry Edmund  1877Ely, Cambs I1426 Kempton Tree 
71 GINN, Louis William  1884Ely, Cambs I1432 Kempton Tree 
72 GINN, Sarah Elizabeth Christine  1880Ely, Cambs I1427 Kempton Tree 
73 GOTOBED, Paul  Abt 1850Ely, Cambs I1031 Kempton Tree 
74 GRAVES, Ann  1792Ely, Cambs I1488 Kempton Tree 
75 GRAVES, Elizabeth  1787Ely, Cambs I1487 Kempton Tree 
76 GRAVES, John  1783Ely, Cambs I1486 Kempton Tree 
77 GRAVES, Mary  1784Ely, Cambs I176 Kempton Tree 
78 GREEN, Elizabeth  1757Ely, Cambs I111 Kempton Tree 
79 HAMENCE, Alfred  1850Ely, Cambs I682 Kempton Tree 
80 HAYLOCK, John William  Abt 1840Ely, Cambs I2852 Freeman-Culpin 
81 JEFFERSON, Hannah  1842Ely, Cambs I199 Kempton Tree 
82 JEFFERY, Elizabeth  1808Ely, Cambs I700 Kempton Tree 
83 KEMPTON, Ada Elizabeth  1872Ely, Cambs I81 Kempton Tree 
84 KEMPTON, Agnes Ellen  1867Ely, Cambs I87 Kempton Tree 
85 KEMPTON, Albert Edward  Jun 1860Ely, Cambs I640 Kempton Tree 
86 KEMPTON, Alfred  1847Ely, Cambs I187 Kempton Tree 
87 KEMPTON, Alfred  1849Ely, Cambs I573 Kempton Tree 
88 KEMPTON, Alice  Nov 1639Ely, Cambs I317 Kempton Tree 
89 KEMPTON, Alice  1691/92Ely, Cambs I386 Kempton Tree 
90 KEMPTON, Alice  1718/19Ely, Cambs I400 Kempton Tree 
91 KEMPTON, Alice Mary  1863Ely, Cambs I641 Kempton Tree 
92 KEMPTON, Ann  1636Ely, Cambs I318 Kempton Tree 
93 KEMPTON, Ann  1780Ely, Cambs I122 Kempton Tree 
94 KEMPTON, Anne  1632Ely, Cambs I872 Kempton Tree 
95 KEMPTON, Anne  09 May 1737Ely, Cambs I351 Kempton Tree 
96 KEMPTON, Annie Maud  1867Ely, Cambs I76 Kempton Tree 
97 KEMPTON, Arthur Edward  Jul 1850Ely, Cambs I104 Kempton Tree 
98 KEMPTON, Ashling  1854Ely, Cambs I1032 Kempton Tree 
99 KEMPTON, Castle  1760Ely, Cambs I437 Kempton Tree 
100 KEMPTON, Castledine  1794Ely, Cambs I463 Kempton Tree 
101 KEMPTON, Castledine George  Apr 1863Ely, Cambs I109 Kempton Tree 
102 KEMPTON, Castledine Samuel  1829Ely, Cambs I455 Kempton Tree 
103 KEMPTON, Catherine  1833Ely, Cambs I381 Kempton Tree 
104 KEMPTON, Charles  1809Ely, Cambs I138 Kempton Tree 
105 KEMPTON, Charles  1822Ely, Cambs I245 Kempton Tree 
106 KEMPTON, Charles  1841Ely, Cambs I165 Kempton Tree 
107 KEMPTON, Charles  1845Ely, Cambs I562 Kempton Tree 
108 KEMPTON, Charles  1853Ely, Cambs I256 Kempton Tree 
109 KEMPTON, Charles Christopher  1853Ely, Cambs I105 Kempton Tree 
110 KEMPTON, Charlotte Eliza Rebecca  Aug 1821Ely, Cambs I452 Kempton Tree 
111 KEMPTON, Cunnington  1707Ely, Cambs I270 Kempton Tree 
112 KEMPTON, Dorothy Sydal  20 Jan 1895Ely, Cambs I71 Kempton Tree 
113 KEMPTON, Edward Martin  1807Ely, Cambs I342 Kempton Tree 
114 KEMPTON, Eliphan  1635Ely, Cambs I873 Kempton Tree 
115 KEMPTON, Eliza  1833Ely, Cambs I247 Kempton Tree 
116 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1629Ely, Cambs I323 Kempton Tree 
117 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1689/90Ely, Cambs I385 Kempton Tree 
118 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1703Ely, Cambs I268 Kempton Tree 
119 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  Aug 1764Ely, Cambs I439 Kempton Tree 
120 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1786Ely, Cambs I133 Kempton Tree 
121 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1810Ely, Cambs I614 Kempton Tree 
122 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1825Ely, Cambs I414 Kempton Tree 
123 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1826Ely, Cambs I260 Kempton Tree 
124 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  Feb 1826Ely, Cambs I181 Kempton Tree 
125 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1845Ely, Cambs I166 Kempton Tree 
126 KEMPTON, Elizabeth Adam  1809Ely, Cambs I343 Kempton Tree 
127 KEMPTON, Elizabeth Frances  19 Sep 1904Ely, Cambs I95 Kempton Tree 
128 KEMPTON, Emily  1831Ely, Cambs I370 Kempton Tree 
129 KEMPTON, Emily Ada  1867Ely, Cambs I88 Kempton Tree 
130 KEMPTON, Emily Grace  01 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I135 Kempton Tree 
131 KEMPTON, Emma  1850Ely, Cambs I168 Kempton Tree 
132 KEMPTON, Ernest Arthur  1865Ely, Cambs I643 Kempton Tree 
133 KEMPTON, Ernest Frederick  1868Ely, Cambs I8121 Freeman-Culpin 
134 KEMPTON, Ernest Frederick  1868Ely, Cambs I73 Kempton Tree 
135 KEMPTON, Etheldreda  1881Ely, Cambs I82 Kempton Tree 
136 KEMPTON, Florence  20 Nov 1864Ely, Cambs I110 Kempton Tree 
137 KEMPTON, Frank  1867Ely, Cambs I618 Kempton Tree 
138 KEMPTON, Frederick  1836Ely, Cambs I393 Kempton Tree 
139 KEMPTON, Frederick  Mar 1863Ely, Cambs I619 Kempton Tree 
140 KEMPTON, Frederick H  Abt 1837Ely, Cambs I957 Kempton Tree 
141 KEMPTON, Frederick Helmore  1857Ely, Cambs I108 Kempton Tree 
142 KEMPTON, George  1740Ely, Cambs I285 Kempton Tree 
143 KEMPTON, George  1799Ely, Cambs I465 Kempton Tree 
144 KEMPTON, George  1820Ely, Cambs I249 Kempton Tree 
145 KEMPTON, George  1822Ely, Cambs I625 Kempton Tree 
146 KEMPTON, George  1845Ely, Cambs I612 Kempton Tree 
147 KEMPTON, George  1847Ely, Cambs I248 Kempton Tree 
148 KEMPTON, George Edmund  1838Ely, Cambs I458 Kempton Tree 
149 KEMPTON, George Everitt  1837Ely, Cambs I605 Kempton Tree 
150 KEMPTON, Georgiana  1838Ely, Cambs I436 Kempton Tree 
151 KEMPTON, Gertrude  1866Ely, Cambs I112 Kempton Tree 
152 KEMPTON, Green  1796Ely, Cambs I143 Kempton Tree 
153 KEMPTON, Green  1823Ely, Cambs I180 Kempton Tree 
154 KEMPTON, Hannah  1743Ely, Cambs I354 Kempton Tree 
155 KEMPTON, Hannah  1812Ely, Cambs I636 Kempton Tree 
156 KEMPTON, Hannah  1834Ely, Cambs I482 Kempton Tree 
157 KEMPTON, Harriet  1834Ely, Cambs I509 Kempton Tree 
158 KEMPTON, Harriet Elizabeth  1861Ely, Cambs I185 Kempton Tree 
159 KEMPTON, Harriet Elizabeth  1874Ely, Cambs I86 Kempton Tree 
160 KEMPTON, Harry Charles  1874Ely, Cambs I642 Kempton Tree 
161 KEMPTON, Henry  Sep 1598Ely, Cambs I327 Kempton Tree 
162 KEMPTON, Henry  1634Ely, Cambs I319 Kempton Tree 
163 KEMPTON, Henry  May 1668Ely, Cambs I304 Kempton Tree 
164 KEMPTON, Henry  Nov 1672Ely, Cambs I310 Kempton Tree 
165 KEMPTON, Henry  Sep 1684Ely, Cambs I382 Kempton Tree 
166 KEMPTON, Henry  1712Ely, Cambs I410 Kempton Tree 
167 KEMPTON, Henry  1828Ely, Cambs I217 Kempton Tree 
168 KEMPTON, Henry  1835Ely, Cambs I595 Kempton Tree 
169 KEMPTON, Henry  1854Ely, Cambs I617 Kempton Tree 
170 KEMPTON, Henry Albert  1840Ely, Cambs I447 Kempton Tree 
171 KEMPTON, Henry Hall  1721/22Ely, Cambs I401 Kempton Tree 
172 KEMPTON, Henry Legge  1844Ely, Cambs I624 Kempton Tree 
173 KEMPTON, Herbert Charles  1874Ely, Cambs I74 Kempton Tree 
174 KEMPTON, Herbert Henry  27 Aug 1872Ely, Cambs I90 Kempton Tree 
175 KEMPTON, Herbert William  15 Dec 1914Ely, Cambs I137 Kempton Tree 
176 KEMPTON, Holwell  Abt Oct 1833Ely, Cambs I169 Kempton Tree 
177 KEMPTON, Isaac  1718Ely, Cambs I305 Kempton Tree 
178 KEMPTON, Isaac  1736Ely, Cambs I280 Kempton Tree 
179 KEMPTON, Isaac  1742Ely, Cambs I132 Kempton Tree 
180 KEMPTON, Isaac  1744Ely, Cambs I100 Kempton Tree 
181 KEMPTON, Isaac  1788Ely, Cambs I154 Kempton Tree 
182 KEMPTON, Isaac  1809Ely, Cambs I241 Kempton Tree 
183 KEMPTON, Isaac  29 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I250 Kempton Tree 
184 KEMPTON, James  1733Ely, Cambs I278 Kempton Tree 
185 KEMPTON, James  1747Ely, Cambs I289 Kempton Tree 
186 KEMPTON, Jane Eaves  1830Ely, Cambs I425 Kempton Tree 
187 KEMPTON, Joane  1626Ely, Cambs I322 Kempton Tree 
188 KEMPTON, Joane  1631Ely, Cambs I324 Kempton Tree 
189 KEMPTON, John  1625Ely, Cambs I321 Kempton Tree 
190 KEMPTON, John  1732Ely, Cambs I277 Kempton Tree 
191 KEMPTON, John  1775Ely, Cambs I296 Kempton Tree 
192 KEMPTON, John  1817Ely, Cambs I282 Kempton Tree 
193 KEMPTON, John Austin  1818Ely, Cambs I468 Kempton Tree 
194 KEMPTON, John Blyth  1822Ely, Cambs I178 Kempton Tree 
195 KEMPTON, Judith  1770Ely, Cambs I292 Kempton Tree 
196 KEMPTON, Kate Sarah  1859Ely, Cambs I77 Kempton Tree 
197 KEMPTON, Lilian  1871Ely, Cambs I644 Kempton Tree 
198 KEMPTON, Lucy Jane  1856Ely, Cambs I107 Kempton Tree 
199 KEMPTON, Lydia  1806Ely, Cambs I340 Kempton Tree 
200 KEMPTON, Margaret  1623Ely, Cambs I320 Kempton Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  1827Ely, Cambs I856 Kempton Tree 
2 APSEY, Rebecca  1782Ely, Cambs I274 Kempton Tree 
3 ASHLING, Susannah  14 Jan 1840Ely, Cambs I477 Kempton Tree 
4 AUSTIN, Sarah  1833Ely, Cambs I467 Kempton Tree 
5 BARNARD, Edwin Frederick  26 Feb 1853Ely, Cambs I1019 Kempton Tree 
6 BARNARD, John  Apr 1815Ely, Cambs I1015 Kempton Tree 
7 BARNARD, Thomas  1886Ely, Cambs I1017 Kempton Tree 
8 BIGLEY, Rose Ann  12 Nov 1918Ely, Cambs I108 Freeman-Culpin 
9 BRATHETT, Margaret  Mar 1666Ely, Cambs I328 Kempton Tree 
10 BROWN, Richard  Oct 1713Ely, Cambs I389 Kempton Tree 
11 BROWN, Sarah  Jan 1711Ely, Cambs I892 Kempton Tree 
12 BULTITAFT, William  Aug 1833Ely, Cambs I3079 Freeman-Culpin 
13 CHARD, Elizabeth  14 Mar 1945Ely, Cambs I70 Kempton Tree 
14 COULSON, Greta Harriett  Mar 1986Ely, Cambs I6348 Freeman-Culpin 
15 COULSON, Helen Elizabeth  1923Ely, Cambs I13484 Freeman-Culpin 
16 COULSON, Isaac Edmund  1924Ely, Cambs I13486 Freeman-Culpin 
17 CROFTS, Elizabeth  1805Ely, Cambs I459 Kempton Tree 
18 CROSS, Ernest John  1957Ely, Cambs I1471 Kempton Tree 
19 CROSS, Mary Chamness  Apr 1993Ely, Cambs I1472 Kempton Tree 
20 CROSS, Sydney Albert  1972Ely, Cambs I1476 Kempton Tree 
21 CULPIN, Charles  Apr 1947Ely, Cambs I3588 Freeman-Culpin 
22 CULPIN, Charles Wilfred  Dec 1985Ely, Cambs I5368 Freeman-Culpin 
23 CULPIN, Eliza  1942Ely, Cambs I3676 Freeman-Culpin 
24 CULPIN, Ernest  1966Ely, Cambs I3589 Freeman-Culpin 
25 CUNNINGTON, Mary  25 Nov 1740/41Ely, Cambs I130 Kempton Tree 
26 CUTTRICE, William  Sep 1679Ely, Cambs I884 Kempton Tree 
27 DENCH, Hester  Feb 1830Ely, Cambs I1531 Kempton Tree 
28 DRAKE, Sophia  1934Ely, Cambs I1295 Freeman-Culpin 
29 DRAPER, John  Mar 1712Ely, Cambs I326 Kempton Tree 
30 DREVER, Janet Frances Norman  1922Ely, Cambs I10257 Freeman-Culpin 
31 EAVES, Sarah  Apr 1874Ely, Cambs I197 Kempton Tree 
32 ELLIS, Eliza Jane  1947Ely, Cambs I146 Kempton Tree 
33 ELLIS, Mary  Feb 1877Ely, Cambs I193 Kempton Tree 
34 ELLIS, William  25 Feb 1904Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
35 ELLIS, William John  1852Ely, Cambs I145 Kempton Tree 
36 FEW, Cecil George  1983Ely, Cambs I8191 Freeman-Culpin 
37 FEW, Ernest Stanley  1985Ely, Cambs I8190 Freeman-Culpin 
38 FEW, Hannah  27 Oct 1830Ely, Cambs I851 Kempton Tree 
39 FEW, Hannah  Jun 1846Ely, Cambs I852 Kempton Tree 
40 FEW, Robert  May 1834Ely, Cambs I508 Kempton Tree 
41 FEW, Robert  Dec 1837Ely, Cambs I854 Kempton Tree 
42 FEW, Robert Kempton  Nov 1846Ely, Cambs I999 Kempton Tree 
43 FEW, Robert Kempton  Jan 1848Ely, Cambs I1000 Kempton Tree 
44 FEW, William Kempton  Dec 1837Ely, Cambs I853 Kempton Tree 
45 GILL, Doris Mary  Dec 1904Ely, Cambs I13493 Freeman-Culpin 
46 GILL, Ernest Richard  1907Ely, Cambs I13491 Freeman-Culpin 
47 GINN, John  1900Ely, Cambs I857 Kempton Tree 
48 GODFREY, Irene Mary  1996Ely, Cambs I6520 Freeman-Culpin 
49 GRAVES, John  1813Ely, Cambs I855 Kempton Tree 
50 GRAVES, Mary  Dec 1836Ely, Cambs I176 Kempton Tree 
51 GREEN, Elizabeth  12 Dec 1827Ely, Cambs I111 Kempton Tree 
52 GURTON, Elizabeth  Jun 1683Ely, Cambs I314 Kempton Tree 
53 HOLWELL, Elizabeth Olivia  26 Jul 1896Ely, Cambs I163 Kempton Tree 
54 IRONS, Herbert Sidney  May 1985Ely, Cambs I82 Webb 
55 JEFFERSON, Hannah  11 Feb 1932Ely, Cambs I199 Kempton Tree 
56 KEMPTON, Albert Edward  26 Sep 1924Ely, Cambs I640 Kempton Tree 
57 KEMPTON, Alfred  Jun 1848Ely, Cambs I187 Kempton Tree 
58 KEMPTON, Alice  Dec 1639Ely, Cambs I317 Kempton Tree 
59 KEMPTON, Alice  1741/42Ely, Cambs I400 Kempton Tree 
60 KEMPTON, Alice  Jan 1768Ely, Cambs I386 Kempton Tree 
61 KEMPTON, Ann  1783Ely, Cambs I122 Kempton Tree 
62 KEMPTON, Anne  12 May 1737Ely, Cambs I351 Kempton Tree 
63 KEMPTON, Annie Maud  Sep 1867Ely, Cambs I76 Kempton Tree 
64 KEMPTON, Ashling  Mar 1861Ely, Cambs I1032 Kempton Tree 
65 KEMPTON, Castledine  Mar 1741Ely, Cambs I383 Kempton Tree 
66 KEMPTON, Castledine  Apr 1847Ely, Cambs I463 Kempton Tree 
67 KEMPTON, Castledine George  15 Jul 1863Ely, Cambs I109 Kempton Tree 
68 KEMPTON, Charles  Nov 1852Ely, Cambs I245 Kempton Tree 
69 KEMPTON, Charles  Sep 1860Ely, Cambs I165 Kempton Tree 
70 KEMPTON, Charles  1869Ely, Cambs I256 Kempton Tree 
71 KEMPTON, Charles  Oct 1873Ely, Cambs I138 Kempton Tree 
72 KEMPTON, Cunnington  Aug 1732Ely, Cambs I270 Kempton Tree 
73 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1630Ely, Cambs I323 Kempton Tree 
74 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  Aug 1670Ely, Cambs I307 Kempton Tree 
75 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  Oct 1722Ely, Cambs I268 Kempton Tree 
76 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  Nov 1764Ely, Cambs I439 Kempton Tree 
77 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1828Ely, Cambs I260 Kempton Tree 
78 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1836Ely, Cambs I337 Kempton Tree 
79 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1844Ely, Cambs I614 Kempton Tree 
80 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  1898Ely, Cambs I414 Kempton Tree 
81 KEMPTON, Elizabeth Frances  19 Sep 1993Ely, Cambs I95 Kempton Tree 
82 KEMPTON, Florence  22 Nov 1864Ely, Cambs I110 Kempton Tree 
83 KEMPTON, George  5 Jan 1845Ely, Cambs I465 Kempton Tree 
84 KEMPTON, George  01 Feb 1881Ely, Cambs I249 Kempton Tree 
85 KEMPTON, George Edmund  1839Ely, Cambs I458 Kempton Tree 
86 KEMPTON, Hannah  Aft 01 May 1742/43Ely, Cambs I354 Kempton Tree 
87 KEMPTON, Harriet  1834Ely, Cambs I509 Kempton Tree 
88 KEMPTON, Henry  Oct 1657Ely, Cambs I327 Kempton Tree 
89 KEMPTON, Henry  30 May 1668Ely, Cambs I304 Kempton Tree 
90 KEMPTON, Henry  1725/26Ely, Cambs I382 Kempton Tree 
91 KEMPTON, Henry Hall  1803Ely, Cambs I401 Kempton Tree 
92 KEMPTON, Herbert Henry  08 Oct 1946Ely, Cambs I90 Kempton Tree 
93 KEMPTON, Isaac  1742/43Ely, Cambs I132 Kempton Tree 
94 KEMPTON, Isaac  Aug 1763Ely, Cambs I305 Kempton Tree 
95 KEMPTON, Isaac  Jul 1808Ely, Cambs I100 Kempton Tree 
96 KEMPTON, Isaac  1870Ely, Cambs I241 Kempton Tree 
97 KEMPTON, James  1746/47Ely, Cambs I278 Kempton Tree 
98 KEMPTON, James  1747/48Ely, Cambs I289 Kempton Tree 
99 KEMPTON, Jane Eaves  Jul 1856Ely, Cambs I425 Kempton Tree 
100 KEMPTON, Joane  1630Ely, Cambs I322 Kempton Tree 
101 KEMPTON, Joane  Jan 1717Ely, Cambs I324 Kempton Tree 
102 KEMPTON, John  Jul 1613Ely, Cambs I332 Kempton Tree 
103 KEMPTON, John  Aug 1625Ely, Cambs I321 Kempton Tree 
104 KEMPTON, Kate Sarah  22 Mar 1938Ely, Cambs I77 Kempton Tree 
105 KEMPTON, Lucy Jane  Dec 1857Ely, Cambs I107 Kempton Tree 
106 KEMPTON, Margaret  28 Jan 1844Ely, Cambs I479 Kempton Tree 
107 KEMPTON, Maria  Jan 1838Ely, Cambs I251 Kempton Tree 
108 KEMPTON, Mary  Aug 1667Ely, Cambs I303 Kempton Tree 
109 KEMPTON, Mary  Dec 1677Ely, Cambs I311 Kempton Tree 
110 KEMPTON, Mary  Jun 1795Ely, Cambs I428 Kempton Tree 
111 KEMPTON, Mary  16 May 1838Ely, Cambs I288 Kempton Tree 
112 KEMPTON, Mary Ann  1832Ely, Cambs I511 Kempton Tree 
113 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  16 Aug 1917Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
114 KEMPTON, Nellie Sydal  Aug 1870Ely, Cambs I645 Kempton Tree 
115 KEMPTON, Robert  1602Ely, Cambs I330 Kempton Tree 
116 KEMPTON, Robert  1726/27Ely, Cambs I429 Kempton Tree 
117 KEMPTON, Samuel  23 Jan 1805Ely, Cambs I284 Kempton Tree 
118 KEMPTON, Samuel  1815Ely, Cambs I449 Kempton Tree 
119 KEMPTON, Samuel  1845Ely, Cambs I295 Kempton Tree 
120 KEMPTON, Sarah  Aft 14 Apr 1739Ely, Cambs I352 Kempton Tree 
121 KEMPTON, Sarah  1743/44Ely, Cambs I413 Kempton Tree 
122 KEMPTON, Sarah  1812Ely, Cambs I462 Kempton Tree 
123 KEMPTON, Sarah  Apr 1854Ely, Cambs I377 Kempton Tree 
124 KEMPTON, Sarah  1860Ely, Cambs I134 Kempton Tree 
125 KEMPTON, Sarah  Jun 1862Ely, Cambs I175 Kempton Tree 
126 KEMPTON, Thomas  Jul 1714Ely, Cambs I313 Kempton Tree 
127 KEMPTON, Thomas  1729/30Ely, Cambs I347 Kempton Tree 
128 KEMPTON, Thomas  1735/36Ely, Cambs I419 Kempton Tree 
129 KEMPTON, Thomas  1740/41Ely, Cambs I353 Kempton Tree 
130 KEMPTON, Thomas  Mar 1762Ely, Cambs I438 Kempton Tree 
131 KEMPTON, Thomas  16 Jul 1762Ely, Cambs I267 Kempton Tree 
132 KEMPTON, Thomas  1815Ely, Cambs I448 Kempton Tree 
133 KEMPTON, Thomas  11 Sep 1899Ely, Cambs I469 Kempton Tree 
134 KEMPTON, Thomas Henry  1874Ely, Cambs I96 Kempton Tree 
135 KEMPTON, Thomas Nicholas  Feb 1873Ely, Cambs I78 Kempton Tree 
136 KEMPTON, Thomas Osbourne  Aft 10 Dec 1817Ely, Cambs I450 Kempton Tree 
137 KEMPTON, Titus  Aft 07 May 1823Ely, Cambs I454 Kempton Tree 
138 KEMPTON, William  Jun 1675Ely, Cambs I309 Kempton Tree 
139 KEMPTON, William  Jan 1707Ely, Cambs I269 Kempton Tree 
140 KEMPTON, William  12 Jun 1739Ely, Cambs I129 Kempton Tree 
141 KEMPTON, William  1768Ely, Cambs I272 Kempton Tree 
142 KEMPTON, William  1783Ely, Cambs I131 Kempton Tree 
143 KEMPTON, William  Feb 1783Ely, Cambs I142 Kempton Tree 
144 KEMPTON, William  1821Ely, Cambs I501 Kempton Tree 
145 KEMPTON, William  1823Ely, Cambs I471 Kempton Tree 
146 KEMPTON, William  Aft 01 Jan 1824Ely, Cambs I179 Kempton Tree 
147 KEMPTON, William  Mar 1824Ely, Cambs I417 Kempton Tree 
148 KEMPTON, William  1827Ely, Cambs I473 Kempton Tree 
149 KEMPTON, William  18 May 1834Ely, Cambs I435 Kempton Tree 
150 KEMPTON, William  06 Jun 1842Ely, Cambs I67 Kempton Tree 
151 KEMPTON, William  15 Mar 1854Ely, Cambs I368 Kempton Tree 
152 KEMPTON, William  08 Mar 1856Ely, Cambs I359 Kempton Tree 
153 KEMPTON, William  Mar 1866Ely, Cambs I460 Kempton Tree 
154 KEMPTON, William  17 Dec 1874Ely, Cambs I271 Kempton Tree 
155 KEMPTON, William  Jul 1916Ely, Cambs I584 Kempton Tree 
156 KEMPTON, William Snell  06 May 1949Ely, Cambs I91 Kempton Tree 
157 KIDDY, Henry George  1981Ely, Cambs I3329 Freeman-Culpin 
158 KNOWLES, Alice  1806Ely, Cambs I434 Kempton Tree 
159 KNOWLES, Mary Ann  1904Ely, Cambs I2903 Freeman-Culpin 
160 LANGFORD, Bernard Alfred  1974Ely, Cambs I10072 Freeman-Culpin 
161 LANGFORD, Emily May  1981Ely, Cambs I10076 Freeman-Culpin 
162 LANGFORD, George Westley  1923Ely, Cambs I260 Freeman-Culpin 
163 LANGFORD, Joseph Henry  1900Ely, Cambs I4999 Freeman-Culpin 
164 LANGFORD, Rhoda  1876Ely, Cambs I3077 Freeman-Culpin 
165 LANHAM, Olive Lorna  1964Ely, Cambs I6040 Freeman-Culpin 
166 LAURENCE, Ann  Jul 1748Ely, Cambs I346 Kempton Tree 
167 LAURENCE, Elizabeth  Mar 1842Ely, Cambs I648 Kempton Tree 
168 LAWRENCE, Mary  1816Ely, Cambs I442 Kempton Tree 
169 LAWS, Arthur  1960Ely, Cambs I9290 Freeman-Culpin 
170 LEGGE, Anne  23 Aug 1698Ely, Cambs I1499 Kempton Tree 
171 LEGGE, Christopher  14 Sep 1714Ely, Cambs I1507 Kempton Tree 
172 LEGGE, Christopher  11 Apr 1748Ely, Cambs I1491 Kempton Tree 
173 LEGGE, Christopher  18 Dec 1835Ely, Cambs I1513 Kempton Tree 
174 LEGGE, Christopher  1843Ely, Cambs I664 Kempton Tree 
175 LEGGE, Christopher Harold Richard  1967Ely, Cambs I838 Kempton Tree 
176 LEGGE, Christopher Henry  26 Nov 1901Ely, Cambs I195 Kempton Tree 
177 LEGGE, Eliza  1820Ely, Cambs I144 Kempton Tree 
178 LEGGE, Elizabeth  Jul 1705Ely, Cambs I1501 Kempton Tree 
179 LEGGE, Elizabeth  Feb 1730Ely, Cambs I1510 Kempton Tree 
180 LEGGE, Elizabeth  Jun 1783Ely, Cambs I863 Kempton Tree 
181 LEGGE, Geoffrey William  1978Ely, Cambs I970 Kempton Tree 
182 LEGGE, Henry  03 Jun 1744Ely, Cambs I1492 Kempton Tree 
183 LEGGE, Henry  Feb 1760Ely, Cambs I1505 Kempton Tree 
184 LEGGE, Henry  Jul 1805Ely, Cambs I862 Kempton Tree 
185 LEGGE, Jane Eliza  1975Ely, Cambs I203 Kempton Tree 
186 LEGGE, John  Mar 1735Ely, Cambs I1512 Kempton Tree 
187 LEGGE, John  04 Oct 1738Ely, Cambs I1494 Kempton Tree 
188 LEGGE, John  Jun 1782Ely, Cambs I1503 Kempton Tree 
189 LEGGE, Maria  Aug 1894Ely, Cambs I140 Kempton Tree 
190 LEGGE, Martha Gertrude  1941Ely, Cambs I837 Kempton Tree 
191 LEGGE, Mary  Jun 1742Ely, Cambs I1500 Kempton Tree 
192 LEGGE, Mary  Jun 1774Ely, Cambs I1525 Kempton Tree 
193 LEGGE, Mary Ann  Oct 1894Ely, Cambs I172 Kempton Tree 
194 LEGGE, Robert  Mar 1825Ely, Cambs I1514 Kempton Tree 
195 LEGGE, Thomas  1789Ely, Cambs I865 Kempton Tree 
196 LEGGE, William  1750Ely, Cambs I1511 Kempton Tree 
197 LEGGE, William  1764Ely, Cambs I1502 Kempton Tree 
198 LEGGE, William  20 Jul 1807Ely, Cambs I668 Kempton Tree 
199 LETASS, Elizabeth  Jul 1792Ely, Cambs I1489 Kempton Tree 
200 LINGO, Phoebe  1821Ely, Cambs I869 Kempton Tree 

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Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 EAVES, Sarah  25 Apr 1874Ely, Cambs I197 Kempton Tree 
2 ELLIS, William  1 Mar 1904Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
3 HOLWELL, Elizabeth Olivia  29 Jul 1896Ely, Cambs I163 Kempton Tree 
4 KEMPTON, Charles  28 Oct 1873Ely, Cambs I138 Kempton Tree 
5 KEMPTON, Florence  25 Nov 1864Ely, Cambs I110 Kempton Tree 
6 KEMPTON, Harriet Elizabeth  07 Feb 1870Ely, Cambs I185 Kempton Tree 
7 KEMPTON, Isaac  1742/43Ely, Cambs I132 Kempton Tree 
8 KEMPTON, Kate Sarah  26 Mar 1938Ely, Cambs I77 Kempton Tree 
9 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  20 Aug 1917Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
10 KEMPTON, Sarah  01 May 1854Ely, Cambs I377 Kempton Tree 
11 KEMPTON, Thomas  25 Jun 1859Ely, Cambs I186 Kempton Tree 
12 KEMPTON, Thomas  15 Sep 1899Ely, Cambs I469 Kempton Tree 
13 KEMPTON, William  28 Jul 1916Ely, Cambs I584 Kempton Tree 
14 LEGGE, Maria  14 Aug 1894Ely, Cambs I140 Kempton Tree 
15 MENDHAM, Hannah  26 Dec 1867Ely, Cambs I174 Kempton Tree 

1939 Register

Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID   Tree 
1 AVES, John  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I161 Webb 
2 BARRETT, Arthur B  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I76 Webb 
3 CHARD, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I70 Kempton Tree 
4 CROSS, Ernest John  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I1471 Kempton Tree 
5 CROSS, Mary Chamness  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I1472 Kempton Tree 
6 CROSS, Sydney Albert  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I1476 Kempton Tree 
7 CULPIN, Henry  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I221 Freeman-Culpin 
8 EASTON, Eleanor  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I92 Kempton Tree 
9 ELLIS, Eliza Jane  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I146 Kempton Tree 
10 GAREY, Muriel A  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I1624 Kempton Tree 
11 IRONS, Annie Ethel  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I31 Webb 
12 KEMPTON, Dorothy Sydal  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I71 Kempton Tree 
13 KEMPTON, Elizabeth Frances  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I95 Kempton Tree 
14 KEMPTON, Herbert Henry  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I90 Kempton Tree 
15 KEMPTON, William Snell  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I91 Kempton Tree 
16 LANGFORD, Joseph  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I112 Freeman-Culpin 
17 LANGFORD, Olive  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I282 Freeman-Culpin 
18 LANGFORD, Percy  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I3049 Freeman-Culpin 
19 LEGGE, Christopher Harold Richard  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I838 Kempton Tree 
20 LEGGE, Henry Wilson  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I971 Kempton Tree 
21 LEGGE, Jane Eliza  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I203 Kempton Tree 
22 LEGGE, Martha Gertrude  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I837 Kempton Tree 
23 MORRIS, Helen Louise  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I124 Kempton Tree 
24 PALMER, Alice Maude  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I968 Kempton Tree 
25 PIGGOTT, Elizabeth Sarah  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I93 Kempton Tree 
26 WEBB, Edie Ina Janet  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I157 Webb 
27 WHITE, Constance E  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I75 Webb 
28 WHITE, George W  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I74 Webb 
29 WHITTAKER, Grace  29 Sep 1939Ely, Cambs I544 Freeman-Culpin 


Matches 1 to 162 of 162

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I546 Kempton Tree 
2 BULTITAFT, Arthur Henry  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I3087 Freeman-Culpin 
3 BULTITAFT, Henry  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I3083 Freeman-Culpin 
4 BULTITAFT, Thomas M  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I3098 Freeman-Culpin 
5 CONSTABLE, Amos  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I120 Freeman-Culpin 
6 CONSTABLE, Amos  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I120 Freeman-Culpin 
7 CROSS, Ernest John  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I1471 Kempton Tree 
8 DOWELL, Elizabeth Anna  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I780 Kempton Tree 
9 ELLIS, Christopher Henry  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I148 Kempton Tree 
10 ELLIS, Christopher Henry  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I148 Kempton Tree 
11 ELLIS, Christopher Henry  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I148 Kempton Tree 
12 ELLIS, Eliza Jane  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I146 Kempton Tree 
13 ELLIS, Eliza Jane  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I146 Kempton Tree 
14 ELLIS, Eliza Jane  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I146 Kempton Tree 
15 ELLIS, Eliza Jane  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I146 Kempton Tree 
16 ELLIS, Eliza Jane  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I146 Kempton Tree 
17 ELLIS, Elsie Legge  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I1052 Kempton Tree 
18 ELLIS, Ernest Charles  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I147 Kempton Tree 
19 ELLIS, Ernest Charles  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I147 Kempton Tree 
20 ELLIS, Ernest Charles  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I147 Kempton Tree 
21 ELLIS, Ernest Charles  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I147 Kempton Tree 
22 ELLIS, Ernest Charles  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I147 Kempton Tree 
23 ELLIS, Herbert Alfred  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I779 Kempton Tree 
24 ELLIS, Herbert Alfred  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I779 Kempton Tree 
25 ELLIS, Mary  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I193 Kempton Tree 
26 ELLIS, Mary  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I193 Kempton Tree 
27 ELLIS, Mary  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I193 Kempton Tree 
28 ELLIS, William  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
29 ELLIS, William  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
30 ELLIS, William  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
31 ELLIS, William  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
32 ELLIS, William  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
33 ELLIS, William John  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I145 Kempton Tree 
34 GINN, John  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I857 Kempton Tree 
35 GINN, John  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I857 Kempton Tree 
36 GINN, John  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I857 Kempton Tree 
37 HOLWELL, Elizabeth Olivia  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I163 Kempton Tree 
38 HOLWELL, Elizabeth Olivia  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I163 Kempton Tree 
39 HOLWELL, Elizabeth Olivia  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I163 Kempton Tree 
40 HOLWELL, Elizabeth Olivia  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I163 Kempton Tree 
41 JEFFERSON, Hannah  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I199 Kempton Tree 
42 JEFFERSON, Hannah  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I199 Kempton Tree 
43 JEFFERSON, Hannah  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I199 Kempton Tree 
44 JEFFERSON, Hannah  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I199 Kempton Tree 
45 KEMPTON, Alice Mary  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I641 Kempton Tree 
46 KEMPTON, Alice Mary  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I641 Kempton Tree 
47 KEMPTON, Arthur Edward  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I104 Kempton Tree 
48 KEMPTON, Castle  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I437 Kempton Tree 
49 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I181 Kempton Tree 
50 KEMPTON, Elizabeth Frances  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I95 Kempton Tree 
51 KEMPTON, Emily Grace  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I135 Kempton Tree 
52 KEMPTON, Frederick  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I393 Kempton Tree 
53 KEMPTON, Frederick  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I393 Kempton Tree 
54 KEMPTON, Frederick  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I393 Kempton Tree 
55 KEMPTON, Frederick Helmore  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I108 Kempton Tree 
56 KEMPTON, Gertrude  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I112 Kempton Tree 
57 KEMPTON, Henry  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I217 Kempton Tree 
58 KEMPTON, Henry Legge  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I624 Kempton Tree 
59 KEMPTON, Herbert Henry  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I90 Kempton Tree 
60 KEMPTON, John  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I282 Kempton Tree 
61 KEMPTON, John  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I282 Kempton Tree 
62 KEMPTON, John  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I282 Kempton Tree 
63 KEMPTON, Maria Mendham  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I628 Kempton Tree 
64 KEMPTON, Maria Mendham  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I628 Kempton Tree 
65 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
66 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
67 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
68 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
69 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
70 KEMPTON, Robert Bayes  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I626 Kempton Tree 
71 KEMPTON, Thomas  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I228 Kempton Tree 
72 KEMPTON, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I919 Kempton Tree 
73 KEMPTON, William  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I584 Kempton Tree 
74 KEMPTON, William John  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I623 Kempton Tree 
75 KEMPTON, William Snell  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I91 Kempton Tree 
76 KEMPTON, William Thomas Piggott  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I94 Kempton Tree 
77 KING, Florence  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I1477 Kempton Tree 
78 KNOWLES, Mary Ann  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I2903 Freeman-Culpin 
79 LANGFORD, Benjamin  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I65 Freeman-Culpin 
80 LANGFORD, Benjamin  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I65 Freeman-Culpin 
81 LANGFORD, Edward  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I9959 Freeman-Culpin 
82 LANGFORD, Edward  7 Apr 1861Ely, Cambs I9959 Freeman-Culpin 
83 LANGFORD, Edward  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I9959 Freeman-Culpin 
84 LANGFORD, Edward  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I9959 Freeman-Culpin 
85 LANGFORD, Edward  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I9959 Freeman-Culpin 
86 LANGFORD, Emily Jane  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I4998 Freeman-Culpin 
87 LANGFORD, Emily May  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I10076 Freeman-Culpin 
88 LANGFORD, Freeman  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I63 Freeman-Culpin 
89 LANGFORD, Joseph  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I112 Freeman-Culpin 
90 LANGFORD, Joseph  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I112 Freeman-Culpin 
91 LANGFORD, Kate  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I33 Freeman-Culpin 
92 LANGFORD, Norman  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I277 Freeman-Culpin 
93 LEGGE, Anna Mary  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I200 Kempton Tree 
94 LEGGE, Anna Mary  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I200 Kempton Tree 
95 LEGGE, Christopher  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I139 Kempton Tree 
96 LEGGE, Christopher  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I139 Kempton Tree 
97 LEGGE, Christopher Harold Richard  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I838 Kempton Tree 
98 LEGGE, Christopher Harold Richard  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I838 Kempton Tree 
99 LEGGE, Christopher Harold Richard  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I838 Kempton Tree 
100 LEGGE, Christopher Henry  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I195 Kempton Tree 
101 LEGGE, Christopher Henry  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I195 Kempton Tree 
102 LEGGE, Christopher Henry  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I195 Kempton Tree 
103 LEGGE, Christopher Henry  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I195 Kempton Tree 
104 LEGGE, Christopher Henry  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I195 Kempton Tree 
105 LEGGE, Christopher Henry  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I195 Kempton Tree 
106 LEGGE, Eliza  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I89 Kempton Tree 
107 LEGGE, Eliza  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I89 Kempton Tree 
108 LEGGE, Eliza  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I89 Kempton Tree 
109 LEGGE, Eliza Maria  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I198 Kempton Tree 
110 LEGGE, Eliza Maria  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I198 Kempton Tree 
111 LEGGE, George  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I196 Kempton Tree 
112 LEGGE, George Ellis  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I202 Kempton Tree 
113 LEGGE, George Ellis  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I202 Kempton Tree 
114 LEGGE, Jane Eliza  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I203 Kempton Tree 
115 LEGGE, Jane Eliza  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I203 Kempton Tree 
116 LEGGE, Jane Eliza  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I203 Kempton Tree 
117 LEGGE, Jane Eliza  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I203 Kempton Tree 
118 LEGGE, Maria  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I140 Kempton Tree 
119 LEGGE, Maria  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I140 Kempton Tree 
120 LEGGE, Maria  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I140 Kempton Tree 
121 LEGGE, Maria  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I140 Kempton Tree 
122 LEGGE, Maria  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I140 Kempton Tree 
123 LEGGE, Martha Gertrude  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I837 Kempton Tree 
124 LEGGE, Martha Gertrude  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I837 Kempton Tree 
125 LEGGE, Martha Gertrude  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I837 Kempton Tree 
126 LEGGE, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I172 Kempton Tree 
127 LEGGE, Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I172 Kempton Tree 
128 LEGGE, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I172 Kempton Tree 
129 LEGGE, Reginald Jack King  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I63 Kempton Tree 
130 LEGGE, Reginald Jack King  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I63 Kempton Tree 
131 LEGGE, William  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I171 Kempton Tree 
132 LEGGE, William  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I171 Kempton Tree 
133 LEGGE, William  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I171 Kempton Tree 
134 LEGGE, William Henry  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I201 Kempton Tree 
135 LEGGE, William Henry  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I201 Kempton Tree 
136 LEGGE, William John  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I194 Kempton Tree 
137 LEGGE, William John  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I194 Kempton Tree 
138 LUCAS, Ann  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I846 Kempton Tree 
139 MACROW, Frances Amelia  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I1649 Kempton Tree 
140 MACROW, John Bylth  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I1650 Kempton Tree 
141 MACROW, Robert  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I1648 Kempton Tree 
142 MORRIS, Arthur Wellington  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I121 Kempton Tree 
143 MORRIS, Arthur Wellington  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I121 Kempton Tree 
144 MORRIS, Arthur Wellington  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I121 Kempton Tree 
145 MORRIS, Arthur Wellington  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I121 Kempton Tree 
146 MORRIS, Charles Roland  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I125 Kempton Tree 
147 MORRIS, Charles Roland  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I125 Kempton Tree 
148 MORRIS, Gerald Arthur  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I123 Kempton Tree 
149 MORRIS, Gerald Arthur  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I123 Kempton Tree 
150 MORRIS, Helen Louise  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I124 Kempton Tree 
151 MORRIS, Helen Louise  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I124 Kempton Tree 
152 MORRIS, Lilian Ida  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I126 Kempton Tree 
153 MORRIS, Lilian Ida  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I126 Kempton Tree 
154 MORRIS, Lilian Ida  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I126 Kempton Tree 
155 NORMAN, Jane  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I271 Freeman-Culpin 
156 NORMAN, Jane  7 Apr 1861Ely, Cambs I271 Freeman-Culpin 
157 NORMAN, Jane  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I271 Freeman-Culpin 
158 NORMAN, Jane  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I271 Freeman-Culpin 
159 NORMAN, Jane  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I271 Freeman-Culpin 
160 SNELL, Elizabeth Rogers  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I609 Kempton Tree 
161 WELCH, Emily  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I480 Kempton Tree 
162 YARROW, Thomas Owen  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I577 Kempton Tree 

Census New

Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIGLEY, Rose Ann  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I108 Freeman-Culpin 
2 BIGLEY, Rose Ann  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I108 Freeman-Culpin 
3 BIGLEY, Rose Ann  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I108 Freeman-Culpin 
4 BIGLEY, Rose Ann  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I108 Freeman-Culpin 
5 CONSTABLE, Charles Vaughan  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I615 Freeman-Culpin 
6 CONSTABLE, Charles Vaughan  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I615 Freeman-Culpin 
7 CROSS, Mary Jane  05 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I3086 Freeman-Culpin 
8 CROSS, Mary Jane  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I3086 Freeman-Culpin 
9 CULPIN, Charles  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I3588 Freeman-Culpin 
10 CULPIN, Charles  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I3588 Freeman-Culpin 
11 CULPIN, Henry  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I3633 Freeman-Culpin 
12 CULPIN, Henry  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I3633 Freeman-Culpin 
13 DENNIS, Olive Mary  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I3992 Freeman-Culpin 
14 EASTWELL, Josiah  2 Apr 1911Ely, Cambs I7384 Freeman-Culpin 
15 KEMPTON, Frank  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I618 Kempton Tree 
16 KEMPTON, Frederick  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I619 Kempton Tree 
17 KEMPTON, George  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I249 Kempton Tree 
18 KEMPTON, George  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I249 Kempton Tree 
19 KEMPTON, George  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I612 Kempton Tree 
20 KEMPTON, George  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I249 Kempton Tree 
21 KEMPTON, Henry  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I617 Kempton Tree 
22 KEMPTON, Margaret  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I479 Kempton Tree 
23 KEMPTON, Margaret  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I613 Kempton Tree 
24 KEMPTON, Margaret  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I613 Kempton Tree 
25 KEMPTON, Robert  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I616 Kempton Tree 
26 KEMPTON, Sarah  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I377 Kempton Tree 
27 KEMPTON, Susan  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I615 Kempton Tree 
28 KEMPTON, Susan  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I615 Kempton Tree 
29 KEMPTON, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I627 Kempton Tree 
30 KEMPTON, William  6 Jun 1841Ely, Cambs I460 Kempton Tree 
31 LANGFORD, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I273 Freeman-Culpin 
32 LANGFORD, Ellen Eliza  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I276 Freeman-Culpin 
33 LANGFORD, Ellen Eliza  07 Apr 1861Ely, Cambs I276 Freeman-Culpin 
34 LANGFORD, Emily  7 Apr 1861Ely, Cambs I279 Freeman-Culpin 
35 LANGFORD, Emily  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I279 Freeman-Culpin 
36 LANGFORD, Norman  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I277 Freeman-Culpin 
37 LANGFORD, Norman  07 Apr 1861Ely, Cambs I277 Freeman-Culpin 
38 LANGFORD, Norman  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I277 Freeman-Culpin 
39 LANGFORD, Norman  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I277 Freeman-Culpin 
40 LANGFORD, Norman  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I277 Freeman-Culpin 
41 LANGFORD, Rebecca  07 Apr 1861Ely, Cambs I280 Freeman-Culpin 
42 LANGFORD, Rebecca  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I280 Freeman-Culpin 
43 LANGFORD, Sarah Jane  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I275 Freeman-Culpin 
44 LANGFORD, Sarah Jane  07 Apr 1861Ely, Cambs I275 Freeman-Culpin 
45 LANGFORD, Sarah Jane  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I275 Freeman-Culpin 
46 LANGFORD, William  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I278 Freeman-Culpin 
47 LANGFORD, William  07 Apr 1861Ely, Cambs I278 Freeman-Culpin 
48 LANGFORD, William  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I278 Freeman-Culpin 
49 MURFITT, Rose Ellen  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I861 Freeman-Culpin 
50 STAINES, Susan  30 Mar 1851Ely, Cambs I294 Kempton Tree 
51 STAINES, Susan  2 Apr 1871Ely, Cambs I294 Kempton Tree 
52 VAUGHAN, Abraham  5 Apr 1891Ely, Cambs I1260 Freeman-Culpin 
53 VAUGHAN, Abraham  31 Mar 1901Ely, Cambs I1260 Freeman-Culpin 
54 VAUGHAN, James  3 Apr 1881Ely, Cambs I1259 Freeman-Culpin 

Military Service

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID   Tree 
1 WEBB, David  22 Oct 1858Ely, Cambs I3 Webb 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Mourner    Person ID   Tree 
1 ELLIS, Ernest Charles  1 Mar 1904Ely, Cambs I147 Kempton Tree 
2 ELLIS, Herbert Alfred  1 Mar 1904Ely, Cambs I779 Kempton Tree 
3 MASSER, John Thornton  1 Mar 1904Ely, Cambs I1410 Kempton Tree 
4 MORRIS, Arthur Wellington  1 Mar 1904Ely, Cambs I121 Kempton Tree 

Newspaper Report

Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper Report    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHLING, Susannah  18 Jan 1840Ely, Cambs I477 Kempton Tree 
2 BIGLEY, Rose Ann  29 Nov 1918Ely, Cambs I108 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CHARD, Elizabeth  23 Mar 1945Ely, Cambs I70 Kempton Tree 
4 CULPIN, Henry  3 Jul 1953Ely, Cambs I221 Freeman-Culpin 
5 ELLIS, William  4 Mar 1904Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
6 ELLIS, William  4 Mar 1904Ely, Cambs I141 Kempton Tree 
7 FEW, William Kempton  8 Jan 1859Ely, Cambs I520 Kempton Tree 
8 FEW, William Kempton  23 Jul 1859Ely, Cambs I520 Kempton Tree 
9 GREEN, Elizabeth  21 Dec 1827Ely, Cambs I111 Kempton Tree 
10 HOLWELL, Elizabeth Olivia  7 Aug 1896Ely, Cambs I163 Kempton Tree 
11 KEMPTON, Charles  16 Sep 1848Ely, Cambs I245 Kempton Tree 
12 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1851Ely, Cambs I181 Kempton Tree 
13 KEMPTON, Elizabeth  6 Dec 1851Ely, Cambs I181 Kempton Tree 
14 KEMPTON, Elizabeth Frances  30 Sep 1993Ely, Cambs I95 Kempton Tree 
15 KEMPTON, Elizabeth Frances  30 Sep 1993Ely, Cambs I95 Kempton Tree 
16 KEMPTON, George  11 Jan 1845Ely, Cambs I465 Kempton Tree 
17 KEMPTON, George  11 Feb 1881Ely, Cambs I249 Kempton Tree 
18 KEMPTON, Henry  11 Aug 1866Ely, Cambs I595 Kempton Tree 
19 KEMPTON, Henry  21 Oct 1904Ely, Cambs I595 Kempton Tree 
20 KEMPTON, Herbert Henry  11 Oct 1946Ely, Cambs I90 Kempton Tree 
21 KEMPTON, Herbert Henry  18 Oct 1946Ely, Cambs I90 Kempton Tree 
22 KEMPTON, John  8 Jan 1859Ely, Cambs I282 Kempton Tree 
23 KEMPTON, John  23 Jul 1859Ely, Cambs I282 Kempton Tree 
24 KEMPTON, John  2 May 1879Ely, Cambs I282 Kempton Tree 
25 KEMPTON, Margaret  7 Feb 1844Ely, Cambs I479 Kempton Tree 
26 KEMPTON, Mary  23 May 1838Ely, Cambs I288 Kempton Tree 
27 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  24 Aug 1917Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
28 KEMPTON, Mary Eliza  24 Aug 1917Ely, Cambs I106 Kempton Tree 
29 KEMPTON, Samuel  30 Jan 1805Ely, Cambs I284 Kempton Tree 
30 KEMPTON, Samuel  2 Feb 1805Ely, Cambs I284 Kempton Tree 
31 KEMPTON, William  24 May 1834Ely, Cambs I435 Kempton Tree 
32 KEMPTON, William  9 Feb 1842Ely, Cambs I67 Kempton Tree 
33 KEMPTON, William  8 Jun 1842Ely, Cambs I67 Kempton Tree 
34 KEMPTON, William  22 Mar 1854Ely, Cambs I368 Kempton Tree 
35 KEMPTON, William  26 Mar 1856Ely, Cambs I359 Kempton Tree 
36 LANGFORD, Edward  8 Dec 1893Ely, Cambs I9959 Freeman-Culpin 
37 LANGFORD, Percy  21 Aug 1914Ely, Cambs I10077 Freeman-Culpin 
38 LANGFORD, Percy  28 Aug 1914Ely, Cambs I10077 Freeman-Culpin 
39 LEGGE, Christopher Henry  5 Dec 1901Ely, Cambs I195 Kempton Tree 
40 MACROW, Robert  16 Aug 1851Ely, Cambs I1648 Kempton Tree 
41 PHILLIPS, Sarah  31 Dec 1881Ely, Cambs I283 Kempton Tree 
42 PIGGOTT, Elizabeth Sarah  18 Feb 1949Ely, Cambs I93 Kempton Tree 
43 SEARS, Mary  22 Jan 1803Ely, Cambs I335 Kempton Tree 
44 SNELL, Elizabeth Rogers  27 Jun 1924Ely, Cambs I609 Kempton Tree 
45 SYDAL, Mary Chadd  24 Apr 1885Ely, Cambs I610 Kempton Tree 
46 WILKINSON, Elizabeth  14 Aug 1914Ely, Cambs I532 Kempton Tree 
47 WILKINSON, Elizabeth  21 Aug 1914Ely, Cambs I532 Kempton Tree 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARNARD, John  11 Nov 1813Ely, Cambs I500 Kempton Tree 
2 FEW, Robert  25 Oct 1830Ely, Cambs I508 Kempton Tree 
3 FEW, William  31 Aug 1837Ely, Cambs I301 Kempton Tree 
4 KEMPTON, Castle  1830Ely, Cambs I437 Kempton Tree 
5 KEMPTON, Castledine  1740/41Ely, Cambs I383 Kempton Tree 
6 KEMPTON, Castledine  Aft 1817Ely, Cambs I463 Kempton Tree 
7 KEMPTON, Charles  1864Ely, Cambs I138 Kempton Tree 
8 KEMPTON, Charles  1871Ely, Cambs I138 Kempton Tree 
9 KEMPTON, George  29 Apr 1855Ely, Cambs I625 Kempton Tree 
10 KEMPTON, Green  1822Ely, Cambs I143 Kempton Tree 
11 KEMPTON, Henry  1703/4Ely, Cambs I382 Kempton Tree 
12 KEMPTON, Henry  1867Ely, Cambs I595 Kempton Tree 
13 KEMPTON, Isaac  1740Ely, Cambs I305 Kempton Tree 
14 KEMPTON, Isaac  1808Ely, Cambs I100 Kempton Tree 
15 KEMPTON, Isaac  1832Ely, Cambs I241 Kempton Tree 
16 KEMPTON, Thomas  1689Ely, Cambs I313 Kempton Tree 
17 KEMPTON, Thomas  Between 1730 and 1762Ely, Cambs I267 Kempton Tree 
18 KEMPTON, Thomas  Between 1825 and 1829Ely, Cambs I443 Kempton Tree 
19 KEMPTON, Thomas  1851Ely, Cambs I443 Kempton Tree 
20 KEMPTON, William  1728/29Ely, Cambs I272 Kempton Tree 
21 KEMPTON, William  Bef 1739Ely, Cambs I129 Kempton Tree 
22 KEMPTON, William  1768Ely, Cambs I272 Kempton Tree 
23 KEMPTON, William  1867Ely, Cambs I584 Kempton Tree 
24 LEGGE, Christopher  18 Feb 1815Ely, Cambs I664 Kempton Tree 
25 LEGGE, Henry  1760Ely, Cambs I1505 Kempton Tree 
26 LEGGE, William  1807Ely, Cambs I668 Kempton Tree 
27 LEGGE, William  20 Mar 1838Ely, Cambs I171 Kempton Tree 
28 MENDHAM, Thomas  29 Apr 1839Ely, Cambs I651 Kempton Tree 
29 MORRIS, Helen Louise  1937Ely, Cambs I124 Kempton Tree 
30 SEARLE, Charles  31 Oct 1847Ely, Cambs I474 Kempton Tree 
31 SMITH, Edward  1760Ely, Cambs I388 Kempton Tree 
32 TOOKIE, George  1746/47Ely, Cambs I431 Kempton Tree 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 EAVES, Sarah  1871Ely, Cambs I197 Kempton Tree 
2 ELLIS, Christopher Henry  1908Ely, Cambs I148 Kempton Tree 
3 ELLIS, Ernest Charles  1908Ely, Cambs I147 Kempton Tree 
4 KEMPTON, Albert Edward  1924Ely, Cambs I640 Kempton Tree 
5 KEMPTON, Elizabeth Frances  Between 1950 and 1993Ely, Cambs I95 Kempton Tree 
6 KEMPTON, Frederick  08 Mar 1871Ely, Cambs I393 Kempton Tree 
7 KEMPTON, John  1876Ely, Cambs I282 Kempton Tree 
8 KEMPTON, William Snell  1908Ely, Cambs I91 Kempton Tree 
9 KEMPTON, William Snell  Between 1945 and 1946Ely, Cambs I91 Kempton Tree 
10 KEMPTON, William Snell  Between 1947 and 1949Ely, Cambs I91 Kempton Tree 
11 KEMPTON, William Thomas Piggott  Between 1945 and 1950Ely, Cambs I94 Kempton Tree 
12 KEMPTON, William Thomas Piggott  1951Ely, Cambs I94 Kempton Tree 
13 LING, Mary Bell  1872Ely, Cambs I99 Kempton Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID   Tree 
1 LEGGE, Maria  30 Mar 1841Ely, Cambs I140 Kempton Tree 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARNARD / MURPHY  1848Ely, Cambs F333 Kempton Tree 
2 CAWTHORN / LANGFORD  1844Ely, Cambs F3165 Freeman-Culpin 
3 COLE / COULSON  1915Ely, Cambs F4115 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CONSTABLE / BAILEY  Sep 1911Ely, Cambs F91 Freeman-Culpin 
5 COVEY-CRUMP / PORTER  11 Jun 1903Ely, Cambs F1545 Freeman-Culpin 
6 CROSS / LEGGE  13 Nov 1906Ely, Cambs F96 Kempton Tree 
7 CULPIN / WATSON  1909Ely, Cambs F1416 Freeman-Culpin 
8 ELLIS / TAYLOR  Sep 1911Ely, Cambs F63 Kempton Tree 
9 ELLWOOD / LANGFORD  1867Ely, Cambs F1259 Freeman-Culpin 
10 FROST / CULPIN  1937Ely, Cambs F1888 Freeman-Culpin 
11 GIFFORD / PARSONS  1916Ely, Cambs F362 Freeman-Culpin 
12 GINN / LOFTS  1874Ely, Cambs F452 Kempton Tree 
13 GOTOBED / BARNARD  Jun 1882Ely, Cambs F335 Kempton Tree 
14 GRANGER / KEMPTON  Sep 1890Ely, Cambs F231 Kempton Tree 
15 HAMENCE / KEMPTON  1906Ely, Cambs F25 Kempton Tree 
16 HAYLOCK / LANGFORD  1866Ely, Cambs F171 Freeman-Culpin 
17 HAZEL / BARRITT  1933Ely, Cambs F3179 Freeman-Culpin 
18 HOBBS / STEVENS  Jun 1911Ely, Cambs F1414 Freeman-Culpin 
19 KEMPTON / DORLING  1904Ely, Cambs F278 Kempton Tree 
20 KEMPTON / WESTROPE  1880Ely, Cambs F247 Kempton Tree 
21 LANGFORD / DREVER  1916Ely, Cambs F3195 Freeman-Culpin 
22 LANGFORD / WHEELER  1879Ely, Cambs F3191 Freeman-Culpin 
23 LEGGE / CATER  1923Ely, Cambs F569 Kempton Tree 
24 LEGGE / LUCAS  1839Ely, Cambs F272 Kempton Tree 
25 LEGGE / LUPSON  06 Mar 1775Ely, Cambs F60 Kempton Tree 
26 NORMAN / CHAMBERS  1876Ely, Cambs F4104 Freeman-Culpin 
27 Norman / COULSON  1918Ely, Cambs F4116 Freeman-Culpin 
28 OAKEY / KEMPTON  1918Ely, Cambs F8 Kempton Tree 
29 PARSONS / CONSTABLE  1924Ely, Cambs F2943 Freeman-Culpin 
30 READING / KEMPTON  02 Jan 1872Ely, Cambs F65 Kempton Tree 
31 REEDER / MURFITT  1894Ely, Cambs F473 Freeman-Culpin 
32 STUNT / KEMPTON  1914Ely, Cambs F9 Kempton Tree 
33 SYKES / COULSON  1913Ely, Cambs F4109 Freeman-Culpin 
34 WARD / DENNIS  1897Ely, Cambs F537 Freeman-Culpin 
35 WEBB / KEMPTON  1883Ely, Cambs F232 Kempton Tree 
36 YARROW / HILLS  1920Ely, Cambs F101 Kempton Tree 

Newspaper Report

Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Newspaper Report    Family ID   Tree 
1 BECKETT / KEMPTON  29 Jan 1869Ely, Cambs F68 Kempton Tree 
2 COBON / LEGGE  23 Oct 1852Ely, Cambs F266 Kempton Tree 
3 CROSS / LEGGE  16 Nov 1906Ely, Cambs F96 Kempton Tree 
4 CROSS / LEGGE  14 Jan 1916Ely, Cambs F303 Kempton Tree 
5 GINN / LEGGE  1 Dec 1838Ely, Cambs F78 Kempton Tree 
6 KEMPTON / KEMPTON  02 Jan 1846Ely, Cambs F165 Kempton Tree 
7 KEMPTON / LEGGE  07 Apr 1841Ely, Cambs F26 Kempton Tree 
8 LEGGE / ELLIS  31 Mar 1838Ely, Cambs F77 Kempton Tree 
9 LONG / KEMPTON  06 Oct 1899Ely, Cambs F23 Kempton Tree 
10 LONG / KEMPTON  6 Oct 1899Ely, Cambs F23 Kempton Tree 
11 OAKEY / KEMPTON  14 Jun 1918Ely, Cambs F8 Kempton Tree 
12 SENNITT / LEGGE  19 Apr 1899Ely, Cambs F94 Kempton Tree 
13 SENNITT / LEGGE  21 Apr 1899Ely, Cambs F94 Kempton Tree 
14 SMITH / KEMPTON  24 Dec 1802Ely, Cambs F141 Kempton Tree 
15 SPENCELY / KEMPTON  21 Jun 1822Ely, Cambs F197 Kempton Tree 
16 STEGGALL / KEMPTON  12 Jul 1853Ely, Cambs F16 Kempton Tree 
17 STEGGALL / KEMPTON  13 Jul 1853Ely, Cambs F16 Kempton Tree