Hackney, London



Latitude: 51.55179529999999, Longitude: -0.06464370000003328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMES, Charles James  26 Jul 1877Hackney, London I1726
2 AMES, Edith Isabel  16 Sep 1879Hackney, London I1727
3 AMES, George  24 Jun 1872Hackney, London I1722
4 BARRETT, Edgar James  1886Hackney, London I1707
5 BARRETT, Edith Mary  1869Hackney, London I1702
6 BARRETT, Herbert Thomas  1872Hackney, London I1704
7 BARRETT, Jenny Ada  Abt 1872Hackney, London I1617
8 BARRETT, Leslie William  1888Hackney, London I1708
9 BARRETT, Samuel Wallace  1870Hackney, London I1703
10 BUGBEE, Hannah  Abt 1858Hackney, London I51
11 BUTLER, Ethel  c 1880Hackney, London I1978
12 BUTLER, Grace  c 1883Hackney, London I1979
13 BUTLER, Mildred  c 1884Hackney, London I1980
14 CORNMELL, Richard Budd  1855Hackney, London I97
15 COWCHER, Alice Lilian  1913Hackney, London I377
16 COWCHER, Arthur Frederick  1908Hackney, London I745
17 COWCHER, Doreen E  1930Hackney, London I618
18 COWCHER, Emily Grace Gertrude  20 Jun 1898Hackney, London I769
19 COWCHER, George Alfred  17 May 1901Hackney, London I770
20 COWCHER, Gladys Violet  1916Hackney, London I383
21 COWCHER, Sidney Frederick  1909Hackney, London I48
22 COWCHER, William  1907Hackney, London I1976
23 CULPIN, Daisy Ellen  1883Hackney, London I1750
24 DE COSSON, Alexandra Emma  Abt 1870Hackney, London I7919
25 DIXON, Amy Isabella  1888Hackney, London I767
26 DIXON, Beatrice Mary  1889Hackney, London I768
27 DIXON, Margaret Helena  1891Hackney, London I769
28 FLYNN, Mary Agnes  3 Jun 1862Hackney, London I755
29 HEDGER, Walter Stanley  1890Hackney, London I1250
30 JONES, Mary Ann  Abt 1861Hackney, London I1288
31 JOTCHAM, Ellen  Abt 1856Hackney, London I2607
32 LAMBKIN, Harry William  11 Feb 1890Hackney, London I3216
33 LOVELL, Dorothy Mary  1890Hackney, London I1081
34 LOVELL, Thomas Stanley  1884Hackney, London I1080
35 MUSGROVE, Alice Ann  Abt 1874Hackney, London I1840
36 PATMAN, Alberta Lilian  15 Feb 1913Hackney, London I9695
37 ROBERTSON, Alice  1889Hackney, London I131
38 ROBERTSON, Edward  1890Hackney, London I133
39 ROBERTSON, Henry James  7 Nov 1890Hackney, London I132
40 SMITH, Charles Leslie  1899Hackney, London I605
41 SMITH, Herbert John  1906Hackney, London I1905
42 TAYLOR, George James A  Abt 1856Hackney, London I5232
43 WARD, Albert James Yetton  15 Dec 1893Hackney, London I1575
44 WELLBOURNE, Florence Sybella  1854Hackney, London I1699
45 WESTON, Harry Vernon  20 Feb 1889Hackney, London I1111
46 WRIGHT, Eliza Andrews  Abt 1851Hackney, London I4483
47 YETTON, Alec William  1900Hackney, London I1261
48 YETTON, John Lefevre  18 May 1897Hackney, London I1260
49 YETTON, Winifred May  1895Hackney, London I1259


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMES, Frances Rebecca  1904Hackney, London I1153
2 AMES, Mary Ann Rebecca  1899Hackney, London I1063
3 BROCK, Rosetta  1899Hackney, London I233
4 BRUCE, Helen Cleland  27 Jan 1919Hackney, London I91
5 CORNWELL, Maria  1880Hackney, London I1864
6 COUCHER, Pauline Louisa  1901Hackney, London I487
7 COWCHER, Alice Lilian  1914Hackney, London I377
8 COWCHER, Arthur George  1938Hackney, London I28
9 COWCHER, Arthur William Joseph  1900Hackney, London I1975
10 COWCHER, Doreen E  1933Hackney, London I618
11 COWCHER, Florence Maud Mary  1971Hackney, London I1612
12 COWCHER, Francis William  19 Apr 1954Hackney, London I428
13 COWCHER, Frederick William  03 Sep 1932Hackney, London I20
14 COWCHER, Gladys Violet  1917Hackney, London I383
15 COWCHER, Louisa  1886Hackney, London I16
16 COWCHER, Sarah Ellen  1899Hackney, London I430
17 COWCHER, William  1907Hackney, London I1976
18 CULPIN, Eveline Margaret  1894Hackney, London I5212
19 DENNIS, Rose Elizabeth  1970Hackney, London I9540
20 DIVER, Beatrice  13 Jul 1925Hackney, London I483
21 GIFFORD, William Henry  1973Hackney, London I621
22 HARBER, Charles  1930Hackney, London I7245
23 PATES, Richard Albert  1969Hackney, London I9519
24 RAYNER, Frances  1885Hackney, London I110
25 ROBERTSON, Edward  Sep 1891Hackney, London I133
26 SMITH, Roland Dunn  01 Nov 1926Hackney, London I5313
27 THORN, Emily  1957Hackney, London I47
28 WATSON, Lilian  14 Dec 1964Hackney, London I3425
29 WESTON, Sidney Athelstane  1904Hackney, London I1116
30 YETTON, Fanny Mary Ann  03 Jun 1932Hackney, London I1067

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 CLINT, Thomas William  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I442
2 COWCHER, Daisy Florence  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I606
3 COWCHER, Florence Maud Mary  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I1612
4 COWCHER, Francis William  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I428
5 COWCHER, George Alfred  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I770
6 FLYNN, Mary Agnes  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I755
7 PATMAN, Albert  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I9694
8 PATMAN, Alberta Lilian  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I9695
9 THORN, Emily  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I47
10 WATSON, Lilian  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I3425
11 WHITAKER, James W  29 Sep 1939Hackney, London I607

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID 
1 WESTON, Nellie Beatrice  31 Mar 1901Hackney, London I1109

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID 
1 COWCHER, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I19
2 CULPIN, John Henry  05 Apr 1891Hackney, London I5207
3 KRAMER, Emily  2 Apr 1911Hackney, London I1640
4 MINNITT, Helen Watts  2 Apr 1911Hackney, London I1647
5 ROBERTSON, Alice  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I131
6 ROBERTSON, Edward  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I133
7 ROBERTSON, Frederick William  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I126
8 ROBERTSON, Henry James  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I132
9 ROBERTSON, Louisa Maud  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I127
10 ROBERTSON, Sarah Jane  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I130
11 ROBERTSON, Thomas Robert  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I129
12 ROBERTSON, Walter  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I124
13 ROBERTSON, Walter George  5 Apr 1891Hackney, London I125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 COWCHER, Emily Grace Gertrude  28 Aug 1904Hackney, London I769
2 COWCHER, George Alfred  28 Aug 1904Hackney, London I770


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID 
1 COWCHER, Arthur George  31 Aug 1909Hackney, London I28


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 COWCHER, Arthur George  13 Jul 1898Hackney, London I28
2 COWCHER, Arthur George  1920Hackney, London I28
3 COWCHER, Arthur George  1930Hackney, London I28
4 COWCHER, Arthur Stephen  Between 1931 and 1933Hackney, London I771
5 COWCHER, Emily Grace Gertrude  Between 1931 and 1933Hackney, London I769
6 COWCHER, Francis William  Between 1931 and 1939Hackney, London I428
7 COWCHER, George Alfred  Between 1931 and 1933Hackney, London I770
8 COWCHER, Henry John  22 Mar 1906Hackney, London I27
9 COWCHER, Sidney Frederick  Between 1931 and 1933Hackney, London I48
10 DALHOUSIE, Henry  1929Hackney, London I6148
11 PATES, Hilda Lilian  1929Hackney, London I6145
12 THORN, Emily  1920Hackney, London I47


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / KEMPTON  1894Hackney, London F115
2 BURNET / DIPPIE  1919Hackney, London F391
3 CHALKLEY / MURFITT  1928Hackney, London F2966
4 CLINT / COWCHER  1919Hackney, London F170
5 DIXON / KEMPTON  1885Hackney, London F113
6 DYSON / COOPER  1909Hackney, London F270
7 STEVENSON / COWCHER  1907Hackney, London F31
8 WHITAKER / COWCHER  1927Hackney, London F224
9 WILD / BUTLER  1907Hackney, London F555