Impington, Cambs



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOGGETT, Emma Kate  Abt 1873Impington, Cambs I2929
2 FLAVEL, Ivy May  1897Impington, Cambs I4923
3 FLAVEL, Myrtle Florence  1895Impington, Cambs I4924
4 GUNN, Alice  1729Impington, Cambs I8012
5 GUNN, Alice  1740Impington, Cambs I8008
6 GUNN, Alice  1742Impington, Cambs I8007
7 GUNN, Elizabeth  1771Impington, Cambs I8025
8 GUNN, Elizabeth  1772Impington, Cambs I8026
9 GUNN, Francis  1737Impington, Cambs I8009
10 GUNN, Francis  1769Impington, Cambs I8024
11 GUNN, Francis  1776Impington, Cambs I8027
12 GUNN, John  1785Impington, Cambs I8029
13 GUNN, Lydia  1731Impington, Cambs I8011
14 GUNN, Mary  1778Impington, Cambs I8028
15 GUNN, Sarah  1763Impington, Cambs I8022
16 GUNN, Thomas  1743Impington, Cambs I399
17 GUNN, William  1727Impington, Cambs I8013
18 GUNN, William  1734Impington, Cambs I8010
19 GUNN, William  1766Impington, Cambs I8023
20 WAGSTAFF, Grace Ellen  1884Impington, Cambs I4035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  Nov 1791Impington, Cambs I443
2 GODFREY, Adelaide  15 Mar 1945Impington, Cambs I13599
3 GUNN, Alice  Feb 1742Impington, Cambs I8008
4 GUNN, Elizabeth  Bef 1772Impington, Cambs I8025
5 GUNN, Francis  Oct 1766Impington, Cambs I8005
6 GUNN, Francis  Bef 1776Impington, Cambs I8024
7 GUNN, Francis  May 1777Impington, Cambs I8027
8 GUNN, Francis  Nov 1811Impington, Cambs I8009
9 GUNN, Lydia  Dec 1742Impington, Cambs I8011
10 GUNN, Mary  Nov 1785Impington, Cambs I8028
11 LANK, Esther  Sep 1818Impington, Cambs I8014
12 MUNNS, Helen  Oct 1766Impington, Cambs I8006

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID 
1 DERBY, Catherine  29 Sep 1939Impington, Cambs I1045
2 GODFREY, Adelaide  29 Sep 1939Impington, Cambs I13599
3 GOODGER, Doris M  29 Sep 1939Impington, Cambs I13869
4 GREENALL, Frederick Isaac  29 Sep 1939Impington, Cambs I306
5 STADEN, Alfred Thomas  29 Sep 1939Impington, Cambs I1042
6 STADEN, Ena  29 Sep 1939Impington, Cambs I1048
7 WHALEY, Harold Horace  29 Sep 1939Impington, Cambs I13867


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GREENALL / GODFREY  1932Impington, Cambs F4141