King's Cliffe, Northants



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CULPIN, Abigall  Apr 1626King's Cliffe, Northants I3699
2 CULPIN, Albert Edward  24 Mar 1909King's Cliffe, Northants I8341
3 CULPIN, Albert Victor  1897King's Cliffe, Northants I8332
4 CULPIN, Anna  04 Sep 1827King's Cliffe, Northants I2818
5 CULPIN, Arthur Ernest  29 Feb 1888King's Cliffe, Northants I8329
6 CULPIN, Bridget  Bef 1622King's Cliffe, Northants I3698
7 CULPIN, Charles  May 1619King's Cliffe, Northants I1661
8 CULPIN, Elizabeth  Bef 1618King's Cliffe, Northants I3697
9 CULPIN, Elizabeth  Abt 1877King's Cliffe, Northants I8325
10 CULPIN, Frederick Richard  21 Feb 1882King's Cliffe, Northants I8335
11 CULPIN, Harry  1894King's Cliffe, Northants I8338
12 CULPIN, Ivy Maud  08 Dec 1899King's Cliffe, Northants I8333
13 CULPIN, Jane  Nov 1609King's Cliffe, Northants I3694
14 CULPIN, John  1834King's Cliffe, Northants I2806
15 CULPIN, Kate Eliza  1890King's Cliffe, Northants I8330
16 CULPIN, Marie  Dec 1611King's Cliffe, Northants I3695
17 CULPIN, Mary  17 Feb 1832King's Cliffe, Northants I2819
18 CULPIN, Nellie  05 Jun 1892King's Cliffe, Northants I8331
19 CULPIN, Richard  Apr 1617King's Cliffe, Northants I3696
20 CULPIN, Robert Edward  1884King's Cliffe, Northants I8327
21 CULPIN, Sarah Ann  1879King's Cliffe, Northants I8326
22 CULPIN, Sarah Goodliffe  31 Oct 1829King's Cliffe, Northants I2952
23 CULPIN, Unnamed  Jul 1614King's Cliffe, Northants I4436
24 CULPIN, William  1886King's Cliffe, Northants I8328
25 FAWKES, Alice  Abt 1884King's Cliffe, Northants I6511
26 FLETCHER, John  Mar 1647King's Cliffe, Northants I4439
27 FLETCHER, Mary  1653King's Cliffe, Northants I4438
28 FLETCHER, Thomas  Feb 1645King's Cliffe, Northants I4440
29 GREEN, Ellen  Abt 1877King's Cliffe, Northants I6293
30 HILL, Alice  1869King's Cliffe, Northants I6673
31 HILL, Bridget  1832King's Cliffe, Northants I5039
32 HILL, Mary  1874King's Cliffe, Northants I6675
33 HILL, Robert  1835King's Cliffe, Northants I5042
34 HILL, Robert  1871King's Cliffe, Northants I6674
35 HILL, Sarah  1838King's Cliffe, Northants I6676
36 HILL, Sarah  1860King's Cliffe, Northants I100
37 HILL, Thomas  1837King's Cliffe, Northants I5041
38 HILL, William  1834King's Cliffe, Northants I5040
39 LATTIMORE, Rose Ethel  Abt 1887King's Cliffe, Northants I8340
40 NAYLOR, Edith  1869King's Cliffe, Northants I2958
41 NAYLOR, John James  1875King's Cliffe, Northants I2961
42 NAYLOR, Susannah  1870King's Cliffe, Northants I2959
43 WADE, Lucas  Abt 1805King's Cliffe, Northants I2943
44 WRIGHT, Ruth  1856King's Cliffe, Northants I8324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CULPIN, Abigall  16 Apr 1626King's Cliffe, Northants I3699
2 CULPIN, Charles  May 1619King's Cliffe, Northants I1661
3 CULPIN, Jane  26 Nov 1609King's Cliffe, Northants I3694
4 CULPIN, Marie  22 Dec 1611King's Cliffe, Northants I3695
5 CULPIN, Richard  20 Apr 1617King's Cliffe, Northants I3696
6 CULPIN, Unnamed  Jul 1614King's Cliffe, Northants I4436
7 FLETCHER, John  28 Mar 1647King's Cliffe, Northants I4439
8 FLETCHER, Mary  31 Jul 1653King's Cliffe, Northants I4438
9 FLETCHER, Thomas  16 Feb 1645King's Cliffe, Northants I4440
10 HILL, Bridget  07 Oct 1832King's Cliffe, Northants I5039
11 HILL, Robert  05 Nov 1835King's Cliffe, Northants I5042
12 HILL, Sarah  16 Apr 1838King's Cliffe, Northants I6676
13 HILL, Thomas  27 Mar 1837King's Cliffe, Northants I5041
14 HILL, William  29 Jun 1834King's Cliffe, Northants I5040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BISHELL, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1606King's Cliffe, Northants I3692
2 CLARKE, Mary Ann  1875King's Cliffe, Northants I2955
3 CULPIN, Albert Victor  23 Mar 1905King's Cliffe, Northants I8332
4 CULPIN, Anna  Jun 1890King's Cliffe, Northants I2818
5 CULPIN, Bridget  Feb 1622King's Cliffe, Northants I3698
6 CULPIN, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1636King's Cliffe, Northants I3697
7 CULPIN, Elizabeth  24 Mar 1835King's Cliffe, Northants I2953
8 CULPIN, Frederick  1933King's Cliffe, Northants I3673
9 CULPIN, Harry  1896King's Cliffe, Northants I8338
10 CULPIN, Mary  17 Dec 1906King's Cliffe, Northants I2819
11 CULPIN, Richard  20 Jun 1618King's Cliffe, Northants I3696
12 CULPIN, Richard  Abt 1626King's Cliffe, Northants I3691
13 CULPIN, Sarah  Bef 1841King's Cliffe, Northants I3657
14 CULPIN, Sarah Goodliffe  12 Jun 1898King's Cliffe, Northants I2952
15 FLETCHER, Mary  09 Apr 1657King's Cliffe, Northants I4438
16 FLETCHER, Thomas  17 Dec 1645King's Cliffe, Northants I4440
17 HILL, Robert  1880King's Cliffe, Northants I3722
18 HILL, Sarah  24 Dec 1838King's Cliffe, Northants I6676
19 HILL, William  12 Apr 1843King's Cliffe, Northants I5040
20 NAYLOR, John James  1875King's Cliffe, Northants I2961
21 WRIGHT, Ruth  1938King's Cliffe, Northants I8324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CULPIN, Albert Victor  28 Mar 1905King's Cliffe, Northants I8332
2 FLETCHER, Mary  09 Apr 1657King's Cliffe, Northants I4438
3 FLETCHER, Thomas  17 Dec 1645King's Cliffe, Northants I4440

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID 
1 CULPIN, Frederick Richard  05 Apr 1891King's Cliffe, Northants I8335
2 CULPIN, Frederick Richard  02 Apr 1911King's Cliffe, Northants I8335
3 HILL, Sarah  7 Apr 1861King's Cliffe, Northants I100
4 HILL, Sarah  2 Apr 1871King's Cliffe, Northants I100


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROADBERRY / NAYLOR  1898King's Cliffe, Northants F972
2 COMPTON / CULPIN  1918King's Cliffe, Northants F2534
3 CULPIN / ASKEW  08 Nov 1773King's Cliffe, Northants F1330
4 CULPIN / BISHELL  25 Nov 1605King's Cliffe, Northants F1463
5 CULPIN / KINGE  24 Nov 1607King's Cliffe, Northants F800
6 CULPIN / LATTIMORE  1908King's Cliffe, Northants F2531
7 CULPIN / MEE  15 Jun 1830King's Cliffe, Northants F1472
8 CULPIN / WRIGHT  21 Nov 1876King's Cliffe, Northants F1451
9 DRAYCOTT / CULPIN  09 Jun 1902King's Cliffe, Northants F2529
10 FLETCHER / CULPIN  15 Nov 1640King's Cliffe, Northants F1464
11 HILL / CULPIN  17 Oct 1831King's Cliffe, Northants F1443
12 MOULD / CULPIN  09 Jun 1851King's Cliffe, Northants F916