Littleport, Cambs



Latitude: 52.456703, Longitude: 0.30736590000003616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLARK, Martha  Abt 1790Littleport, Cambs I678 Kempton Tree 
2 CROSS, Beatrice May  Dec 1901Littleport, Cambs I5800 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CROSS, George  1894Littleport, Cambs I3636 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CROSS, Sidney Harold  1904Littleport, Cambs I5801 Freeman-Culpin 
5 CULPIN, Susan  1892Littleport, Cambs I3634 Freeman-Culpin 
6 DENNIS, Kate  Abt 1870Littleport, Cambs I2503 Freeman-Culpin 
7 MENDHAM, Clarke  1829Littleport, Cambs I731 Kempton Tree 
8 MENDHAM, Elizabeth  1830Littleport, Cambs I732 Kempton Tree 
9 MENDHAM, John  1824Littleport, Cambs I733 Kempton Tree 
10 MENDHAM, William Mobbs  1838Littleport, Cambs I989 Kempton Tree 
11 NORFELL, Hannah  1863Littleport, Cambs I1778 Kempton Tree 
12 SAYLE, Arthur Herbert  1872Littleport, Cambs I998 Kempton Tree 
13 SAYLE, Elizabeth Susan  1869Littleport, Cambs I996 Kempton Tree 
14 SAYLE, George  Dec 1911Littleport, Cambs I1829 Kempton Tree 
15 SAYLE, George Henry  1866Littleport, Cambs I997 Kempton Tree 
16 SAYLE, John Thomas  1858Littleport, Cambs I994 Kempton Tree 
17 SAYLE, Mary Clark  1860Littleport, Cambs I995 Kempton Tree 
18 SAYLE, Mary Clark  1862Littleport, Cambs I1825 Kempton Tree 
19 SAYLE, Reginald  1913Littleport, Cambs I1830 Kempton Tree 
20 SAYLE, Robert  1856Littleport, Cambs I993 Kempton Tree 
21 TROWER, Rebecca  Abt 1804Littleport, Cambs I2924 Culpins-to-connect 
22 WATSON, Alice Maud M  19 Oct 1887Littleport, Cambs I5070 Freeman-Culpin 
23 WATSON, Susan May  Abt 1884Littleport, Cambs I3639 Freeman-Culpin 
24 WHITEMAN, Agnes  1897Littleport, Cambs I1795 Kempton Tree 
25 WHITEMAN, James  1899Littleport, Cambs I1796 Kempton Tree 
26 WHITEMAN, Walter  1896Littleport, Cambs I1794 Kempton Tree 
27 WHITEMAN, William Walter  1860Littleport, Cambs I991 Kempton Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 MENDHAM, Clarke  25 Mar 1829Littleport, Cambs I731 Kempton Tree 
2 MENDHAM, Elizabeth  19 Mar 1830Littleport, Cambs I732 Kempton Tree 
3 MENDHAM, John  03 Apr 1824Littleport, Cambs I733 Kempton Tree 
4 MENDHAM, William Mobbs  24 May 1844Littleport, Cambs I989 Kempton Tree 
5 SAYLE, Robert  26 Feb 1856Littleport, Cambs I993 Kempton Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLARK, Martha  1865Littleport, Cambs I678 Kempton Tree 
2 MENDHAM, Clarke  1829Littleport, Cambs I731 Kempton Tree 
3 MENDHAM, Elizabeth  1885Littleport, Cambs I732 Kempton Tree 
4 MENDHAM, George  1878Littleport, Cambs I737 Kempton Tree 
5 MENDHAM, William Mobbs  1912Littleport, Cambs I989 Kempton Tree 
6 NORFELL, Hannah  1943Littleport, Cambs I1778 Kempton Tree 
7 SAYLE, Arthur Herbert  1950Littleport, Cambs I998 Kempton Tree 
8 SAYLE, Elizabeth Susan  Jun 1911Littleport, Cambs I996 Kempton Tree 
9 SAYLE, Mary Clark  1862Littleport, Cambs I995 Kempton Tree 
10 SAYLE, Robert  1913Littleport, Cambs I992 Kempton Tree 
11 WHITEMAN, Susan  1904Littleport, Cambs I990 Kempton Tree 
12 WHITEMAN, William Walter  1910Littleport, Cambs I991 Kempton Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 MENDHAM, Clarke  1829Littleport, Cambs I731 Kempton Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 GREEN / WORMSTEAD  1703Littleport, Cambs F314 Kempton Tree 
2 LEGGE / PALMER  Nov 1911Littleport, Cambs F304 Kempton Tree 
3 MENDHAM / WHITEMAN  1860Littleport, Cambs F327 Kempton Tree 
4 SAYLE /   1889Littleport, Cambs F330 Kempton Tree 
5 SAYLE /   1908Littleport, Cambs F331 Kempton Tree 
6 SAYLE / MENDHAM  1855Littleport, Cambs F279 Kempton Tree 
7 WHITEMAN / NORFELL  1892Littleport, Cambs F328 Kempton Tree