Liverpool, Lancs



Latitude: 53.4083714, Longitude: -2.9915726000000404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CULPIN, Alfred  1880Liverpool, Lancs I3359 Culpins-to-connect 
2 CULPIN, Ann  1877Liverpool, Lancs I3811 Culpins-to-connect 
3 CULPIN, Lilly Maria  17 Jun 1873Liverpool, Lancs I3356 Culpins-to-connect 
4 CULPIN, Mary Ann  4 Apr 1875Liverpool, Lancs I3810 Culpins-to-connect 
5 CULPIN, William John  28 Feb 1879Liverpool, Lancs I3358 Culpins-to-connect 
6 HETHERINGTON, Josephine  25 Oct 1864Liverpool, Lancs I575 Kempton Tree 
7 HOLT, Thomas  Abt 1862Liverpool, Lancs I1241 Kempton Tree 
8 KEMPTON, Dorothea Margaret  09 Jun 1902Liverpool, Lancs I601 Kempton Tree 
9 KEMPTON, Joan  1937Liverpool, Lancs I46 Kempton Tree 
10 PARRY, Ann Jane  Abt 1872Liverpool, Lancs I1839 Freeman-Culpin 
11 RICHARDSON, Henry H  1870Liverpool, Lancs I798 Kempton Tree 
12 ROBERTS, John  Abt 1885Liverpool, Lancs I6230 Freeman-Culpin 
13 SMITH, Grace Tennent  1911Liverpool, Lancs I5327 Freeman-Culpin 
14 SMITH, Harold Leslie  16 Nov 1909Liverpool, Lancs I1296 Kempton Tree 
15 SMITH, Ivan Hugh  1911Liverpool, Lancs I5329 Freeman-Culpin 
16 SUTTON, Hebe Harriet  Abt 1869Liverpool, Lancs I8378 Freeman-Culpin 
17 THURSFIELD, Jessie Gladys  Abt 1877Liverpool, Lancs I1788 Kempton Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIRCH, Margaret  20 Sep 1899Liverpool, Lancs I97 Kempton Tree 
2 CULPIN, Ann  1878Liverpool, Lancs I3811 Culpins-to-connect 
3 CULPIN, Mary Ann  1876Liverpool, Lancs I3810 Culpins-to-connect 
4 DOUGLAS, Agnes Dora  1962Liverpool, Lancs I831 Kempton Tree 
5 KEMPTON, Dorothea Margaret  10 Jun 1983Liverpool, Lancs I601 Kempton Tree 
6 KEMPTON, Hendrie Ord  29 May 1896Liverpool, Lancs I820 Kempton Tree 
7 KEMPTON, Joan  1937Liverpool, Lancs I46 Kempton Tree 
8 KEMPTON, Margaret Mendham  5 Oct 1886Liverpool, Lancs I751 Kempton Tree 
9 KEMPTON, Norah  1957Liverpool, Lancs I821 Kempton Tree 
10 KEMPTON, Sterndale Gibbons Puleston  13 Jun 1899Liverpool, Lancs I822 Kempton Tree 
11 LEWIS, Robert Arthur P G  1965Liverpool, Lancs I8963 Freeman-Culpin 
12 PARSONS, Amos H J R  1948Liverpool, Lancs I9566 Freeman-Culpin 
13 WEIGHT, Ivy Madge  1990Liverpool, Lancs I1570 Kempton Tree 

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID   Tree 
1 BROWN, Eleanor Josephine  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I978 Kempton Tree 
2 KEMPTON, Castle  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I818 Kempton Tree 
3 KEMPTON, Dorothea Margaret  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I601 Kempton Tree 
4 KEMPTON, Laura Christiana  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I1295 Kempton Tree 
5 KEMPTON, Norah  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I821 Kempton Tree 
6 KEMPTON, William John Birch  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I98 Kempton Tree 
7 SMITH, Harold Leslie  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I1296 Kempton Tree 
8 SMITH, Sydney M  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I977 Kempton Tree 
9 SMITH, Thomas James  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I828 Kempton Tree 
10 WEIGHT, Ivy Madge  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I1570 Kempton Tree 
11 WILLIAMSON, Louisa  29 Sep 1939Liverpool, Lancs I976 Kempton Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIRCH, Margaret  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I97 Kempton Tree 
2 BROWN, Eleanor Josephine  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I978 Kempton Tree 
3 DOUGLAS, Agnes Dora  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I831 Kempton Tree 
4 KEMPTON, Alexander Macfarren  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I817 Kempton Tree 
5 KEMPTON, Castle  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I818 Kempton Tree 
6 KEMPTON, Castle  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I818 Kempton Tree 
7 KEMPTON, Castle  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I905 Kempton Tree 
8 KEMPTON, Dorothea Margaret  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I601 Kempton Tree 
9 KEMPTON, George Alexander M D  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I1043 Kempton Tree 
10 KEMPTON, Hendrie Ord  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I820 Kempton Tree 
11 KEMPTON, Henry Purcell Robert Balstrode  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I819 Kempton Tree 
12 KEMPTON, Henry Purcell Robert Balstrode  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I819 Kempton Tree 
13 KEMPTON, Henry Purcell Robert Balstrode  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I819 Kempton Tree 
14 KEMPTON, Laura Christiana  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I1295 Kempton Tree 
15 KEMPTON, Llewellyn Steggall Boyce  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I574 Kempton Tree 
16 KEMPTON, Llewellyn Steggall Boyce  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I574 Kempton Tree 
17 KEMPTON, Norah  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I821 Kempton Tree 
18 KEMPTON, Norah  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I821 Kempton Tree 
19 KEMPTON, Norah  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I821 Kempton Tree 
20 KEMPTON, Sterndale Gibbons Puleston  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I822 Kempton Tree 
21 KEMPTON, William John  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I623 Kempton Tree 
22 KEMPTON, William John  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I623 Kempton Tree 
23 KEMPTON, William John Birch  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I98 Kempton Tree 
24 KEMPTON, William John Birch  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I98 Kempton Tree 
25 KEMPTON, William John Birch  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I98 Kempton Tree 
26 SMITH, Harold Leslie  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I1296 Kempton Tree 
27 SMITH, Thomas James  2 Apr 1911Liverpool, Lancs I828 Kempton Tree 

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID   Tree 
1 CULPIN, Alfred  3 Apr 1881Liverpool, Lancs I3359 Culpins-to-connect 
2 CULPIN, Alfred  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I3359 Culpins-to-connect 
3 CULPIN, Herbert  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I3360 Culpins-to-connect 
4 CULPIN, Herbert  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I3360 Culpins-to-connect 
5 CULPIN, Lilly Maria  3 Apr 1881Liverpool, Lancs I3356 Culpins-to-connect 
6 CULPIN, Lilly Maria  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I3356 Culpins-to-connect 
7 CULPIN, Lilly Maria  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I3356 Culpins-to-connect 
8 CULPIN, Mary Eliza  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I3357 Culpins-to-connect 
9 CULPIN, Mary Eliza  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I3357 Culpins-to-connect 
10 CULPIN, William  3 Apr 1881Liverpool, Lancs I3353 Culpins-to-connect 
11 CULPIN, William  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I3353 Culpins-to-connect 
12 CULPIN, William John  3 Apr 1881Liverpool, Lancs I3358 Culpins-to-connect 
13 CULPIN, William John  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I3358 Culpins-to-connect 
14 DOYLE, Julia  3 Apr 1881Liverpool, Lancs I3355 Culpins-to-connect 
15 DOYLE, Julia  5 Apr 1891Liverpool, Lancs I3355 Culpins-to-connect 
16 DOYLE, Julia  31 Mar 1901Liverpool, Lancs I3355 Culpins-to-connect 

Newspaper Report

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper Report    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIRCH, Margaret  23 Sept 1899Liverpool, Lancs I97 Kempton Tree 
2 CULPIN, Alfred Sydney  23 Sep 1943Liverpool, Lancs I3513 Culpins-to-connect 
3 KEMPTON, Hendrie Ord  4 Jun 1896Liverpool, Lancs I820 Kempton Tree 
4 KEMPTON, Margaret Mendham  7 Oct 1886Liverpool, Lancs I751 Kempton Tree 
5 KEMPTON, Sterndale Gibbons Puleston  14 Jun 1899Liverpool, Lancs I822 Kempton Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 COLQUITT, Emma  29 Jun 1954Liverpool, Lancs I3239 Freeman-Culpin 
2 CULPIN, Albert Edgar  21 Dec 1953Liverpool, Lancs I1567 Freeman-Culpin 
3 CULPIN, Alfred Edwin  06 Sep 1950Liverpool, Lancs I12745 Freeman-Culpin 
4 CULPIN, Alfred Sydney  04 Mar 1943Liverpool, Lancs I3513 Culpins-to-connect 
5 HETHERINGTON, Josephine  06 Feb 1941Liverpool, Lancs I575 Kempton Tree 
6 KEMPTON, Castle  19 Jan 1960Liverpool, Lancs I818 Kempton Tree 
7 KEMPTON, Charles Christopher  06 Oct 1926Liverpool, Lancs I105 Kempton Tree 
8 KEMPTON, Dorothea Margaret  1 Sep 1983Liverpool, Lancs I601 Kempton Tree 
9 KEMPTON, Henry Purcell Robert Balstrode  23 Apr 1926Liverpool, Lancs I819 Kempton Tree 
10 KEMPTON, Llewellyn Steggall Boyce  09 Oct 1901Liverpool, Lancs I574 Kempton Tree 
11 KEMPTON, Sterndale Gibbons Puleston  13 Dec 1899Liverpool, Lancs I822 Kempton Tree 
12 KEMPTON, William John Birch  09 Oct 1944Liverpool, Lancs I98 Kempton Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALLMAN / DOUGLAS  1912Liverpool, Lancs F301 Kempton Tree 
2 CULPIN / BIBBY  1903Liverpool, Lancs F1091 Culpins-to-connect 
3 CULPIN / EDWARDS  1941Liverpool, Lancs F1093 Culpins-to-connect 
4 KEMPTON / WEIGHT  1937Liverpool, Lancs F32 Kempton Tree 
5 LANGFORD / WILLIAMS  1893Liverpool, Lancs F163 Freeman-Culpin 
6 LLOYD / KEMPTON  1945Liverpool, Lancs F242 Kempton Tree 
7 PATES / PARRY  1892Liverpool, Lancs F469 Freeman-Culpin 
8 RICHARDSON / DOUGLAS  1935Liverpool, Lancs F560 Kempton Tree