Old Warden, Beds



Latitude: 52.08078099999999, Longitude: -0.34225400000002537


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUTCHER, Catherine  Abt 1834Old Warden, Beds I4164
2 STREET, William  1835Old Warden, Beds I4161
3 SAMUEL, Mary  Abt 1837Old Warden, Beds I4165
4 STREET, Thomas  1837Old Warden, Beds I4162
5 STREET, John  Abt 1838Old Warden, Beds I2333
6 STREET, Edward  1842Old Warden, Beds I2334
7 VINTNER, Jesse  Abt 1843Old Warden, Beds I4166
8 STREET, Ann  15 Jun 1845Old Warden, Beds I2335
9 STREET, Mary  16 Jul 1848Old Warden, Beds I2338
10 STREET, Esther  14 Apr 1851Old Warden, Beds I4163
11 STREET, Ellen  23 Dec 1854Old Warden, Beds I2336
12 STREET, Elizabeth  14 Oct 1857Old Warden, Beds I4168
13 STREET, Frederick  09 Jul 1858Old Warden, Beds I2337
14 STREET, William  06 Aug 1859Old Warden, Beds I4169
15 BUTCHER, Fanny  c 1862Old Warden, Beds I13382
16 VINTNER, Flora Jane  Abt 1865Old Warden, Beds I4189
17 VINTNER, Clara M  Abt 1867Old Warden, Beds I4188
18 VINTNER, Ernest  1868Old Warden, Beds I4186
19 VINTNER, Frederick J  1870Old Warden, Beds I4187
20 SCOTT, George  Abt 1871Old Warden, Beds I5124
21 LEVITT, Maud  1880Old Warden, Beds I2348
22 GRUMMITT, Reginald Maurice  1900Old Warden, Beds I4098


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 STREET, Thomas  14 Jun 1812Old Warden, Beds I1872
2 STREET, Betsey  26 May 1833Old Warden, Beds I4160
3 STREET, William  08 Feb 1835Old Warden, Beds I4161
4 STREET, John  02 Jun 1839Old Warden, Beds I2333
5 STREET, Edward  17 Jul 1842Old Warden, Beds I2334
6 STREET, Ann  13 Jul 1845Old Warden, Beds I2335
7 STREET, Mary  13 Aug 1848Old Warden, Beds I2338
8 STREET, Esther  01 Jun 1851Old Warden, Beds I4163
9 STREET, Ellen  21 Jan 1855Old Warden, Beds I2336
10 STREET, Elizabeth  06 Mar 1858Old Warden, Beds I4168
11 STREET, Frederick  08 Aug 1858Old Warden, Beds I2337
12 STREET, William  02 Oct 1859Old Warden, Beds I4169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 STREET, Elizabeth  1859Old Warden, Beds I4168
2 STREET, Esther  1867Old Warden, Beds I4163
3 STREET, Betsey  1870Old Warden, Beds I4160
4 PATES, Rebecca  1873Old Warden, Beds I1871
5 STREET, Edward  1881Old Warden, Beds I2334
6 VINTNER, Flora Jane  1885Old Warden, Beds I4189
7 STREET, Thomas  1892Old Warden, Beds I1872
8 VINTNER, Jesse  1906Old Warden, Beds I4166

Census New

Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID 
1 STREET, Thomas  06 Jun 1841Old Warden, Beds I4162
2 STREET, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Old Warden, Beds I4162
3 STREET, Ellen  7 Apr 1861Old Warden, Beds I2336
4 STREET, Ellen  2 Apr 1871Old Warden, Beds I2336
5 VINTNER, Ernest  2 Apr 1871Old Warden, Beds I4186
6 VINTNER, Flora Jane  2 Apr 1871Old Warden, Beds I4189
7 VINTNER, Frederick J  2 Apr 1871Old Warden, Beds I4187
8 VINTNER, Frederick J  5 Apr 1891Old Warden, Beds I4187
9 GRUMMITT, George William  31 Mar 1901Old Warden, Beds I4097
10 GRUMMITT, Reginald Maurice  31 Mar 1901Old Warden, Beds I4098
11 BREED, Ellen Esther  2 Apr 1911Old Warden, Beds I4176
12 VINTINER, Frederick George  2 Apr 1911Old Warden, Beds I13288

Census New

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census New    Person ID 
1 GRUMMITT, William  5 Apr 1891Old Warden, Beds I1845
2 PATES, Ann  5 Apr 1891Old Warden, Beds I1844


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 STREET / SAMUEL  10 Jan 1858Old Warden, Beds F1578
2 STREET / BUTCHER  14 Aug 1864Old Warden, Beds F1577
3 VINTNER / STREET  18 Nov 1866Old Warden, Beds F1048
4 LEVITT / STREET  17 Feb 1877Old Warden, Beds F1049
5 SCOTT / VINTNER  1894Old Warden, Beds F1583