Huthwaite, Notts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, James  Abt 1922Huthwaite, Notts I456 Newman Tree 
2 HARROD, Ann  Abt 1829Huthwaite, Notts I52 Newman Tree 
3 HINKS, Annie Matilda  1907Huthwaite, Notts I863 Newman Tree 
4 HINKS, Bernard Walter  18 May 1896Huthwaite, Notts I851 Newman Tree 
5 HINKS, Cyril  1894Huthwaite, Notts I904 Newman Tree 
6 HINKS, Doris Annie  24 Jul 1900Huthwaite, Notts I907 Newman Tree 
7 HINKS, Iris  7 Nov 1910Huthwaite, Notts I917 Newman Tree 
8 HINKS, James Thomas  1 Apr 1899Huthwaite, Notts I918 Newman Tree 
9 HINKS, Jessie  20 Jan 1894Huthwaite, Notts I920 Newman Tree 
10 HINKS, Lucy  1885Huthwaite, Notts I879 Newman Tree 
11 HINKS, Wilfred  5 Apr 1907Huthwaite, Notts I886 Newman Tree 
12 HINKS, William Frederick  1889Huthwaite, Notts I977 Newman Tree 
13 MARSHALL, Bertha  Abt 1871Huthwaite, Notts I68 Newman Tree 
14 MARSHALL, Cebastiano  09 Jan 1889Huthwaite, Notts I143 Newman Tree 
15 NEWMAN, Alice  1900Huthwaite, Notts I73 Newman Tree 
16 NEWMAN, Ann Ethel  29 Oct 1877Huthwaite, Notts I84 Newman Tree 
17 NEWMAN, Annie  15 Jun 1891Huthwaite, Notts I75 Newman Tree 
18 NEWMAN, Bertie Horace  21 Jun 1882Huthwaite, Notts I85 Newman Tree 
19 NEWMAN, Dick  13 Feb 1889Huthwaite, Notts I13 Newman Tree 
20 NEWMAN, Dora  1892Huthwaite, Notts I69 Newman Tree 
21 NEWMAN, Edith  1899Huthwaite, Notts I72 Newman Tree 
22 NEWMAN, Harry  1894Huthwaite, Notts I70 Newman Tree 
23 NEWMAN, Jane  1896Huthwaite, Notts I71 Newman Tree 
24 NEWMAN, Joseph  08 Feb 1896Huthwaite, Notts I7 Newman Tree 
25 NEWMAN, Nancy  24 Jan 1922Huthwaite, Notts I8 Newman Tree 
26 NEWMAN, Richard Ernest  1880Huthwaite, Notts I156 Newman Tree 
27 NEWMAN, Tom  1892Huthwaite, Notts I15 Newman Tree 
28 NEWMAN, Winifred  03 Feb 1891Huthwaite, Notts I14 Newman Tree 
29 SMITH, Eliza  Abt 1855Huthwaite, Notts I83 Newman Tree 
30 STREET, Hilda  1893Huthwaite, Notts I897 Newman Tree 
31 STREET, Maud  1891Huthwaite, Notts I896 Newman Tree 
32 STREET, Wilfred  c 1897Huthwaite, Notts I898 Newman Tree 
33 VARDY, Lucy Elizabeth  6 Apr 1888Huthwaite, Notts I870 Newman Tree 
34 WHAWELL, Alwyn Hinks  1903Huthwaite, Notts I973 Newman Tree 
35 WHAWELL, George  1915Huthwaite, Notts I976 Newman Tree 
36 WHAWELL, Stanley  1908Huthwaite, Notts I975 Newman Tree 
37 WHAWELL, Victor  1906Huthwaite, Notts I974 Newman Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 NEWMAN, Ann Ethel  02 Dec 1877Huthwaite, Notts I84 Newman Tree 
2 NEWMAN, Bertie Horace  01 Aug 1882Huthwaite, Notts I85 Newman Tree 
3 NEWMAN, Dick  07 Apr 1889Huthwaite, Notts I13 Newman Tree 
4 NEWMAN, Joseph  05 Apr 1896Huthwaite, Notts I7 Newman Tree 
5 NEWMAN, Tom  05 Apr 1896Huthwaite, Notts I15 Newman Tree 
6 NEWMAN, Winifred  23 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I14 Newman Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHADWICK, Elizabeth  1945Huthwaite, Notts I12 Newman Tree 
2 HARROD, Ann  29 Jul 1891Huthwaite, Notts I52 Newman Tree 
3 HINKS, Harry  1897Huthwaite, Notts I878 Newman Tree 
4 HINKS, Henry  1927Huthwaite, Notts I915 Newman Tree 
5 HINKS, Mary Jane  31 Dec 1959Huthwaite, Notts I877 Newman Tree 
6 LATHAM, Ann Matilda  1927Huthwaite, Notts I938 Newman Tree 
7 NEWMAN, George  02 Aug 1948Huthwaite, Notts I56 Newman Tree 
8 NEWMAN, Joseph  27 Apr 1942Huthwaite, Notts I10 Newman Tree 
9 NEWMAN, Nancy  16 Dec 2008Huthwaite, Notts I8 Newman Tree 
10 NEWMAN, Richard Ernest  1882Huthwaite, Notts I156 Newman Tree 
11 NEWMAN, Samuel  15 Oct 1929Huthwaite, Notts I57 Newman Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 NEWMAN, Joseph  30 Apr 1942Huthwaite, Notts I10 Newman Tree 

1939 Register

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1939 Register    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHADWICK, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I12 Newman Tree 
2 HINKS, Jessie  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I920 Newman Tree 
3 HINKS, Sidney  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I952 Newman Tree 
4 HINKS, Thomas William  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I950 Newman Tree 
5 HINKS, Walter  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I871 Newman Tree 
6 NEWMAN, Joseph  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I10 Newman Tree 
7 VARDY, Lucy Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I870 Newman Tree 
8 WALVIN, John  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I945 Newman Tree 
9 WALVIN, William  29 Sep 1939Huthwaite, Notts I942 Newman Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BILBY, James  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I967 Newman Tree 
2 CLARK, Mary  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I868 Newman Tree 
3 CLARK, Mary  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I868 Newman Tree 
4 HINKS, Annie Matilda  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I863 Newman Tree 
5 HINKS, Arthur  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I864 Newman Tree 
6 HINKS, Arthur  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I864 Newman Tree 
7 HINKS, Bernard Walter  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I851 Newman Tree 
8 HINKS, Bernard Walter  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I851 Newman Tree 
9 HINKS, Clara  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I899 Newman Tree 
10 HINKS, Cyril  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I904 Newman Tree 
11 HINKS, Cyril  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I904 Newman Tree 
12 HINKS, Doris Annie  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I907 Newman Tree 
13 HINKS, Doris Annie  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I907 Newman Tree 
14 HINKS, Harry  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I878 Newman Tree 
15 HINKS, Henry  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I915 Newman Tree 
16 HINKS, Henry  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I915 Newman Tree 
17 HINKS, Henry  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I915 Newman Tree 
18 HINKS, Iris  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I917 Newman Tree 
19 HINKS, James Thomas  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I918 Newman Tree 
20 HINKS, James Thomas  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I918 Newman Tree 
21 HINKS, Jessie  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I920 Newman Tree 
22 HINKS, Jessie  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I920 Newman Tree 
23 HINKS, John Henry  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I921 Newman Tree 
24 HINKS, John Henry  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I921 Newman Tree 
25 HINKS, John Henry  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I921 Newman Tree 
26 HINKS, Lucy  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I879 Newman Tree 
27 HINKS, Lucy  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I879 Newman Tree 
28 HINKS, Lucy  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I879 Newman Tree 
29 HINKS, Mary Jane  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I877 Newman Tree 
30 HINKS, Mary Jane  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I877 Newman Tree 
31 HINKS, Sarah Ann  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I861 Newman Tree 
32 HINKS, Sarah Ann  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I861 Newman Tree 
33 HINKS, Thomas  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I927 Newman Tree 
34 HINKS, Thomas  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I927 Newman Tree 
35 HINKS, Thomas  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I927 Newman Tree 
36 HINKS, Thomas William  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I950 Newman Tree 
37 HINKS, Thomas William  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I950 Newman Tree 
38 HINKS, Thomas William  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I950 Newman Tree 
39 HINKS, Walter  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I871 Newman Tree 
40 HINKS, William Frederick  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I977 Newman Tree 
41 HINKS, William Frederick  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I977 Newman Tree 
42 HINKS, William Frederick  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I977 Newman Tree 
43 LATHAM, Ann Matilda  5 Apr 1891Huthwaite, Notts I938 Newman Tree 
44 LATHAM, Ann Matilda  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I938 Newman Tree 
45 MARSHALL, Cebastiano  19 Jun 1921Huthwaite, Notts I143 Newman Tree 
46 NEWMAN, Arthur  19 Jun 1921Huthwaite, Notts I200 Newman Tree 
47 NEWMAN, Clara May  19 Jun 1921Huthwaite, Notts I144 Newman Tree 
48 SHELTON, Clara  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I972 Newman Tree 
49 SHELTON, Clara  2 Apr 1911Huthwaite, Notts I972 Newman Tree 
50 VARDY, Lucy Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Huthwaite, Notts I870 Newman Tree 

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Newspaper Report

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper Report    Person ID   Tree 
1 NEWMAN, Joseph  15 May 1942Huthwaite, Notts I10 Newman Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BAKER / NEWMAN  1942Huthwaite, Notts F41 Newman Tree 
2 CARTER / HINKS  1945Huthwaite, Notts F119 Newman Tree 
3 HINKS / FROGGATT  1918Huthwaite, Notts F87 Newman Tree 
4 HINKS / VARDY  1909Huthwaite, Notts F90 Newman Tree 
5 NEWMAN / MARSHALL  08 Apr 1912Huthwaite, Notts F11 Newman Tree 
6 TOMLINSON / NEWMAN  1922Huthwaite, Notts F20 Newman Tree 
7 WALVIN / HINKS  1913Huthwaite, Notts F118 Newman Tree 

Newspaper Report

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   Family    Newspaper Report    Family ID   Tree 
1 DUNNING / NEWMAN  16 Nov 1945Huthwaite, Notts F8 Newman Tree